Thursday, 31 May 2012

For my No.1 Grandson

Hi all,
I have another card made using the beautiful My Minds Eye (MME) papers from my Lost & found, Union Square paper pad.   I adore the colours and patterns in this particular pad as it is so versatile.  I have used it for 'Moulin Rouge' style cards and also 'Western'  (Cowboys & Indians) themed cards and it looks great with either and various others too.

This particular card is for my darling Grandson who will celebrate his birthday this coming weekend.  The only trouble is I think I concerntrated more on the papers that his actual age.  Nevertheless I am pleased with how it turned out;  I love to do different styles and themes.  I do hope you like it too.

I used Lily of the Valley Boys Sentiments stamps for the centre and the Happy Birthday greeting was from a Creative Expression stamp plate.  The fringing on the bottom was made by knotting small pieces of leather effect cords along one long piece. 

Well that's it for today, I know it is a very short one  but I am still trying to catch up.  However before I go, I would like to welcome my newest followers:  Hi all and thank you for your support.  Also thanks to everyone again for the lovely emails etc. 

Have a wonderful day all.  Hugs Linda xx

PS I have a lovely mini card for you tomorrow (I have scheduled it in as I am busy, so let's hope I have done it correctly this time!!)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Quick Post

Hi all,
I do hope today finds you well and enjoying the wonderful week of sunshine.  I don't know how long it is here for but I hope it's in for a little longer.
I don't have a card yet sorry, but I wanted to tell you that I have started a Places to Shop page (Tab at top of the blog) where I will put up various links to the cheapest places I have now found to buy Pins, beads, spacers etc to make not only Decorative pins but also fancy wired decorations and sprays for your cards, bookmarks, tags and scrapbooking pages.
I will add more and more as I find the best places for you.  Unfortunately, being that I live in the UK, I tend to only buy from UK suppliers but alot of the items can also be bought on other sites like Etsy and etc.  I am just trying to give you a head start with places I use.  There are alot of craft suppliers selling these items also but unfortunately they are very expensive (which I found out to my detriment at first).  So for those of you interested, spend a bit of time searching the main items on Google or within Ebay or Amazon etc.

One thing to note, if you use Ebay, try to look for several items within one buyers  Ebay shop as they will offer postage discounts accordingly.  Don't let that stop you buying from lots of shops though as their postage prices are usually very good and even when added to cost of item, they work out very reasonable.  Try to buy from Top Rated Sellers if you can, you are almost 100% assured of perfect service then.
Well thats it for today.  I will have time very soon to make a card and then I will get back into it properly I promise.  Take care
Hugs Linda x

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Winners of the Bookmark Challenge

Hello everyone,
I am so sorry I wasn't here this morning as planned but unfortunately, as I am sure you will know yourselves, sometimes family or personal issues take precedence over everything else. That is the case with me at the moment with everything that is going on.  I hope you can understand.
The funny thing is the time spent sorting family issues and sharing time with them in this glorious sunshine has really helped us to put things in perspective and I think we are all feeling a bit more positive today.  So I hope this weekend and wonderful sunshine finds you all well and in good spirits too.

Well I have taken time to look at the wonderful bookmarks that have been entered in the challenge and I realised there is no way I could sit and play judge over the wonderful work you guys have done, so I am going to stick with the usual tool (Random Org) and let it choose for me.

BUT before I do I wanted to let you know that I decided to have  2 winners.
I was lucky enough to be given a beautiful stack of 6x6inch papers by K&Co and so I thought I would share them with a second place winner.  So without any further ado, here are the numbers drawn and the corresponding winners............... 6 and 3.........

No 6 corresponds to our Winner:-  Linda Wescott
Here is her winning Bookmark -

No 3 corresponds to our Runner-up:- Lesley Timmins
another worthy winner don't you agree.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!  And thank you so very much to everyone that entered.  Maybe we will do something again soon without such specific requirements (though I must admit I have really enjoyed seeing the variety of bookmarks).
Please can you both email me at and I will get your wonderful papers off to you asap.  Maybe I can get to see some fabulous creations using the papers sometime?!

