Sunday, 29 April 2012

Andrea Ewen Case

Hi everyone,
I think I need to start by sending out Big Thanks to all you lovely peeps for leaving me fabulous comments yesterday.  I was so pleased to see that you like the second bookmark; I may have to think of something else to add to the collection, so watch this space and see what I come up with.
Desiree left me a comment and asked about the ribbon being long enough for bigger books and also was concerned about the velcro damaging the card.  Well the nice thing about this style of bookmark is that you can have the ribbon longer and by having two or three velcro dots under the larger tag it can be adjusted to suit the size of the book.  As to the velcro, the way to ensure that the book and the card don't get damaged is to put the softer, fluffy side of the velcro dots on the underneath of the tag and the hook side on the top of the small tag.  This way they will either be just hanging away from the book if left loose or in between the two tags if acting as a book wrap.   I hope that gives you a few more reasons to have a go yourselves.  As Christine said, they would make excellent gifts, so how about making an altered box to send them in.  Then it would be two gifts in one; a beautiful bookmark and a box for little treasures.

Ok, now on to todays Casing.   Some time ago, I found a blog by a very talented lady from the USA, her name is Andrea Ewen and I was blown away by her blog, it is full of wonderful inspiration.  Andrea uses a variety of medium and styles and is on the Design Team for VerveZva Creative and The Ribbon Carousel Challenge among others.

This is the Card that I used for my Case today.  Isn't it gorgeous.   A simple layout with lots of potential in a classic style that means you can use different papers to make it look completely different every time.  I played around with lots of different papers myself, but in the end I settled on some freebie papers from a very clever designer from Australia, Jodie Lee Patterson.  Jodie designs for Prima and her vintage papers and accessories are astounding and so very pretty.  So if you are into vintage & shabby chic try and pop by to take a look.  She is also a generous designer and offers freebies on a regular basis (see the 'Freebies' section on the right-hand sidebar).

So here if my take on Andrea's card:-

Do you notice the improvement in the photography quality?  I actually managed to find the Macro setting on the camera. 

I still have a way to go to learn each of the settings, but the improvement had me so happy I took a close-up and even managed to make it quite a detailed shot.

Here is a close-up of the gorgeous paper from Jodie Lee, the crinkle edged ribbon and some of my pins (though I wish I hadn't taken the' head' off the longer pin). I have secured the ends of the pins into some large glue dots at the bottom of the matt/layer to ensure safety.
My ribbon is actually made from some very fine organza tulle that I cut into various ribbon widths and 'burnt' the edges to get the vintage, crinkle look.  I am really pleased with how it turned out; it added a subtle shimmer without being blingy don't you think?   The funny thing is, now that I am looking closely at the pictures I am wondering if I also should have added a butterfly or even a tiny cluster of flowers to the top of the tag; but I was trying to draw the eye to the pins and the papers, so maybe I did right after all.
I hope you have enjoyed my latest Case.  Maybe you could do one and send me the picture to showcase.    That gives me an idea, how about we have a fortnightly challenge where you also do a Case of the card I dedicate to the challenge and the selected winner will receive a small candy gift?   I don't know anything about Linky's etc, so I will have to look into this.  In the meantime if you fancy it let me know in your comments and I will make that the next challenge.  In the mean time, we have the Bookmarks challenge to think about; I will write up the challenge requirements for that tomorrow, so get ready.  If any of you could help me with the links for the challenge, I would be most grateful.
Ok then, that's it for today other than to say, I will not be able to do a post for Tuesday morning as I am away all day Monday taking my son back to University.  We are also going out for a meal and meeting his girlfriend for the first time.  So two busy days ahead of me, but I will, however, do a scheduled post tomorrow ready for Monday morning (to include the challenge).
I hope you have a great Sunday; my daughter, eldest son and grandson are over for dinner at my house.  What about you?   Enjoy dear blogfriends, whatever you're up to.
Hugs Linda x

Ps  I have updated the New Candy post from Friday to include a new close-up photograph of my pins.  They show some of the items that will be included in the Starter Kits.  Linda x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Alternative Bookmark as promised

Good morning everyone
Another Saturday upon us and I am still wondering what happened to the last one.  Do we take less notice of the days going by as we get older or is it really a memory thing that we can do nothing about?  Or...... are the days really so full that we don't have time to notice them flying past?  In my case,  a chance would be a fine thing.  It's not that I am not busy, having the grandson is like doing a full shift at work at times I can tell you;  it's just that I am not as busy as I used to be when last I worked.  I did 12hour shifts, ran a home and had 4children and still partied when it suited.  Ah well, we age, that is our!!

Okey, dokey, so here it is,  the other bookmark that I promised the other day.   This is the ribbon bookmark and my version has a hook & loop fastening.  I wonder if you can spot it?

Hey, what do you think of the photo too?  I recently sorted my Photographers lighting tent and also I have been checking out some of the camera settings and have, at last, found a better setting for the ISO and something else I cannot name.  I still have to check the 'macro' setting for good close ups I am told, but that is the next chapter which has to wait  until after Monday.  We take my son back to University Monday and until then I have loads to prepare for him, including paperwork to complete.  So watch this space, because I really did mean it when I said I would keep practicing to get better.
Which reminds me of something else too... how about the colouring?  Promarkers and pencils.  Again, like the camera, still in the practice stages but I think I can see an improvement.
Ok here is the next picture with the bookmark institu for you to see the effect.  The first of the two pictures has the tags just left open, to dangle:-

The second is with the tags hook n looped together for carrying around:-

Finally, if I have set my camera right, a close up of my image and colouring:- oh lordy here goes...

So there you have it, the second of 'My new craze' for you to see.  I really do hope you like them and are starting to think about having a go with me for a challenge.  I have had a few followers give me the thumbs up, all I need is a couple more and we can go ahead.
Did you spot the velcro (hook & loop) after.  Well I coloured one side black and its in the middle of the poppy on the Hope tag and the other is coloured red and is underneath the main tag, now they can be joined together making it less easy to loose.
That's it for another day, enjoy yourselves whatever you are up to.  I hope to be back tomorrow with a Case card for you.  It will be probably be by either Andrea Ewen or Bev Rochester (or maybe not, we will!!); anyway pop by and have a look if you can, it will be lovely to see your wonderful comments.
Big hugs and best wishes Linda x

Friday, 27 April 2012

It's Candy time again!!

