Wednesday, 20 June 2012

All the sevens

I was not been able to get onto the web last evening or throughout the night, don't know why.  Tried  from a different pc too,  but I think we had problem in the area not just in my home.  Anyway I have just gotten a signal (nothing till 3am, bad aye!) so I signed in and instead of my blog homepage coming up, which usually happens, it went to my blogger general page and guess what?   I know you will probably think that I am totally batty or something for being so amused by this,   my stats are all the 7's. 
Page views 7777, 
Blog Post   77, 
Followers  77
and if I think about it I tried to log in 7 times too, but I cannot confirm that.  Also I like number 7 and I used to wear No.7 makeup by Boots until my allergies flared up.   This is so strange, I just had to get it down in writing.

Ok, nuttiness over, I don't have a card to post yet, but I will have one before lunch I promise.  I am just working on it now.
See you in a bit.  Linda x


  1. Morning Linda, I'll be the first the send one of hopefully seven comments. See you later, best wishes, Lesley x

  2. Hi Linda
    now that's spooky isn't it. I see you've been up most of night again. I do hope your feeling better today. Can't wait to see what your working on at the mo. Will try and get back later things permitting. Finished the box to go with the 90th book card. Now for the wedding cards. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Morning Linda, I would buy a lottery ticket today, !!!. All those 7s must mean something. Sue

  4. As Jenny said - spooky indeed. Flippin' computers; I'm a bit of a technophobe myself. I'm perfectly okay with the routine stuff but if something goes wrong I have to holler for help!

    Look forward to seeing what you have coming up for us Linda.

    Love from Christine x

  5. That is a little spooky but I'm think it is more lucky - 7 is a very popular lucky number so I agree, rush out and buy a lottery ticket! :) xx

  6. How very strange. Big lotto win looming perhaps. I think they actually sell a 'Lucky 7s' card, but you will probably need to buy 7, or 77, or 777 .......!! Good luck anyway. Anne

  7. Blimey Linda - toooo much of a coincidence you definitely need to enter a competition, buy a lottery ticket or do the pools!!!! Now I am LOL!!!

    Loads and loads of luck!

    Hugs Sue P xxxx


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