Take care all and have a fabulous weekend.  I am back to the family now and maybe, if I have time later, I will get up to the craftroom and make a card. I do so love my crafting time to myself, don't you?!
Warmest wishes to you all (extremely Hot wishes at the!).  Linda xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Bookmark Challenge Time Up

I have noticed that the closing date for the bookmark challenge has come upon me a bit suddenly and I hadn't even attached Jenny's picture to her Linky, so without further ado and before I do the draw, I would like to show you Jenny's lovely design.

Isn't this pretty, such delicate lacey diecuts combined with pretty ribbon and pearl accents.  Any girly girl would love to receive this I am certain.  Thank you so much Jenny, I am sorry for being a little late showing it.  By the way Jenny, you were not at all selfish sweetie, I asked you to send it to me and was grateful that you informed me so that I could check my emails for it.  You have all been so kind, I could see nothing but that and definitely never selfishness.

Well that's it for our first challenge and I must say I have been so very impressed with all the entries.  Thank you to everyone that took part.
I will try my best to be back later to do the draw, if for any reason I cannot I will ensure it is posted first thing tomorrow morning.  Good luck girls!!!

Bye for now  Linda xx
(I have a little surprise for you, so please all you lovely ladies that entered a bookmark (or two) please come by and take a look).

My card for you

Just a quick post for today as I have so much to sort out and if I am honest, not a lot of words to say at the moment.
I did manage to get up to my craftroom after and I made this card for you, every single one of you. 

All your warm and generous words via comments, emails and e-cards have been astounding and so I needed to send you something (sorry it is not physically sending) to show my appreciation.  I will pin this card on my wall of fame. It will remind me always of the generosity of care shown to me by people around the world who I have never even met but have come to know all the same.
I hope you have all had a good week.  Hugs and lots of love Linda xx

PS. Please, if you can, pop by after 12noon as I have the last Bookmark to post before the draw is done.

My Recipe
Deep brown/ivory card Papermill Direct.  Prima Almanac Collection 'Toile' and MME Lost & Found2 Blush 'Favourite' Party Papers from Truly Madly Crafty .  Spellbinders S5-107 (Sue Wilson's) Lattice Motifs & S5-071 Twisted Metal Tags & Accents (swirls).  Cherry Blossom flowerDeep Ivory GypsophiliaCoffee brown roses (all WOC). Ribbon & pearl bling from my stash.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


I just wanted to pop in and say how much I appreciate all the wonderful words of comfort.   I thought I was all cried out and then I read your beautiful messages and emails etc..... how kind you all are.  I will never forget this.  
I am going to try to get up to the craftroom today as I need to be doing something to take my mind off things, so if you have five please try to pop by tomorrow and I will do my best to do something that will be worth your effort.

 A little note for JENNY, I am sorry sweetie but I did not receive your email with the picture.  Could you send it to me again please, my email is

Well thats it for now, I am going to try and get some sleep as it's almost 3.25am.  Have a wonderful day and I will be by to see you all at your blogs asap and will answer all my emails over the next couple of days I promise. 
Thank you. love Linda and family xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Very sad news

I am sorry to say that I will not be posting my card today, I will try to do it tomorrow if I am able.
We have had devastating news and I thought you would like to know as you have all been so wonderfully supportive over the past couple of weeks.
Baby Lee, my great nephew, took a turn for the worst yesterday and tragically past away last night.
I hope you will understand my need to leave it there for now as all I can think about at the moment is his mum and little sister and of course my brothers family (Lee's grandparents etc).
Take care dear friends.  Speak to you soon.  Hugs Linda

Quotation Monday and a clean up!

Good morning all,
I did it, all my beads/spacers are sorted and tidied away in their boxes and boy does it feel good having them all nice and tidy. Is that sad?  I can't help liking things organised.  It's another big job done............  then I looked at my craft room,  how the heck did it get to look like that?  I normally put my card back into the draws or boxes and even hang up all my tapes, tweezers etc when I am done for the day and yet all across BOTH of my desks there were papers, scissors, empty packages etc.  Then I looked below my desks and realised my organisation of recent times is as messed up as me!!  Well that had to change so Saturday evening and Sunday before the family came for dinner I  started to clear up and reorganise.  But it is far from over, I think the finished job is a long way off. 
Anyway, here's a couple of pics of the mess.......
You can see that I have done some of my shelves already in the first picture (I forgot to take pics until I had already started).
The plastic boxes are my A4 decorative papers.
The coloured boxes are my collections of stamps
The pink one in the middle is my Spellbinders and other dies sorted into plastic cd wallets - it's now so easy to find my dies and they store away easily and safely, so I am a happy chicky.
At the bottom, at the back of my desk you can see my newest purchase: the little floral boxes. I spotted these in Wilkinson on Saturday reduced to just £2 and I couldn't resist them.  I am going to organise all my flowers using these (new order coming from WOC, oh yea!) 