We had our Candy winner for hitting the 40 followers, so of course it's time for candy for the next biggy and that is when we reach 60 followers.   I have been wondering what to offer and after reading all your lovely comments I have I seen a few requests for a start up kit for the Decorative Pins.  So I have been thinking I need to publicise this and I want you to win Candy that you actually like and want, so I have an idea:  how about a couple of winners?   I am feeling generous again about Two runners-up who will win a Start-up set of pins plus two ready made pins for inspiration and then an overall winner who will win a Start-up set plus a full box of mixed ready made pins.  

So three lovely winners for the next draw, this is exciting!!!!  
The post office is going to love!

What do you need to do for a chance of winning:-
First, of course, please be a follower of my blog, second if you have a blog put a link to my Candy onto your sidebar and then leave me a comment under this post and all the names will be entered into the draw when we reach the big 60.  (Non-bloggers just become a follower and leave a comment please.)

The Candy Starter Pack will include:-
1. Two or three sizes (lengths) of base pins (the number of each will depend on what I have managed
     to get in before the draw takes place, but will definitely be 8pins made up from the various sizes)
2.  Spacers in various sizes (4, 6 & 8mm)
3.  Bead caps in various sizes (6 &8mm) in Silver
4.  Bead caps in 8mm Gold
5.  Bead cones in silver (one size to fit 6 & 8mm beads)
6.  Smooth round Metal spacer beads 3/4/5mm in Silver
7.  Smooth round Metal spacer beads 3/4/5mm in Gold
8.  A selection of pearls and beads in various colours and sizes
9.  Metal connectors (heart and/or circle)

I hope I have chosen well and you will take part and make it a bit more interesting.
That's it for today.  See you all soon.
Big hugs Linda x

Showcase - A non-bloggers creations

Hi all,
I am sorry I couldn't put out a post yesterday, but I was having a bit of a rough time.  I am having a better day today so thought I would so something a little different again.  I am trying lots of different things at the moment as I try to find the right groove for my blog.  The way it's going I think it will always stay a bit of this and a bit of that.  We will have to see, who knows it may be fun that way.

Ok, so what is Showcase about, well today it's about a lovely lady who became a follower of my blog and liked it enough to not only come back again but also to send me some of her work.
Her name is Christine Harrop 
and here are some of her 'Box Cards'.

So what do you think, aren't they elegant and stylish?  Thank you so much Christine for sharing them with me and for allowing me to showcase them here on my blog.  I adore the simplicity of the design and the focus being on the lovely stamped verse.
I think these would be perfect with stands attached to the back for use on a table top or with wall hangers so they could become instant wall art for the receiver (of course Christine, you may have done that already).  This idea has vast appeal and can be adapted in so many ways.  A gift and card in one that could be perfect for the 'one who has everything' or for that one person who is 'always hard to buy for'.   What an inexpensive way to alter you home decor too.  Everytime you fancy a change: a different colour or verse for example,  just get out your crafting stash and design to suit.  Interchanging and recreating whenever you need a make-over but can't afford the drapes (so to speak!)
Well I hope you like Christines creations and enjoyed having something new and different to view.  Maybe you have something you are proud of  that you would like showcased here, if so email me and I will try to put yours on the next one.  Don't forget it doesn't have to be just a card, it could be an altered item, a scrapbook page, a tag or a picture; as long as it's handcrafted by you, or even your family, then it will be considered.  And don't forget to email me your quotes too if you would like them considered for my Monday Quote Day posts.
Bye for now but don't forget to pop by again tomorrow as I have another bookmark style for you and this one has two ways to use it too.
Have a great day and Smile 'cos the chances are someone will smile back at you!
Linda x

Ps  I have a Candy post at 12noon, I think it's a good one and some of you will be pleased I am almost pop by if you can.  Big hugs x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My New Little Craze

Good morning all,
Well here it is, the photo I promised you yesterday, again I apologise for the delay but family has to come first.
My new craze is Corner Bookmarks!  I just love them;  they are little pieces of crafting heaven to me and I just adore making them.  In a way they are a little like ATC's - they can be created in a shorter time and also, they are great for using up those oddments of card and paper that we all have laying around or filling up boxes and drawers in our homes.
I found these little beauties while browsing some of my favourite blogs some time ago now and with that in mind I would like to give credit to the lovely blogger who, I believe, does the best version of this style bookmark in a tutorial.  Her name is Beate Johns and here is the LINK to her blog.   For any of you that fancy trying these and haven't any idea how or where to start this is the Link to Beate's tutorial on Splitcoaststampers.
Here is another picture for you with the bookmark insitu,

and another with the book closed for you to see the effect. 
My recipe:-   280gsm Teal & White card, Spellbinders Damask Motifs & Classic Bracket Edgeabilities  , Teal & White vintage ribbon, Teal grosgrain ribbon from my stash.  White inkssentials pen (for faux stitching and dots)
I made mine on the larger side using 5.25x5.25inch base card (before folding), then pierced all the way around before sticking anything in place.

So what do you think, aren't they just the cutest little things?  Imagine what you could do to decorate yours:  stamped images, decoupage, flowers, layered diecuts etc etc, you name it and I am sure it's probably possible.  One tip for you that really is quite important; don't make any decoupage or flowers etc too thick as they may damage the pages of your book.  
If you fancy doing something with extra layers or bushy flowers for example, then you need to tune in here again very, very soon as I will be showing you another bookmark but with a difference. This one will be equally fabulous but it has the added advantage of either one or two surfaces to be decorated and both of them can be as elaborate as you wish them to be as neither of them sit inside a book.  Have I got you intrigued and enthralled, or have you seen them before and possibly made them yourself?  If you have made any, I would love to see some;  maybe you could leave a link in your comment for me then I and other followers can pop over and take a look.

