Friday, 1 June 2012

Another Mini Card

Good morning all
 When I saw this little bird sat among the paper of my Pink Paisley paper pad, I knew I had to find the right setting for him.  After a little playing around with shapes from my cutouts (I diecut all my Spellbinders etc so I can see the finished cut for size and effect) I realised that the Fleur de Lis squares were perfect for what I was after.  It gives the effect of the bird sitting among the thorny branches of a bramble bush which seem to extend from the branch he is actually sat on.  Not bad I thought!  I then used the Postage Stamp die to give just a hint of white layering for added effect.

The diecut alone, even using 300gsm card, is a little too flimsy to sit on its filigree edges for long so I reinforced them with an inner card.  I will explain with the following photos, I hope you get my idea.

Here is the card complete

I started by cutting two large Fleur de Lis squares and  a folded centre section.

The center section was cut just wide enough to fit in between the cutting positions on the sides of the die, with the fold below the top cutting pieces.  The length of the card was longer than the die so that the filigree edging was cut into it, to add extra strength where the card would stand up.

The front and back pieces were then glued onto the folded card, ensuring the filigree cutouts matched.  When they were dry the added thickness gave the card more rigidity for standing. 

I lightly scored across the top, above the folded inner card to allow the filigree to bend when the card was opened (I also glued these together for added strength).

I then added a Postage stamp matt/layer in white, followed by another Fleur de Lis square in teal, before the final white Postage stamp matt/layer and the Pink Paisley paper with decoupaged bird topper.

The card was finished off with another piece of the paper added to the inside of the card. 

All in all a simple card to make; no embellishments, no ribbons or bows etc and yet the two dies have given the card alot of character and I think anything else would have been too busy for such a small card.   Anyway, this way, the bird gets all the attention!!
So what do you think, do you like the teal, white and pink? I do hope so.

What ever you are up to today I hope the day turns out to be a good one.  Take care and thank you for popping by.
Hugs Linda x

My Recipe
Spellbinders Postage Stamp - Sam Poole Creative Studios
Spellbinders Fleur de Lys Squares - Ebay
Papers - Spring Jubilee by Pink Paislee
Teal & White Smooth Card - Papermill Direct


  1. Lovely card Linda. The perfect setting for the little bird. Love the colour combo.

  2. Morning Linda,
    Love your card - the dies make such a lovely framework. Was wondering how you cut the centre fold part when I saw the first photo - thanks for sharing your idea about strengthening the card.
    Have a great Jubilee weekend!x

  3. Hi Linda,

    This is lovely and thanks for sharing your method with us. I do love that gorgeous teal colour.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend, especially if they are taking part in some of the celebrations going on around us.

    love from Christine x

  4. Superb, really lovely card xx

  5. A lovely card Linda, this is one of my favourite dies. Thanks for the tip on strengthening the frame.
    What a great week-end you are going to have, grandson's birthday and the Jubilee celebrations. I hope these help to lift your spirit. Anne x

  6. Hi Linda

    This really is a beautifully designed card, I love the way you have framed the bird and yes I agree it does make it look as if he is sitting on a thorny branch - so clever!! The colour combination is gorgeous.
    Thanks for providing such clear instructions
    Hope you have a good day
    Hugs Sue

  7. A really cleverly thought out card. I love the postage die inbetween the layers, makes it all pop. Thanks for the tutorial too, a great idea that I'll be giving a try. My papers arrived today. My goodness they area so beautiful. I told my daughter I'd just like to frame some of them and have them on my wall lol. Thank you so much for your extreme generosity with them. Looking forward to making use of them - those not on my wall lol. Love and hugs lin

  8. And also, thank you for the stunning tag you sent me. I swap and collect tags with a few friends, so it will be a cherished addition to my tag book. Thanks again. Hugs lin


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