On the right you can see all my drawers: drawers for lace, drawers for brads, buttons, pins, drawers for images ready to colour and drawers for metal embellishments etc, the list goes on.
You can even see my recycling box of paper under my righthand desk, another bit of laziness from me lately.  It so needs shredding but I put it off time and time again 'cos my shredder is so  s...l...o...w! (well, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it).

My wonderful Grand Calibre looks so unloved sat there under the desk, but please don't think that,
it only goes under there on the floor when I have
all my beading equipment out.  I am so afraid
of popping a bead and it jumping into the
mechanism and then my beloved machine
giving up the ghost -what would I do then!?

Now some pics of the reorganisation:-
I cut out some large heavyweight card bobbins and wound my reeled ribbons onto them and then used foamboard to divide up a 12x12 deep drawer to keep them in order.  Not bad aye!?  I am proud of this one and keep opening the drawer just to have a look... :¬)
(Just need to buy some new ribbons as I realised while doing this that I have only 3 wide ribbons; so next months spending has to be on ribbons!)

Well, that got me going so I thought lets do a bit more and so I started sorting the card drawers (it is not perfect yet but I am getting there).

On the left is a wardrobe I had off my daughter that I use it to store my boxes for other crafts, including candles, painting, etc and also you can see my sons remote controlled buggy at the bottom (it's too good to throw away).

Well that's it for now.  A disorganised craftroom and a bit of a disorganised post.  I am sorry it's so bitty but I hope you have enjoyed a little tour of my mess.  When I have progressed with the reorganisation and tidying I will post some more photos for you to see the improvement.
I will end with my quote for the week:

Imagination is the first step in creation whether in words or trifles.
The mental pattern always precedes the material form
(William W. Atkinson)  

Have a good day and a great week.  Thank you so much for popping by and supporting me.
Hugs Linda xx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

For my grandson

Hi all
I hope today finds you well and you are looking forward to a happy crafting weekend (among other things).
I am going to finish sorting and reorganising my pins/beads/accessories.  I have bought more spacers, caps and beads and now need to reorganise my boxes to keep like with like.  I am a neat freak in that way.  I can sort my boxes of stash one week, buy some similar items to something in a full box and I will spend the next two hours gingerly removing tiny spacers or beads etc to make room for the new stuff.  I now have an organiser for pearls, one for faceted gems, another for beadcaps..... and so on.  What started out as one box of jewellery making items has ended up a tote of 5storage boxes with another 5loose in the cupboard and they are all full now!!  I have become addicted to making my Decorative Pins.... though I do make other embellishments like beaded flower centers and beaded wire wrapping etc for home decor items.  I originally started off only making bracelets and necklaces, these days I rarely create any jewellery at all, but I will do it again.  I tend to craft in cycles.  Are you like that with any of your crafts?  I keep cardmaking but tend to alternate the other crafts I enjoy; and I enjoy alot of different crafts I can tell you!  Knitting, crochet, cross stiching, sewing, home decor, drawing, cardmaking, scrapbooking, jewellery a few others that I do rarely now like Wedding stationery and furniture renovation (chair covers etc)
Ok enough of my chattering today, I have a card to show you that is for my grandson, though it is actually for my daughter to give to him, so of course it's for Nephew.

I had this paper pack back last summer I believe and I had forgotten all about it.   The problem now is that I cannot for the life of me remember who designed it.  I have a feeling it is Kirsty Wiseman but I could be very wrong..... sorry, that's what I get for unpacking items and throwing away the packaging, which of course is usually where the name is if it isn't on the back of the papers.  Anyway, I wanted to start using up some of my old stash;  I have so much I cannot justify buying anything else for a while.  Also, I have noticed how papercrafting is getting as bad as fashion.  We are all exposed to the same sales techniques and sales pitches aren't we.  Everywhere we look in the craft world there are 'buy me' pics of the latest items, 'have you seen' articles in all the magazines and we are tempted left, right and center.  So I am making a stand with myself to use up some of my 'old' stuff   ............  Ok, Ok,  I can't lie, I did buy some stunning MME floral papers from the Lost & Found 2 collection last week (hanging head a bit now)...... Oh....and I picked up a couple of sheets of the Prima Almanac papers too (I just adore Toile so I had to have them!!).