How do you fancy a challenge with these bookmarks as the subject?  I am considering offering a box of fabulous 12x12 designer papers as the prize: they will include several manufacturers of Top brands and of various styles and finishes too OR a voucher to a top online store.  I think I am going to ask a dear blogger friend to be the judge (I will reveal the judges name/s when we have made a final decision on the challenge going ahead).   So please give me your views and if you want to take part,  pass on the info to your friends/followers and get them interested as the more the merrier, infact if we have enough entrants I will do a runner-up prize also. 
Okey dokey then, I can't wait to read your comments to see what you think, not only of my little craze creation but also of the challenge idea.  I will back again soon with my second bookmark and then later this week with a new CASE creation.
I hope today brings you nought of pain but lots of gain.  Be happy.
Sending you hugs and big smiles Linda xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New follower- New draw

Hi all,
I am sorry that I was unable to do my 'new craze' post that I promised you this morning, however, I had to have my 3year old grandson.   His mother was stuck in a meeting till well gone 8pm and so the item in question didn't get finished in time for me to post it this evening, so I will put it up tomorrow instead.  I did have a fabulous time with my grandson though, so not all was lost.  We played treasure hunt, the 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' way.  You would have been in stitches if you had seen us, well me actually.  At first I was having to hide some 'treasure' under Jake's special hiding box (yes my grandson is Jake also, just like the pirate in his favourite disney show), then I had take turns looking for the treasure after he had hidden it.  Well, first we had to come in the lounge singing the Pirate song and then proceed to dance around the box as if to wish the treasure into it.  Please note, I fitted the bill of Pirate really well, as I 'danced' I kinda stomped and hobbled just like Long John Silver himself.... hee, hee!!   Finally, we had to raise our arm in the air and shout 'Yo, Ho, Ho'  with our invisible cutlass' inhand. We then proceeded to flip over the box to find the hidden treasure!!  I found everything from my mobile phone to the TV control.  Jake was the true treasure hunter though I can tell you, he found - a Kinder Egg.... such a clever little treasure hunter that gorgeous boy.  LOL!!
Well that's enough of my fun and games,  we have a new lady joining us at Creative Harmony, so welcome to another Linda, thanks for your support and congratulations too.  As you are my 40th follower, I have done the Candy draw as promised.  I used the Random thingy again, but I can't get it to show on here sorry (don't know what I am doing half the time! No, I am not blonde -!!)
Now as I am no good at this drum roll lark either,   (makes you wonder what I am good at doesn't it-  ah well that's for me to know and.... me to find out (or is that, you to find out!)
So without further ado,  ('cos I will just keep chattering on otherwise)............

The winner who left me the lovely comment:-
Hi Linda
Your pins really are lovely just to look at(almost too nice to actually use!)
Eileen x

Congratulations Eileen, please email me at  with your postal address and put Candy Winner in the subject line please.  I do hope you will enjoy your goodies.  

Please remember, if the candy is not claimed in one week I will do a redraw next Tuesday.
Ok girls and boys (oooh I felt a shiver of Jimmy Saville run through me then),  I will back in the morning with my 'new little craze'.  Hope you can pop by then.  (I will post it early so no one can interupt me again!!)  Thanks to you all and big hugs Linda x

No card just some verses

Hi all, I hope today finds you well and happy.
This morning, I wanted to do something completely different for you.   Since I was quite young I started writing poetry, it wasn't always good, but it was my way of expressing the feelings or emotions that I couldn't speak about.  Later in life I found it therapeutic after my first child had been born with major problems (He has had 28 operations in his life and most of them were before he turned 4.  Please note he is now a strapping man of 31 and gorgeous!).   Well, as you can imagine,  he suffered and so did I but I didn't know how to cope, so I wrote it all in verse.  Some were very dark and miserable and others were just little ditties that cheered me on better days.   Well to cut a long story short, I later found poetry to be a great way to say more than just unspoken words and I started to write little verses etc for the cards I made or sent.  With this in mind, I decided that today I would share some with you that I wrote just a short while ago.  If you like them in any way, please feel free to use them on your cards etc (please see below*). 

No1.  Hugs of Thanks:
The fold in this card
Is a hug just for you
Sent as a Thanks
For all that you do.  

No2.  Gladness:
When you wake in the morning
and right through to the night
May you day be filled with gladness,
pure joy and delight!

No3.  Happiness
We send lots of  'wishes'
and our  'Good luck'  too,
But success and happiness
Are what I wish for You!!

No4. Sympathy 
May hope lift you in time of sorrow
And the warmth of comfort
Begin to ease your pain.
******Thinking of You ****** 

(I would ask just one thing of you, if you do use any of my work, written or creative please remember they remain my property and therefore cannot be used for financial gain and where possible, always referenced to me and linked back to my blog.  Many thanks in advance for your understanding and respect.)  

Well that's it for now.  I will be back later today with my new little craze; well as long as my hairdresser doesn't take too long cutting my locks.  She recently got married and has been away on her honeymoon; so I have eagerly been awaiting her return and all along my hair has gotten more and more out of control.  It now flops better than a tummy in the swimming pool...LOL!!!
I hope today is a good day for you and we get a little bit of sunshine (Where is the warmth? Brrrrr!!) 
Big hugs Linda x

Monday, 23 April 2012

An altered box - something totally new for me!

Hi all and welcome Monday,
I know today is Quote day but I also wanted to show you a project that I have been working on over the weekend.  It is something totally new to me, but I was  so inspired by a box that Astrid MacLean did for Spellbinders recently that I decided to try my hand at an Altered box.  If you haven't been to Astrid's blog, pop over and take a look she is fab and offers loads of wonderful vintage freebies (alot can be found on Pinterest) 
Well, I had a plain black shiny gift box, cannot remember for the life of me what was in it though, anyway, I striped it and using lots of Mod Podge I covered it with some beautiful dark blue Oriental paper (I had not realised just how lovely the quality of this paper was and it's been in my stash for two years!). 
On the lid I added two layers of grey/blue floral paper and pastel pink damask and edged it with some pink braid.  I then cut Labels20 from pink pearlescent card and edged it with Faded Jeans DI, and I also cut a  tag from Fancy Tag2 and some Roses.  These were cut using coordinating papers in both pink and blue, shaped and then layered.  Before attaching these, I added a handcut lace rose to the top of Labels 20 diecut and a crocheted circle offset to the left hand side.  Next I made a flower from some of my crocheted lace and placed this beneath the roses and added pearl sticks and some of my handmade Decorative pins. 
I think it turned out okay for my first ever attempt and it has definitely given me lots of new ideas for future gifts etc.  I hope you like it.
 My recipe:- Spellbinders  Rose CreationsLabels20, & Fancy Tags 2.  Decorative pins, wired pearls crochet lace and circle doily are all handmade by me.  Braid from my stash. Papers are from Serif romance scrapbooking digikit.
Lace rose below pins was handcut from a lace curtain,

I will end with my quote for the week, it is an American proverb I believe:-

Doubt who you will, but never doubt yourself!

