Friday, 27 April 2012

Showcase - A non-bloggers creations

Hi all,
I am sorry I couldn't put out a post yesterday, but I was having a bit of a rough time.  I am having a better day today so thought I would so something a little different again.  I am trying lots of different things at the moment as I try to find the right groove for my blog.  The way it's going I think it will always stay a bit of this and a bit of that.  We will have to see, who knows it may be fun that way.

Ok, so what is Showcase about, well today it's about a lovely lady who became a follower of my blog and liked it enough to not only come back again but also to send me some of her work.
Her name is Christine Harrop 
and here are some of her 'Box Cards'.

So what do you think, aren't they elegant and stylish?  Thank you so much Christine for sharing them with me and for allowing me to showcase them here on my blog.  I adore the simplicity of the design and the focus being on the lovely stamped verse.
I think these would be perfect with stands attached to the back for use on a table top or with wall hangers so they could become instant wall art for the receiver (of course Christine, you may have done that already).  This idea has vast appeal and can be adapted in so many ways.  A gift and card in one that could be perfect for the 'one who has everything' or for that one person who is 'always hard to buy for'.   What an inexpensive way to alter you home decor too.  Everytime you fancy a change: a different colour or verse for example,  just get out your crafting stash and design to suit.  Interchanging and recreating whenever you need a make-over but can't afford the drapes (so to speak!)
Well I hope you like Christines creations and enjoyed having something new and different to view.  Maybe you have something you are proud of  that you would like showcased here, if so email me and I will try to put yours on the next one.  Don't forget it doesn't have to be just a card, it could be an altered item, a scrapbook page, a tag or a picture; as long as it's handcrafted by you, or even your family, then it will be considered.  And don't forget to email me your quotes too if you would like them considered for my Monday Quote Day posts.
Bye for now but don't forget to pop by again tomorrow as I have another bookmark style for you and this one has two ways to use it too.
Have a great day and Smile 'cos the chances are someone will smile back at you!
Linda x

Ps  I have a Candy post at 12noon, I think it's a good one and some of you will be pleased I am almost pop by if you can.  Big hugs x


  1. Christine Harrop27 April 2012 at 08:28

    Hi Linda - wow! what a surprise! Thank you so much, but I'm sure there are other things much more worthy of being showcased. Yes, I have put a stand on the back, and I have certainly thought about a hook for hanging but that was as far as I got.

    I hope you will soon be feeling better. I have just visited Bev's blog so I guessed that you were going through a rough patch! Have a good rest, and don't venture back to us till you are better.

    Hugz. Christine x

  2. Morning Linda, sorry not stopped by for a couple of days life has been abit hectic turning 50 has really kept me busy, been totally spoiled, blessed having so many good friends and family.

    Well what can I say about your cards I wouldn't be able to pick one that I like more than the other. Hope you keep well, hugs Fiona P xxxx

    1. Hey, I'll give you 'young' crafty 'lady', we are not old (just turned 50 myself)...LOL!! You are only as old as you let yourself be, so with such blessed friends and family you should be kept young at heart for a long time yet. So glad to hear you had a wonderful time celebrating. Belated Happy Birthday. Best wishes Linda x

  3. Sorry ment Christine's cards see what happens when am rushing must be old age lol

  4. Hi Linda
    Sorry to hear you weren't too well yesteray.
    It's lovely to see Christine's cards.
    Eileen x

  5. Hi Linda
    Missed commenting yesterday, was gallivanting. Christine's boxes are really lovely, more inspiration for us. Anne x

  6. Hi Linda, something else I need to learn how to do, I'm just soaking up all this info you kind crafty people share! Christine's cards are so elegant, just beautiful. Sorry not been by lately, I have been on Hols, then getting over a cold after coming back to damp weather from sunshine! Your blog is looking good, I have been catching up over the days I've missed. So sorry you've not been feeling so good yourself, take care Alison :)

  7. Hi Linda,
    Christine's cards are very lovely. I now I'm late leaving this message, but better late than never. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.


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