As some of you will already know, I had a car accident over twelve years ago which resulted in spinal surgery in January 2000.  I now have to take meds 24/7 to control the pain and I suffer from various side effects which, for me, tiredness is the worst.  It has created a sleep habit that is 'up the creek', so to speak, keeping me awake most nights and messing up my social life completely.
I was told I was very high risk (over 90%) of being in a wheelchair 5 to 10years following the surgery...., well in Jan of this year I passed the 12 years and I am still walking (not too far these days but still walking)!
Why am I telling you this?   Well, I know that the bloggers among you are all great at keeping timed daily blogs, but with my sleep pattern I often find myself falling behind with many tasks, including my blog.   So, basically, I ask of you please to be a little patient with me and bear with me if I am a little late posting or if I miss a post completely.  I will do my best to post everyday but this may not be possible at times.   I find this blog is helping me in so many ways.  I have become more focused and have been pushing myself more than I have for a very long time.  It may be a slow process, but I am determined to end up with a blog that I will be very proud of (and will also understand fully...LOL!!).  In the mean time your support means everything and your wonderful comments encourage me tremendously; infact I rush to see what you have to say as soon as I am able to sign in!
So to all of you that pass this way: those who follow my blog and those who just simply browse now and again, welcome and thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will do my best to create something that we can enjoy together, something that will hopefully make us smile, occasionally give us food for thought and now and again even make us giggle.
Take care of yourselves and craft as much as you can, when and if you can.
Regards Linda x