I hope you all had a good weekend and that today is the start of a successful week.  Thank you for popping by and leaving me some feedback, I truly love to read your comments.  Take care and I will see you again soon.
Regards and big hugs Linda x

Friday, 20 April 2012

An old card in one of my favourite colour schemes

Good morning everyone,
I would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments that were left for me yesterday.  I am thrilled to know that you like the invitations I made, and Eileen, you were correct, I managed to do three layers of paper per die, so it cut down on the passes through my GC immensely.
Well today I have an old card, one I made last year in fact.  I wanted to show you one of my favourite colour combinations and as I haven't had time to finish a new card for you I thought I would show this instead.  Those of you with the wonderful talent of colouring will notice that it is not one of my talents, I am still following tutorials by Bev Rochester and Dena Concienne to hopefully improve.  Boy can those two colour!  So many talented promarker/copic I'm at the bottom lookingup adoringly.... he he.
I started off colouring and was going great guns, even thought I was doing a passable job of the colouring and then I did the hanging braces.... and for some unknown reason, I forgot all about light and shade etc.  I think I thought I was twelve again, as I literally used one colour and filled the braces in solidly.  However, I didn't want to waste the image, it as I had taken so long with my 'practicing' on the rest of it.  It annoyed me really, as I did like the way the rest of the card turned out.   So what do you think, braces aside that is?  :D
I don't know about you but I am hoping today will turn out to be a clear and rain free day.  Yesterday was horrible, with the rain coming and going all day long.  I had to have the heating on again as the downstairs of the house was truly cold.  I am lucky when in the 'office' (that's what we call my craft room),  the computers seem to keep it warm all day, but then I go downstairs and get the shock of my life!
We will have nice weather soon, we will, we will!  We will have nice weather soon, ......!  Fingers crossed aye guys?!
I hope whatever you do today is a success and you end the day with a smile on your face.
Big hugs Linda x
ps I have now included my email address on my profile, so anyone needing it can find it there from now on. 
My Recipe:-  White 8x8 Base card 300gsm;  Blue & Red card for matting;  Spellbinders Foliage, Labels 21, Anemone flower;  Image is Gothika from Krista Smith at Saturated CanaryRibbon Slider Buckle; Ribbons, Gems & Papers from my stash.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Communion Invitations

Hi everyone,

I am sorry I haven't been about for couple of days but I had to finish the First Communion invitations for my great niece and they had alot more work in them than I first thought.   The specifications given to me were to somehow incorporate a Tiara, small roses, bling, pearls and a cross, of course  (she is under 10 so I had to allow for this also).  It took a bit longer than I allowed and that is why I had nothing to show on my blog the past two days.  I do hope you understand.
I do have a picture to show you at long last.  Now, we already know about my photography skills (yea, I know... 'what skills?'), well I actually managed to get a good clear shot, but realised, only on cropping, that there are more shadows on the card than there are under my eyes!  So have a  little giggle and tell me what you think. 
Here's a close up of the floral piece, with the 'Tiara' beneath it.

I also took a picture of the flowers in the 'make-up' stage, with the dies I used  (only 'cos I want a bit of sympathy :)   I had to cut 7 layers for every single flower, which meant 350 layers with only two dies, it's no wonder I don't want to see another flower;  well at least for a day or two anyway!  Woe is me......!!!!!  (now come on guys, help me out here, I am... really.. really woeful.....ahhhhh!) hee hee hee.

My recipe - Base Card 300gsm Centura PearlFretwork mask,  Pearls &  rhinestones from my stash,  Spellbinders Rose Creations, Labels twenty, and Antique fframes & accents  Spellbinders Spades border die (I think it is out of production)

NOTE The cross is made from two pieces of the Spades border die and interlinked.  I have searched high and low on the Spellbinders blog to find the number for you but cannot find it anywhere on there.  I purchased it from Create & Craft on a show Sue Wilson did back in 2011, but after checking they don't have it either.  So, I will contact Sue to see if she knows anything about it and I will let you know in due course.  I am so sorry about that.  

Well I hope you liked my invitation and think that it passed muster.  I have another card for you tomorrow, so I hope you will pop by.  Don't forget we only need one more follower to have the next candy draw, so tell your friends and make sure you have left a comment on the new Candy post, then I can send out another parcel of goodies.
I hope that today has found you well and you are not getting that 'cant wait for the end of week' feeling quite yet.  I don't know about you, but the only thing I can't wait for at the moment is a steady week of warm sunshine.  The rain was so miserable yesterday, here in South Wales.
Ok, bye for now and enjoy your day, whatever it finds you doing.  Regards and best wishes Linda xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lovely candy offer from Jacque's Joie de Vivre

Good Morning everyone, a quick post here just to let you know that Jacque has the lovely Amy stamp, by Sylvia Zet as a candy giveaway.  Click HERE  to go straight to her blog and see the lovely card she has made using this stamp image, its beautiful.  Jacque will be doing the draw Wed 8am EST, so be quick if you fancy a chance to win.
I'll be back later with a card for you, so pop by if you can; I would really love to get your opinion.  Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to.  Regards and big hugs Linda x

