Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Welcome to my first blog, my first post and Candy too!!

I can spend hours sometimes just admiring the end products of the talented people within the crafting and art community.  Most of this is done on the PC/laptop these days; lots of open tabs on a single screen replacing the mound of open books or torn paper bookmarks on the desk or tabletop.  The blog is in some cases replacing the diary and is also becoming the creative persons portfolio.
A fairly common thing I have noticed on the blogs I read is that numerous readers/followers say how much they 'wish they could do that' or they hope to 'be that good one day'.  Well that was me for a long time with regards to just starting a blog.  Two dear friends and extremely talented ladies, Sue Wilson and Dena Concienne have encouraged me on numerous occasions to get a blog started, but unfortunately health slowed me down.  Well here it is at last, a bare bones of a blog, but I am going to learn and then see where this wonderful new journey takes me.  Thank you to both of you for all your encouragement, you had belief in me even though we had never met and I will never forget your kindnesses and thoughtfulness.
To start my blog off with a bit of a celebration, I am going to offer some candy for when I reach my first 20 followers.  I love to make Decorative Stick Pins and I crochet lace also, so I thought I would make up my first candy from them.  I have taken a picture of a sample of my pins, but unfortunately my photography leaves a lot to be desired.  At the moment my camera has no lead (can't find a replacement anywhere, will be writing to the manufacturer) and in the mean time, the camera I am using is so old it shakes more than me!  I promise I will make my photos a top priority.
Well I hope I haven't bored you with only words for my first blog, but I do hope you will pop by and have a chat now and again.  I have a lovely card to show tomorrow in honour of Sue Wilson, it is my first Case card and it is of Sue's Parisian in Teal card.
Have a good day everyone.
Regards Linda x


  1. Hello Linda, lovely to have you aboard
    BIG HUGZ Fleur xXx

  2. Hello Linda. Everything has to start somewhere and this is a new beginning in your crafty journey. Hope it goes successfully and I shall be following along with you. Maureen

  3. Hi Linda wishing you the best of luck with your blog. the decorative pins are lovely. you have inspired me already. Best wishes sueb

  4. Welcome to blogland lovely lady, so glad you have started up a blog :)

    I have really struggled to leave a comment, I can't read the captcha things with having varifocals so had to drag Tony up on his crutches to read it for me so not sure how many comments I will be able to leave sweetie. x

  5. Hi Linda,
    I have found your site by reading the comments on Sue Wilson's blog. Love the card. Hope the new blog is a success for you..

  6. Hi Linda, came here via Sams Blog. Good luck, will keep popping by.

  7. Hi Linda
    I have also come here via Sams Blog and have been following Sues for longer than I can remember!
    Good Luck with this new venture and hope you find it a success.
    Eileen x

  8. Hello Linda,
    I also found you after reading your comments on Sue Wilsons blog.Your card is beautiful.I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work.
    Regards, Alison

  9. YAYYYYYYY! You finally got it going!!! I'm so happy for you girlie!!!! Started following and will keep tabs on your lovely work!!!
    I ADORE the beautiful lace and pins you sent me and am waiting for the perfect card to attach them to haha! I just can't part with it yet!!
    Big hugs and good for you starting your blog!

  10. Lovely card Linda, a great tribute to Sue Wilson. Loving your Stick Pins there gorgeous!!!

  11. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!
    It's so nice to leave you a comment for a change, you've been so generous with your wonderful compliments on my blog and I've been trying for a long time to find you (No wonder I couldn't) it's so nice to have you with us in blogland. Your very first card is fantastic, so elegant and pretty, I love the Parisian accents (I love mine) and the colours are beautiful.
    I'm so pleased you started your blog, you are doing such a wonderful job of it! I'm your 20th follower, that will be 100 very quickly I'm sure. Take care and have a very Happy Easter weekend. Love & hugs Teresa xx

  12. Hi Linda,
    I came to visit your blog as I have noticed your name in the comments in Sue Wilson's blog. We seem to have quite a lot in common - I have 8 children, I granddaughter and a gecko! I also like many of the books, films and music that you do and of course we both love Sue and craft! As a work full time and volunteer as a Brownie Leader I unfortunately do not get much chance to actually 'do' myself but I love seeing the wonderful talent that is out there. I am looking forward to seeing your journey on this blog. Good luck with it and happy Easter!


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