Saturday, 28 April 2012

Alternative Bookmark as promised

Good morning everyone
Another Saturday upon us and I am still wondering what happened to the last one.  Do we take less notice of the days going by as we get older or is it really a memory thing that we can do nothing about?  Or...... are the days really so full that we don't have time to notice them flying past?  In my case,  a chance would be a fine thing.  It's not that I am not busy, having the grandson is like doing a full shift at work at times I can tell you;  it's just that I am not as busy as I used to be when last I worked.  I did 12hour shifts, ran a home and had 4children and still partied when it suited.  Ah well, we age, that is our!!

Okey, dokey, so here it is,  the other bookmark that I promised the other day.   This is the ribbon bookmark and my version has a hook & loop fastening.  I wonder if you can spot it?

Hey, what do you think of the photo too?  I recently sorted my Photographers lighting tent and also I have been checking out some of the camera settings and have, at last, found a better setting for the ISO and something else I cannot name.  I still have to check the 'macro' setting for good close ups I am told, but that is the next chapter which has to wait  until after Monday.  We take my son back to University Monday and until then I have loads to prepare for him, including paperwork to complete.  So watch this space, because I really did mean it when I said I would keep practicing to get better.
Which reminds me of something else too... how about the colouring?  Promarkers and pencils.  Again, like the camera, still in the practice stages but I think I can see an improvement.
Ok here is the next picture with the bookmark institu for you to see the effect.  The first of the two pictures has the tags just left open, to dangle:-

The second is with the tags hook n looped together for carrying around:-

Finally, if I have set my camera right, a close up of my image and colouring:- oh lordy here goes...

So there you have it, the second of 'My new craze' for you to see.  I really do hope you like them and are starting to think about having a go with me for a challenge.  I have had a few followers give me the thumbs up, all I need is a couple more and we can go ahead.
Did you spot the velcro (hook & loop) after.  Well I coloured one side black and its in the middle of the poppy on the Hope tag and the other is coloured red and is underneath the main tag, now they can be joined together making it less easy to loose.
That's it for another day, enjoy yourselves whatever you are up to.  I hope to be back tomorrow with a Case card for you.  It will be probably be by either Andrea Ewen or Bev Rochester (or maybe not, we will!!); anyway pop by and have a look if you can, it will be lovely to see your wonderful comments.
Big hugs and best wishes Linda x


  1. Hi Linda,
    wonderful book mark. Really love those poppies. Fantastic idea by the way.
    I am visiting my Dad and Sister next week so I will be in your neck of the woods so to speak. Have a great crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Morning Linda,
    This is lovely and I think I prefer this style of bookmark as it is something different. However I think the corner one is probably more practical as can be used with any size book. Maybe a buckle system could be used with the ribbon to adjust the length? Was also wondering about the wear and tear on the card using hook and loop after the trouble you've taken to make it?
    You're really too hard on yourself - the colouring looks great to me!
    Have a good weekend.x

  3. Stunning bookmark love the colouring ,Melanie

  4. Morning sweetie this is gorgeous, love the colours and papers, fabulous, huggles Pops x

  5. Beautiful Linda, great colours and the photo shows this really well. I'd jopin you for a challenge

    hugs Vicky x x x

  6. Hi Linda
    I like this bookmark design, it is more appropriate for the more dimensional embellishments.
    Anne x

  7. Hi Linda
    This is a very striking design-love the poppies!
    Eileen x

  8. Your coloring is ouststanding, Linda! Love those red poppies...they stand out beautifully! And your photographs turned out wonderfully, too...plenty of lighting and I like the way you show more than one picture at different really gives us a better appreciation of all the detail work you've added. Keep on creating and keep on growing!

  9. WOW!!! I LOVE this design and the poppies are stunning. A real inspiration, thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!!
    All the best

  10. Christine Harrop28 April 2012 at 15:03

    That's so weird. My post from this morning seems to have disappeared. I wonder if I can remember what I wrote? I really love this bookmark. The poppies are so vivid and really make the project pop. I like the clever way of closure. I'm certainly going to have a go at something like this. It's great to have little gifts which are not too costly.

    You were wondering a day or two ago about the direction your blog should/would take. I actually really like the diversity of it. It is quite exciting coming to you each day and wondering what we will find.

    Hope you have a good weekend and a safe journey on Monday taking your son back to uni.

    Love and hugz. Christine x

  11. Really like this bookmark, hope the challenge wil go ahead. Best wishes, Lesley x

  12. Really like this bookmark, hope the challenge wil go ahead. Best wishes, Lesley x

  13. Really like this bookmark, hope the challenge wil go ahead. Best wishes, Lesley x

  14. Evening Linda what a beautiful bookmark... Oh am sorry don't know which one I like the most lol you are very talented, hope you are well, hugs Fiona P xxx


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