Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Hi there my dear blog friends,
I am not very good at the moment with a bad throat so I haven't been up to making a card. However it gives me the opportunity to do a Showcase.  I hope to make something later for tomorrows post.
So here we have it, another Showcase for another lovely card by one of the Non-blogger followers.
It is a beautiful creation in girlie pink and white using the fabulous Spellbinders Parisian die sets.

Thank you Jenny for sharing this with me and also for allowing me to show another of your cards on the blog.

I adore the ribbon you have used and the beautiful pearl embellishment, what a fabulous finish to a stunning card.

Ok that's it for now.  Hopefully I will  be back soon with a card of my own to share.
I hope you are all well today.  Wasn't it wonderful to see some sun yesterday?  I hope you got to see it where you live too, it was lovely!
Big hugs Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda,
    sorry to hear your not well, I do hope you will be soon be feeling better. There must be something going about as hubby and I have both had swollen glands, and feeling under the weather. Thank you for showing my card today.
    Just finished the other 90th Birthday one. I made this in a Glitter Girls style book card, in purple, lilac, and white. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Hi Linda
    thank you for sharing Jenny's card with us, it is so beautifully made and the colours are gorgeous.
    I hope your throat is feeling less sore today and that you still have some sunshine - it's lovely here at the moment
    Take care
    Hugs Sue

  3. HI Linda, sorry you're not feeling well, feel better soon X Thank you for sharing Jenny's lovely card...gorgeous colours! Carole Z X

  4. Very pretty card Jenny. Love all your Diecuts. Thanks for showing it to us Linda. Hope you'll soon feel better. There is definitely a virus around and it seems to be all over the country.

    love from Christine x

  5. Well girls I wish whoever started it had kept it to themselves...........LOL! Have a good day all Linda xx

  6. Morning Linda, sorry too that you are not feeling well I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing Jenny's beautiful card with us; Jenny it's lovely so pretty and feminine, keep up the good work!

    From a sunny Somerset
    Hugs Christine H xx

  7. My favourite colour..pink:)This new card is fabulous!

  8. Hi Linda,
    and everyone. Thank you for your lovely comments on my card. Just got back from the Tuesday afternoon club I help to run. My ladies are mostly widows and it gets them out of the house for at least one afternoons chit chat. Today we were entertained by some lovely ammeter singers. Linda I hope your feeling a little bit better this late afternoon.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. This is a lovely card from Jenny! These dies are so pretty and delicate and I love the fact that even the little cut-out bits have been used as well. Very creative.

    Sorry that you are feeling under the weather Linda - I have sore throats - yuk!!!

    Catch you soon,

    Hugs Sue P xx

  10. Oooops trypo alert!!! I hate sore throats - yuk!!

    That looks better!

    Sue P xx

  11. This is a lovely card you have shared with us. I hope you feel better soon, it is awful when we feel under the weather.
    Suzie xx

  12. Beautiful card Linda, I see you have those Parisian dies too they are gorgeous aren't they, I keep forgetting I have them, I really must rotate my stash more often lol.
    Hugs Teresa xx

  13. P.S. Hope you feel better soon, take care, :o)
    Teresa xx

  14. Hi Linda, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, I wish you well. Thank you for sharing this lovely card with us. I have taken your organising tips on board and have been organising since Saturday, I now know what stamps I have etc. Also my Spellbinders are now easy to find and use, thank you so much for getting me going, I'm exhausted by happy. Now perhaps I can get down to some crafting. Best wishes, Lesley xx

  15. A lovely card Jenny. Hope you feel better soon Linda. Anne


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