Monday, 16 April 2012

It's Monday, so time for Quote of the Week

Hello and good morning everyone,
I do hope you all had a good weekend and are all in fine fettle today.
After a disastrous Saturday myself, I was determined to have a better Sunday and all in all it worked out pretty well.  I managed to get lots of flowers and beaded wires made for the Communion invitations I am creating for my great-niece and that really started the day off well.  I did however, have a bit of an upset later on:  my daughter's guinea pig died while in my care.   Jack had been unwell since yesterday and so Sian brought him to stay with me while she went to work.  I gave him some cuddles to warm him up and Sian even popped in at around 12.30 to see if he was ok and give him a cuddle.  He died 10mins later.  I was so upset and what made it worse was that I couldn't tell her until 4.15pm; I couldn't risk upsetting her while she was at work.  Sian was cross with me at first for not telling her, but in the end, after the worst of the upset had subsided, she knew I had done the right thing.  We do get so close to our pets don't we?!   
My quotation for today was actually inspired by a lovely lady named Desiree who left me a comment following my Decorative Pins tutorial.  Desiree said that she wished she had started crafting much earlier in her life so I dedicate this one to her.   It is by Mark Twain and it reads:-
You are NEVER too old to set a new goal or to DREAM a new dream
 I believe we often won't start something new, age aside, because we are afraid of the possibility of failing.   As we get older it gets harder to learn new things and our memories are less adept, this then creates fear and the fear becomes our worst enemy, not the task itself.  With this in mind here is my second and final quotation, and it is by Arthur Koestler:-
 Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears
 I allowed my fear of the unknown to stop me from creating a blog, now after wasting months worrying, I have done it.   So whoever you may be and whatever you may want to do, take courage and give it a go.  You actually have nothing to lose except fear itself. 
Enjoy the day everyone.  Hugs and regards Linda xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to let you know Wild Orchid Crafts are doing their Bi-Weekly candy draw and you still have time to enter.  You don't even have to own a blog (just ignore the URL bit),  so pop on over and enter for a chance to win some fabulous candy.  It will be drawn tonight, Sunday 14th.
Good luck   Linda x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

What a day I have had!

Hi, I hope you are all having a good day today.  I have had one problem after another since I woke up today.  First I needed to take some photos for todays cards and I couldn't get the camera to come out of set up mode for some strange reason and then every photo I took had a shadow in it that I wasn't spotting while shooting and to top it all off, I found out that I had messed up all but one of my email links on my posts (I just hope that I have corrected each and every one properly now!)  Well I managed to sort the camera eventually, but then I crashed my blogger account as I was trying to upload my photos.  Yep, you got it I am not the best at this photography lark, in more ways than one.  I blaim everything on my meds;  my memory has gone to pot since starting them....... What do you mean you don't believe me........!  Oh, come on give me a bit of understanding here, you don't want me to come across as being totally dumb do you?! lol
Well you get the idea, I am learning everything and it is very slow.  So I ask for your patience and help, if you think I can be helped......oh bless me! :(
Well at last I 'think' I have a card for you, so here goes

My Recipe:-  Base Deepest brown 280gsm card,  Papermania Kraft card,  Spellbinders Labels 11 (S4-246) and Foliage (S4-328),   'Time & Travel' 6x6 paper pad (sorry forgotten manufacturer),  LOTV Lazy Afternoon stamp,  Papermania Greeting Stamp,   Distress ink in Walnut stain, Antique Linen, Peeled Paint & Bundled sage.  Mottled card and ribbon from my stash.

This card was created while having a 'teaching' session with a young friend Ellie, the daughter of my friend/neighbour (yea, I know what you're thinking, me teaching, I can't even control my camera! Well I am quite good at some things, they just all tend to be either crafting, housekeeping or DIY related).
Anyway, we were practicing basic matting and layering, stamping and colouring with distress inks and the theme was Vintage and/or Memories.
This is my version of the card but unfortunately, Ellie gave hers to her grandad for his birthday and I was unable to get a photo to show you.
I am sorry, again, about my photography and editing skills (ok,ok so I have none, we have established that...LOL!) but I hope you get the idea and like something about it. 
Joking aside, this is the weakest side of my crafting;  I am not very good at colouring.   I am, however, trying to follow the tips and tutorials that several of you very talented bloggers are providing and practicing when I have an hour to myself.
Well that's it for today, I have taken so long to do this that I daren't waste anymore time chatting on or it will be posted tomorrow instead.  So I hope today has found you well, see you soon.
Hugs and biggest thanks to you all for not only your continued support but also for your helpful tips.
Linda x

Candy Redraw and big draw HINT!!

Hi Guys
I did not receive a claim comment or email from Allison for the first candy draw by Friday evening and so I did a redraw as promised.  The lovely lady that was drawn this time is ..........Now I could make you wait and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.............but I am feed up of typing those dots already!!! Lazy woman I hear you cry ...... aren't I!

So here  it is.............................. commenter No.6
AnneRD!!!!!!     who left me this encouraging comment
Hi Linda, came here via Sams Blog. Good luck, will keep popping by.

Congratulations Anne, please EMAIL me asap and a parcel of goodies will be winging its way to you.  I hope you will enjoy using them.
While on the subject of Candy we are almost at the fabulous 40, so it looks like there will be another lovely draw again fairly soon the way things have been going.  I would like to say a big warm welcome to the newest followers, it is wonderful to have you on board.  I hope you will enjoy this crafting journey with me.
I am going to be a bit naughty now and tell you a bit about the really lovely Candy bundle I have made up for the big 100 draw.  It will contain Spellbinders die set, Promarkers, ribbons and lace.........and lots, lots more,  BUT,  to make it even better I am going to give you a bit of a choice on some of the items...... yes,  you read that right, I will give you a choice!!   But that is enough of a hint!!   To anyone mentioning my blog or advertising it on their sidebar I will give extra entries.  So basically, every new candy draw you mention or link to my blog, I will add another entry for the big 100 draw.  That could potentially mean another 4entries (draw for 40,60,80 and of course the 100 followers).  Hope you like my ideas.  ( IMPORTANT.. Please let me know when it is on your blog and I will put your extra entries in)
Ok folks, I have been up all night, so I am off to bed for a couple of hours but, I will be back later with a card that I did as part of a crafting session with my young friend.  She only took up crafting a few months ago, but I'll tell you more about that later.
Thank you for popping by and congratulations again Anne.  I hope to hear from you asap.
Hugs and thanks Linda x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Decorative Pins Tutorial

Today I am going to dedicate a post to my Decorative Pins as I have had so many questions about them here on my blog and also on other blogs I have commented on.

