Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cake Box Link

Hi all,
I am thrilled you enjoyed seeing the lovely creations from some of our lovely followers.  It really is beginning to look like a blog to share and I love it.  Thank you all so much.
In this fabulous  'sharing' way again, Jenny has been kind enough to send me the link to the website that sells the Cake ornament/box.  It is called the Celebration Cake and is supplied in kit form.  The pack contains 3full kits which are blanks, not templates. Basically its flat packed crafting.......LOL!!

So you don't need any A3 card or fancy skill with a craft knife, everything is done for you.  All you need to do is stamp, sticker or ink to your hearts content.   They also offer similar kits with Cot, Wedding Cake, Flower Baskets and Large Vase.  Worth a look even if you don't need anything like it now, you may know someone who will in the future.

The link is:- Scary Marys Cards

 I hope you are all well and enjoying a wonderful day.  It's been dry here; a bit cloudy, but at least it hasn't rained. 
See you soon.  Hugs Linda x


  1. Gorgeous box...what a beautiful and individual wedding idea...we've had rain all day, even though the local forecast was for dry...ho hum! Wasn't so bad being in work after all Carole Z X

  2. It is indeed stunning. I really love the way you are using your blog to share some wonderful ideas and many useful tips with us Linda
    Take care
    Hugs Sue

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the link both Linda and Jenny. I have checked it out, you're right they seem easy, even for a novice like me! So pretty and a great idea. It's been raining here too, definitely not a drying the washing day. Take care Alison :)


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