Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Swap shop

It's me again, 
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Sue P. I have left a comment for you below, I hope its helpful.
Ok, I am back to talk to you about a sort of swap shop.
A few of you have mentioned to me in emails and comments about providing a place to swap diecuts.   Basicially we cannot all afford to buy all the dies on the market, it is impossible.  The chances are we all have at least some dies that probably others don't have and this gave me and a few of you the idea of offering to cut some for others.  Personally I think this is a fabulous idea and could provide a friendly service between blog friends.
Now my question to you is this, how do YOU think we could do it.  I am willing to take emails from everyone interested, providing me with their die lists and these I will then post on the blog for everyone to access.  I could create a Tab at the top of the blog so that anyone wanting dies can get to the lists easily.
We have three ideas at the moment, maybe you can come up with more and we will discuss it further when I have read all your comments.
The first was that everyone willing to be part of this could send me a list of Dies Available and Diecuts Wanted.  This would provide a proper Swap.
The second idea was a Charity one.  Each person that receives diecuts without a swap taking place, could make a small Charitable donation.
Finally, the third idea is that the recipient sends new stamps back to the provider for the equivilant of the postal costs incurred.
I personally think we could adopt the first and last ideas and make a go of it, but I really need and would love to have your imput. Don't worry if you cannot think of something today, take time to consider it and come back and post a comment anytime this week.  I will not do anything until after the weekend probably and I will discuss the thoughts with you all again before we proceed anyway; if we proceed at all (though I sure hope we do!)

I hope you do like the idea.  Between us I think we can provide a very valuable service. 
Thanks for listening.   Take care  Linda xx


  1. An excellent idea Linda. As you suggested I think we all need to put our thinking caps on as to how this will work because I am sure it is viable.What a fabulous community is forming here!!! Need to go and check what dies I have now.

    love from Christine x

  2. Hi Linda, I'm so pleased that you and others have had the same idea. I will send you a list of all the dies that I have and will be happy to work it how ever the majority think best. I really think this can work so that we all benefit. Best wishes, Lesley xx

  3. This is a great Idea I have loads of dies some I have never used as bought in bundles Must make a list for you and me

  4. Hi Linda, I think this is a great idea and will have a good think about your suggestions for how it would work, probably be able to email you with this and a list tomorrow, best wishes, Carole Z x

  5. Hi Linda,
    as I mentioned before I think this is a wonderful idea. I also think the first and third ideas would really work well. Looking forward to it getting going, and thank you Linda and everyone that gets involved. Have a great crafty swap time in the future.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Hi Linda, think this is a great idea. Although my dies are limited I would be delighted to participate. Like Jenny I think the first and third ideas sound really workable but it will be interesting to see what ideas our blog friends have. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to swap. I will e-mail you my list asap.
    Hope you have had a good day!
    Love & hugs Christine H xx

  7. Hi Linda - thanks so much for the excellent ebay advice - must admit I chickened out of my purchase yesterday but am definitely going to have a go soon.

    I love the diecut 'swapping' idea and it would be useful. What do you think about the person who wants diecuts sending their card/paper, with an SAE, to whoever has the die enclosing a request for amount, size etc. This would ensure they receive the exact colour card or paper design that they require. This would then alleviate the trouble to return postage etc. Not sure whether this would work but it is an idea. I do have over 200 die sets - Spellbinders and others and would be quite willing to participate.

    Hugs Sue P xx

  8. The swapping idea sounds great, I live in England - would this swap be worldwide? I have the cuckoo clock die.

  9. What a great idea, I don't have many dies but I would happily swap the ones I do.

  10. Can I partecipate? I'm from Italy:)


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