I started out using only long (5cm) dress makers pins but the trouble is as you practise and become less of a novice, you want to put on more beads and before you know it, the pins are much too short.  So I searched the web for the best prices, as I wanted to buy a minimum of 250 pins.  In the end I actually bought from a few different suppliers to test the quality and styling. 
The longest pins that I found and my favourite, come with beads already on the head.  I don't like them, personally, so I just cut through the beads using good wire cutters to remove them.  Then I am left with just a 9cm steel pin. (No.1)
For this pin you have to prepare it by gluing a top bead on the pin and waiting for it to dry overnight before starting the actual decoration of your pins.  If you don't want to do that then you can buy three other types of pins.
The first one is a pearl topped pin that is 7cm long and often can be found in different colours but I find white or ivory the best as they can be used with any other colour beads (though I usually cut them off too).   (No.2)
A second alternative is to buy Decorative head pins from craft suppliers and just glue on extras to your liking.  I will put a link to Sam's shop in the 'Places to shop' list below.  (No.3)
The third alternative, is an actual jewellery making head pin that has been sharpened.  Now these are wonderful as they have the flattened end to stop the top bead falling off.  This means you can decorate immediately, HOWEVER they are not steel pins, they bend very easily and they are the most expensive.  They come in both gold and silver finish and with protectors (if required) and in different lengths.  (No.4)
For those of you who want protectors for your pins, you can buy earring backs (dome style) and they work perfectly,  the proper protectors are very expensive (can be as much as 20/30p (USA 32/48c each).  I tend to put all my pins into the adhesive of any flowers or ribbon on my card or even into the card of a matt/layer.  I only use protectors if the pin is the embellishment itself.
REQUIREMENTS (before you start)
Waste piece of acetate, old saucer or small tile........A few cocktail sticks...........E6000 glue............... Cotton cloth (eg; torn up tea towel) or kitchen roll-wiping up any glue.....Beads/Pins of your choice.
Drying your pin is best done with them upside down:-  I use a couple of mini bulldog clips, a box with no lid, funky foam about 3in deep and as long as the box. Clip the foam to the outside of the box, and carefully slide the wet pins into the foam upside down as you make them, until the bottom bead touches the foam. This will help to keep the beads close together as they dry.
If you cannot find anything to pin them into upside down, then you can lay them out flat on an old cotton tea towel (do not move until they are dry or you may end up with gaps between the beads!) 
Steal Pins:- Decide which bead you want as the top bead, this is better with a very small bead (seed bead or tiny pearl) or a bead with a small hole.  Using the glue as described below, just glue on the one bead so that it covers the top of the pin (not the sharp end), slide the pins sideways into the foam to keep them flat as the bead dries. Leave untouched overnight to harden or at least 4-6hours.  Do a batch of these ahead of time so you can get straight into the Decorating next time.
1. Prepare you foam or other drying equipment.
2.  Design your bead on the pin without any glue.  Then rest pin down while you get glue ready.
3.  On a piece of acetate or old tile, squirt out about a petite pois pea size amount of E6000 (do not be tempted to put out more, it will start to dry quicker than you can finish your pin!)
4.  With your left thumb at the end of the pin, slide the beads down to the bottom, out of the way (you can remove them all if you prefer and slide them on as you need them). Using the cocktail stick pick up a tiny amount of glue and wipe it around the area where the first bead will sit. Push the first bead up on over the glue.  If a little seeps over, gently use a clean stick to wipe excess away or pull bead back down a little and replace by twisting to get the glue 'under' the bead.  Now decide whether you want to glue every bead or perhaps every two or three beads.  (I do all except any metal shaped beads- like wings etc).  For each bead after the first, you can help create a stronger bond by putting a little of the glue onto the part of the bead that will attach to the previous one or where it will be hidden by a bead cap or spacer.  You need to ensure you have glue on the pin and on the end of the bead that touches the next bead.  Any 'strings' of glue are easily pulled away before or after drying so don't worry.
5.  Continue gluing until all beads are in place then carefully keep the beads pushed together with your fingers and place into the drying position chosen.
6.  Leave to dry overnight, without moving, or for at least 10-12hours to ensure a firm hold.
No.1 Pins  Amazon.(My favourite and by far the cheapest)
No.2 Pins  Amazon. (My second favourite)
No.3 Pins  Creative studios (Sam Poole's shop has the Pins that Sue uses- shorter pins)
N0.4 Pins  Sparkles (Easy to use, but bendy and a bit expensive)
No.5 Pins  I have just found another site that sells 65mm pins with a pearl head click HERE to see what they have in stock.
Protectors  EBay.
Glue No.1 (E6000)  EBay  (Always use a cocktail stick with this so you control the amount and can easily twist to remove any stringy bits.  This one is my favourite as it's a thicker consistency and rubs off easily.  The downside with this is that it does have an odour, but it doesn't bother me, so up to you)
Glue No.2  EBay,  (A very good glue with no odour, but runny and sometimes you need alot to make a good strong bond on larger beads)
Spacer beads   3/4/5mm metal round silver or gold beads & metal filigree beads
Spacers   4mm or 6mm round flower decorative flat spacers are lovely though diamante rondells are lovely too.
Bead Caps/Cones   4mmx7mm cones for use with 6mm beads  -  6/7/8mm caps to match size of beads you use.
Beads,  Spacers,  spacer beads and bead caps/cones are cheapest on eBay but alot of craft shops on line also sell them so have a look around and compare prices. I must be honest I buy bits and pieces from different shops within EBay and also from lots of on line shops like Beads Direct,   Aldridge Crafts,  Cuddly Buddly,,  Beads Unlimited etc. etc.
Here are a few links to get you going, but please, please look around a bit; Ebay may be the cheapest but lots of craft shops have other wonderful alternatives too:-
Filigree Metal beads  -   Tebitan Silver wings (beads)  -  4mm Silver Metal spacer beads  -  Silver & Black Rondell Spacers  -  Gold and Crystal Rondell Spacers  -  7mm Silver Beadcaps  -  5mm wide Silver Filigree Bead Cones (can be opened slightly for larger beads with plier-but be gentle. The bead only needs to sit 1-2mm inside it).

Last important note:-  Try your first pin using inexpensive beads (esp glass ones, so you learn to glue heavier beads) and just four or five will do to get you used to the amount of glue needed and drying times etc.  Like every other craft, it's about practice.  You will eventually be able to use just about any bead and make something truly beautiful.  
My next venture is 6inch pins for focal borders.  Watch this space.