Ok, thats it for today.  I am going to try and make a card for my grandon from ME today and I also still have to do a get well soon card.  Fingers crossed for me, I get so distracted these days; I start with the intention of making more that one card and then I spot my beads etc and the next thing I know the time has gone and I have a desk covered in all the wrong things and no 2nd card in sight!! Ah well, I enjoy myself so what does it!
Have a fantastic weekend all.  See you very soon.  Hugs Linda xx

Friday, 18 May 2012


Well here we are again.  Todays post is a shorter one but I have two beautiful cards that I would like to share with you made by two kind and talented crafters.
This first card is by Dena Concienne;  if you remember, she is the designer of the CASE study card from yesterday's post.   I was lucky enough to receive one of Dena's cards as a thank you when I was quite a newbie to blogland and long before I had even started my own blog.   If you managed to pop over to see her card yesterday and took a look around her archives, you will have noticed just how talented Dena is.  Her colouring is truly lovely and she has a wonderful eye for colour and design.  Well enough of the idolising, here is the lovely card I received.  Didn't it travel well!! (Dena is from the USA).

Isn't that image just the cutest.  If I was sat on a swing with my dogs about me Millie would be behind me chasing it back and forth and Gypsy would be trying to get on my lap or just yapping at me to get my attention!

Ok, on to the second lovely card.  I received it just two days ago and boy did it cheer me up when it came through the letterbox!   This one is by our Sue (Bearhouse), isn't it just fabulous.

Another stunning image and so softly coloured too.  I adore the embossed frame on this card, it is so delicate but very dramatic and gives the card that bit of something special, don't you think?

Thank you so much to both of you for these beautiful cards, I will treasure them both. They have pride of place in my craftroom, sharing their own board on the wall above my sewing machine!!

Before I go today I would just like to answer a few queries about my great-nephew, baby Lee.  I haven't received any news for a couple of days, but that is good.  My sister-in-law promised me that no news was to be taken exactly as the saying goes, good news.  She would only call me if he took a turn for the worst.  Other than that we would keep up to date weekly, so the little fella must be quite strong and fighting hard, bless him.  She, my brother and their daughter were blown away by the amount of queries about Lee and have expressed their profound gratitude for all the thoughts and prayers sent his way.  From me too, I thank you very, very much.
For tomorrow I am going to try to finish a card for the boys,  but then again, it may end up being a get well soon card as I actually need both in the next couple of days ......... I wonder who (or to be grammatically correct, which) will win?  Hey, who knows maybe I 'll have a fab crafting afternoon and do two cards; Jake (my grandson) is only with me till approx 2.30pm.    Yea and pigs might fly................. keep looking up in the sky you just never know ........ LOL!!
Well, I hope you all have a good day, maybe even a bright and sunny day;  all we can do is hope.  Take care everyone and again, thank you very much for your fabulous words of praise for yesterdays card, they were most gratefully received.
Bye for now.   Linda xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

CASE of card by Dena Concienne

Good morning all,
I am so thrilled to know that you all liked the pins I showed yesterday, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments that you left for me.  I have been sourching new suppliers of beads, findings etc and have been really impressed with the variety of things I now have to use.  My beading arsenal has gone from one 5x10 Craftmate box to approx 12boxes now and I still haven't enough large beads. Oh we crafters are never satisfied are we; always on the look out for more.   Of course I am still using alot of the old stuff because it is so lovely and you 'don't change what ain't broken' so they!