If anyone wants to try this craft, but doesn't want to buy the bulk packs of everything, contact me on the email below as I have starter packs that you may prefer to begin with. Then if you don't like it you haven't wasted a fortune. The kit will include everything to make a variety of pins, including some of the more expensive beads and metal hearts, connectors etc to give you a good idea of what making them will be like.  All you need to invest in is glue.  To start off you can always use Glossy accents as your glue (or jewellery glue if you have it) but I think the E6000 is the best investment if you are going to do more.   (Please remember, glossy accents is very runny and so keep the pins pushed into something, hanging upside down, to let them dry or the beads will move).
Well that's it I think.  I am sorry it was such a long post but I wanted to get down as much as possible to help those interested in making their own.  They are not hard to make at all and I love to spend a evening in front of the TV just designing my pins.  I usually do about 40/50 at a time now.  Look in the sales and charity stores for old jewellery that can be broken down for beads etc. and don't forget your jewellery boxes!!
If I can help with anything else, please don't be afraid to email me and I will see what I can do.
I hope today finds you well.  I'll be back later with something a bit different.
Regards Linda x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Candy

Hi all,
Just a quick post to say that I have added the new candy for when we reach 40 followers.  I apologise for the terrible picture, but for some reason I cannot remove the blue tint.
We have two boxes of fancy Decorative Pins,  Crocheted flowers,  A Selection of fabric rolled flowers,  tassels,  Crocheted lace in black & ivory,  White 4cm Lace and  2 Larger Fabric flowers.
(Don't forget the first candy is still unclaimed.  See Saturdays post and claim by Fri or a redraw will be done by the end of that day.)

My first 'Not sure about this one' card

Hi everybody and welcome to my newest followers.
I apologise for not posting this card yesterday as planned.  I needed to take my grandchildren their Easter baskets as I couldn't see them Sunday and we ended up having such a lovely time I was later home than I expected to be.   So, here is the missing post- 
Some time ago I fell in love with the MME Lost &Found Union Square paper pad so much so that I had to buy an extra one..., just incase.  You know what we crafters are like:- 'oh, I can't use that one- just in case' or 'I must have one piece left (just to look at)'.  Not long after acquiring them Sue Wilson did a Spellbinders show on tv and (you've probably worked out the rest....) I bought some.  Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't gone a bit nuts now and again.  I mean,  how can you say no when Sue shows us so beautifully how well they can be!!  Well that order contained the adorable butterfly and somehow it called out to me the very same time the new papers did.  The result is this:-
My recipe:-  8" x 8" Base Card Ivory Linen 280g, MME bp,  Spellbinders Parisian Motifs & Accent dies, Fancy Tags 1 and Fanciful flight butterfly die,  Metal butterfly,  Red matting card & eyelets from my stash.

So what do you think?
I wasn't too sure about it at first as it lacked all the lovely flowers, ribbon & bows I adore so much and, there's not a gem in sight.  I was in fact, so unsure that I had to ask my daughter for her opinion, she said she loved it so I decided I would share it with you and get your opinion too.   I love constructive critism; sometimes someone else can point out a flaw that we ourselves have somehow overlooked. So please be honest with me but gently so if you would.
I have, again, been thinking about more ways for us to interact within my blog and a comment left by Christine Harrop yesterday helped me to make up  my mind.   How about us sharing some of  YOUR work or thoughts.
Christine mentioned that she recently added box frames to her crafting repertoire and I thought how lovely it would be to see some of them;  this in turn, had me thinking about sharing some of them with you.  So. how about it?   Shall I dedicate a day to showcasing some of your bits and pieces?   Maybe it could be a quote you love or a favourite line from a film/book/poem that has some meaning for you etc.   For those without a blog maybe it could be a picture of a new creation that you are really proud of.   If anyone has any ideas that could help me get a 'Showcase Day' going or has something they would like to share then send me an email,  I would love to hear your ideas.   Who knows,  we could start something really good and truly share this blogging experience.
Well that's it for today.  Hope to see you again soon.  Linda x

(ps  May I just remind you that the '20followers' draw has been done and the winner was  announced last saturday.  I will do a redraw Friday night if it is not claimed before then.)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Thought for the Day

Good Morning and welcome,
I have been thinking about other things I would like to share with you on my blog and it started  me thinking about the things that I appreciate in my life.  I have always enjoyed music and I adore a good film, especially old epics and heartwarming tales of success or achievement;  but I also have a great love for thoughtful quotations and poetry.  I can, in fact,  often look at another crafters card and see in it a song or film and on the odd occasion it has even reminded me of a famous quotation.  With this in mind I thought that maybe this would be a nice little addition to the blog: A Though for the Day.  I will not post one everyday or I will have to start crawling the web for hours to find ones that mean something.  For now I will definitely do one on a Monday and then those of you who are not interested will know to avoid the early Monday morning!!
Well as this week has been the beginning of my blog and I have seen such warm and welcome from each of you I thought the following was appropriate. 

'The widest thing in the universe is not space,
it is the potential capacity of the human HEART.'

See you later with my card for today.  Regards Linda x

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My 2nd Case card and we have a Winner

Hi Guys and thanks for popping by,
I have done the draw at last,  and the winner for my first ever Candy is...
da, da, da, ............... (stop laughing at me,  I can't help it)
Ok I'll tell you..........
at long last!!! ..........................................  it's   Allison   who left me this lovely comment:-   
Hello Linda,
I also found you after reading your comments on Sue Wilsons blog.  Your card is beautiful.
I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work.    Regards, Alison

Congratulations Allison,  I am so pleased for you.  I hope you will enjoy the candy and have great fun using them.   Please email me with your snail mail address and I will post your prize out to you, though  I'm sorry to say, due to it being Easter weekend, this will not be until after the bank holiday.
I will announce the next lot of Candy tomorrow.  All you have to do to be entered is to be a follower of my blog and comment on the Candy Post.  As soon as we reach the next target (40 followers) I will do that draw. 
(Please note, if the candy is not claimed by next Sat, I will do a redraw)

Well now onto my card.  Todays Case card is by another very talented lady who, like Sue Wilson, does wonderful things with Spellbinder dies etc and is also from the USA.  Her name is Becca Feeken and you can find her original creation here.
My recipe:-  5.5" x 7.5" Base Card Ivory Linen 280g,  DCWV Luxury Stack bp, Spellbinders Postage Stamp, Holly Motifs & Scalloped Oval dies,   Martha Stewart Punch,  Cream Vintage Ribbon,  Crochet Lace & Decorative Pins (handmade by me).  Blue matting card from my stash.

I have thought long and hard about the format for my blog.  Did I just want to make cards and show them or did I want to have some purpose?  Well, I decided to go with both.  So what I am going to do, is showcase some of my favourite designers, favourite blogs and of course my favourite bloggers and their work.  I have already had written permission from many wonderfully talented crafters to use their work for Casings  (so be careful or I will be chasing you 
For those of you new to this, CASE means Copy And Share with Everyone.
Basically it means you can copy how someone else has made their card, completely and exactly if you want to,  but it does NOT mean copy it as a picture and use it as is (please note here, the image of the creators original card is theirs and should never be used without their consent).   
My take on casing is to always make it look like the original, but choose a way to make it my own and then when I show it I always give credit to the creator and a link to their blog (it is afterall, only through their hard work that I was able to do my case study in the first place).
Well, as usual I have rattle on but I hope I have given you a taste of what I am about and what I am trying to achieve with my blog.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by and congratulations again to Allison.
See you soon.  Hugs Linda x

Thanks and Welcome

Hi guys,
Before I go properly into my post for today, I think it only right I explain a little bit so you understand a little about me. 
As some of you will already know, I had a car accident over twelve years ago which resulted in spinal surgery in January 2000.  I now have to take meds 24/7 to control the pain and the side effects for me are alot of tiredness and a sleep habit that is 'up the creek', so to speak.  I was told I was very high risk (over 90%) of being in a wheelchair within 5 to 10years...., well in Jan of this year I passed the 12 years and I am still walking (not too far these days but I still manage a walk with the dogs now and again)!   Why am I telling you this?   Well, I know that you are all  wonderful at keeping timed daily blogs and I also would love to do that,  but unfortunately for me my meds make me very tired at the most inconvenient of times and then they keep me wide awake at night which means that I am struggling a little to plan my blogs.  So I ask of you kindly, please be alittle patient with the eratic timing of my posts.  I am trying new ways to get my body clock back in check and hopefully this will mean changes in alot of ways.   Ok, thats enough of me, I hope you will forgive my indulgence, but I though I owed you an explanation.  Now to the best bit!!

Today I would like to say a big, big welcome to everyone and thank you all so much for the wonderful words of encouragement.  For those mentioning Sue's card, she did like it and sent me a lovely welcoming and applauding email, I was over the moon.  Also, my daughter text me to say that I had another follower, Teresa and that she was number 20.  Welcome Teresa.  So,  this means I must do the first draw as promised. So I will sign off now and be back in a little while with the winner and also, I will have my next casing.  Todays card will be in honour of Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace. 
Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.
Hugs Linda x

Fish and Chips babies in Africa

Hi all,
I have just reading one of my favourite blogs from Dawny P, here is the link; she tells us of the plight of tiny babies born in Africa that are so poor they are literally sent home in newspaper; hence the Fish and Chips babies.  They are asking for tiny little jumpers and beanie hats to be knitted for these little mites.  The patterns are very, very easy and Dawny has included them in her post.
 I have been blessed with all the things I and my family need to live and much more infact and I cannot imagine what it must be like to live hand to mouth, so I must do something to help, however small.  I haven't knitted for a long time now, but know I have some needles and bits of wool in my boxes on top of the wardrobe. 
I hope you can find the time to pop over to Dawny's blog and take a look and if you can find it in your heart to help it would be wonderful.
Have a good day all.  I'll see you later.  Hugs Linda x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A tribute to Sue Wilson

Hi everyone and welcome,
Firsly may I say a big thank you to the lovely followers who signed up when my blog went live, it really made my day.  I hope you will stick with me and see where this journey takes us.  

Well here it is my very first tribute to a very talented lady  Sue Wilson.   Crafter extraordinaire and designer for Spellbinders, Sue created a card she called Parisian in Teal.  I instantly fell in love with this card so I had to CASE it and here is my version of what I think you will agree, was already a perfect card.  I hope you like my take on it.
My recipe - Base Card Ivory Linen 280g,  The Paper Company DBP,  Spellbinder Parisian Motifs and Accents,  Vinage Ribbon ,  Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads Antique Linen & Black Soot.  Crochet lace flower, Wound Roses and Decorative Pins (all handmade made by me)

I am sorry that I didn't get this post up earlier but boy is this blogging lark new to me!!  I lost complete use of it by trying to get  my new email address attached to it and ended up with my laptop telling me to 'get lost'.  Well, after my initial panic and a much needed sugar rush I sat down, started from the beginning and here we are.  I really must eat more often as I alway seem to get flustered when I need  food or a sugar rush (of course being me, it was the latter.. but, it was a low cal sugar rush so not so bad!!)
Sorry it's such a short post today, but I need a little more practice with the set up tools so I can improve each day and hopefully, then produce something worthy of being called a blog.  Wish me luck.
Hope to see you again soon.  Linda x

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to my first blog, my first post and Candy too!!

I can spend hours sometimes just admiring the end products of the talented people within the crafting and art community.  Most of this is done on the PC/laptop these days; lots of open tabs on a single screen replacing the mound of open books or torn paper bookmarks on the desk or tabletop.  The blog is in some cases replacing the diary and is also becoming the creative persons portfolio.
A fairly common thing I have noticed on the blogs I read is that numerous readers/followers say how much they 'wish they could do that' or they hope to 'be that good one day'.  Well that was me for a long time with regards to just starting a blog.  Two dear friends and extremely talented ladies, Sue Wilson and Dena Concienne have encouraged me on numerous occasions to get a blog started, but unfortunately health slowed me down.  Well here it is at last, a bare bones of a blog, but I am going to learn and then see where this wonderful new journey takes me.  Thank you to both of you for all your encouragement, you had belief in me even though we had never met and I will never forget your kindnesses and thoughtfulness.
To start my blog off with a bit of a celebration, I am going to offer some candy for when I reach my first 20 followers.  I love to make Decorative Stick Pins and I crochet lace also, so I thought I would make up my first candy from them.  I have taken a picture of a sample of my pins, but unfortunately my photography leaves a lot to be desired.  At the moment my camera has no lead (can't find a replacement anywhere, will be writing to the manufacturer) and in the mean time, the camera I am using is so old it shakes more than me!  I promise I will make my photos a top priority.
Well I hope I haven't bored you with only words for my first blog, but I do hope you will pop by and have a chat now and again.  I have a lovely card to show tomorrow in honour of Sue Wilson, it is my first Case card and it is of Sue's Parisian in Teal card.
Have a good day everyone.
Regards Linda x