Well, it seems an age since I did my last CASE card and I planned to do at least one every single week, shame on me I know.  I still forget what day of the week it is;  try to remember what week of the that is asking for trouble.........  I think we are about half way through May..., ah that's good enough for me (hanging head in shame)!!
Anyway guys and gals I am feeling a little stronger today after taking time out in the garden with my grandson yesterday.  I just sat in full sunlight, letting the rays power all over me and it was dreamy.  The heat was fabulous as I drifted into a world of my own and for a couple of minutes I was the happiest girl alive.... and then my grandson shouted 'NANNIE, what ya doing?' and my peace was shattered.  I didn't mind in the slightest, my grandson is the most adorable little man, he is friendly, happy (most of the time), polite and totally charming... oh, and so very cute!  He has only just turned 3 and already speaks very well, infact most of the time he doesn't shut up and chatters on about anything and everything.  To be precise, he only shuts up when he goes down for his nap around 2.30pm and that's when I can (sometimes) have a quick check of the blog and if I am lucky check some emails too.  All that said, he is my world and I adore him.  I have been blessed with 5lovely grandchildren but I don't get to see the other 4 so often, much to my great disappointment.  They are 3 funny and energetic little boys and a gorgeous girl who always seems so pleased to see me it bowls me over.  Ok, I had better stop now, I am rabbiting on again, but those of you with grandchildren will understand. I just hope I haven't bored you to death.

Here is the card that I have cased today and also the LINK so you can go to the blog and see the full post for yourselves.
It is a stunning creation by the wonderful Dena Concienne.   Dena has used a Magnolia stamped image and Making Memories - Je t' Adore papers.   Je t' Adore the card!!!!

I went for a sentiment instead of an image, but other than that I kept quite true to the plan.  I can't wait to read your opinions of the comparison.

A big chunky rose isn't it.  They are beautiful roses.
As you can see I completely changed the look of the card but kept the basic ideas: tied to the side,  floral corner and lace edging.  I thought they were, for me, the main features that I really wanted to copy.  I have made a gatefold card and the left-hand side with the crocheted lace is the one that closes over.
Dena was your original card a side fold or gatefold?  (Fingers crossed Dena will read this!!)
For this card I used some fabulous Hot off the Press papers (don't ask me which ones please,  as I honestly cannot remember the collection name).  I just love the sketchy flowers and the mix of colours.   The lace and flowers are some I have had in my box for ages now but they're all from Wild Orchid Crafts.  The larger of the flowers was part of a Candy win from the lovely Bev Rochester and it was a tan colour to begin with, but I changed the colour using my promarkers.  I added 'Shale' to it and created a beautiful brown to coordinate with the papers and overall colour scheme of the card.  Good don't you think?  I don't waste money buying lots of different colours now, how many of us can afford to do that?  I just get out my promarkers, Whisper pens or spritzers and colour my flowers to coordinate with my project.   I don't always start with white or ivory either, as long as the colour will blend over the original almost any colour can be achieved.  I usually test the colours underneath where the glue will go, to check the end result first before attempting to colour the whole thing.  Another way to do this is to find a petal the flower can live without, remove it and then use it as the tester.  That way, I don't waste flowers and I can work out if I need to mix colours to get the right shade.
Well that's it for me today, it is almost 5am and I must attempt some sleep before the grandson is back at lunchtime.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, but before I leave I would like to give you a thought for the day that I found on

" Let our hearts never get used to the miracles that happen around us & within us everyday. Let every sunrise, every flower, every smile, every raindrop and every child make us rejoice at the miracles in our lives." Copyright Caroline Naoroji

Regards Linda xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Change of Plans - New Pins

I am so sorry folks, something happened and my post didn't show, so here it is a bit late....

Good morning all
I know I said yesterday that I would do a CASE card today, but I have been promising all those with Starter Kits (purchased or Candy wins) that I would create new pins and put them up on the blog for more inspiration.  Of course I hope anyone making a start on their own pins will find some inspiration within my blog; I have tried hard to provide a large variety of styles and designs.
So with this in mind, today I would like to show you the pins I have recently completed.  I have been able to create these while sat on the sofa when I have been uncomfortable and unable to go up to my craftroom.  It meant I was still able to craft, just a little more carefully (I have in the past spilled  drops of glue on the riser of my reclining sofa....Aaarggg was I cross with myself!!)
In these new designs I have tried to cover a variety of issues to allow for greater usage of the pins and also to allow for those of you who may only want to use long dressmaking pins etc.  You will also see some other gemstones within the designs; these I have taken from broken necklaces and bracelets that I no longer wanted to repair and use, so I recycled again......... I am a really good recycling girl you know, just the other day I had a stack of dusty polystyerene dishes that needed throwing out, but I cut them up and I am now using the bases for padding under fabric etc for 3D effect.  Will find other uses yet, you'll see!!....can't let something good go to waste now can I?  LOL :)
Anyway back to the pins, I am including a list of items used in the make up of each pin and I will also put a link to this post in the Tutorials Tab to make it easy for you to find at any time..
I have already made up and sent out some Starter Kits (besides the freebie Candy ones) and if anyone else is interested please email me and I will get back to you asap.  You can also purchase readymade pins, just email me the numbers of the ones you prefer or just say MIX and the number required and I will send you costing.   Lets go then:-

Notes before I start:- LP is LongPin, SP is Short Pin.   
Head is the length of beads on the pins - all approx sizes 

Set No.1
Pin A - SP, 4mm pearls, 4mm daisy spacers, 3mm smooth metal spacer beads & 4mm crystal rondells  (A super slim pin with a head of approx 1" - would suit small cards etc)
Pin B - LP,  5x7mm filigree beadcone, (2)6mm pearls, 4mm pearl, rhinestone rondell,  (2)6mm beadcaps, 4mm daisy spacer, 3mm smooth metal spacer bead  (A slim pin but thicker than Pin A, head is just over 1" - would suit cards up to 5x7")
Pin C - LP,  5x7mm filigree beadcone, 8mm & 6mm pearls, 6 & 7mm beadcaps, 4mm daisy spacer, 8mm cup beadcap, 5mm smooth metal spacer bead (Similar to Pin B)

 Set No.2 
PIN D - SP, 4mm crystal rondell, 6mm filigree bead, 8mm pearl, (2) 7mm beadcaps (Small head of 1inch, but chunkier than Pin A)
PIN E - SP, 8mm cup beadcap, 4,6,8mm pearls, 7mm beadcap, 5x7mm beadcone, 4&6mm daisy spacers  (Top heavy pin, head approx 1.25", would suit just about any card)
PIN F - SP, 3&4mm smooth metal beads, 6mm pearl, 10x14mm black gemstone, (2) 4mm daisy spacers, (2) 7mm beadcaps (Short head of approx 1" but chunky and shows well)

Set No.3
PIN G - LP, 5X7mm beadcone, (2) 6mm filigree bead, (2) 6mm daisy spacers, 10mm bicone bead, 4mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Slimline but chunky central bead, head approx 1.5", suit most cards)
PIN H - LP, 5x7mm beadcone, (2) 6mm daisy spacers, 6 & 8mm pearls, (6)  6mm beadcaps, 12mm metal round doughnut connector bead, 5mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Same as Pin G)
PIN I - LP, 5X7mm beadcone, 6mm crystal rondell, 8x14mm gemstone, 10x8mm gemstone, 8mm cup beadcap, (2) 7mm beadcaps. (Short head of just over 1", slimline with chunky base gemstone, would suit cards up to 8x8")

Set No.4   (All three pins have heads over 1.25", chunky design that would suit any card)
PIN J - SP, 3&4mm smooth spacers beads, 6mm filigree bead, 6x8mm faceted teardrop, 6mm beadcap, 6mm faceted rondell, 5mm faceted round bead, 4mm daisy spacer.
PIN K - LP,  (2) 5x7mm beadcone, 6mm filigree bead, metal heart connector bead, (2) 2.5mm &3mm smooth metal spacers beads, 4,6&8mm pearls, (2)4mm daisy spacers, 6mm daisy spacer,
PIN L - LP,  3&4mm smooth metal spacer beads, 6mm bicone bead, 8mm glitter bead, (2)4mm daisy spacers, (2) 6mm daisy spacers, (2) 6mm beadcaps.

Set No.5   (All pins have heads over 1.5" and would suit any size card)
PIN M - SP, 3,4 &5mm smooth metal spacer beads, (3) 6mm pearls, (4) beadcaps, 4&6mm daisy spacers, 14mm metal puffed bead.
PIN N - LP,  6mm beadcap, 8mm cup beadcap, 10x16mm gemstone, 8x20mm beadcone, 4mm smooth metal spacer beads.
PIN O - LP, (3) 5x7mm beadcone, silver plated angel wings, 8x12mm gemstone, (3)4mm daisy spacers, (2)4mm pearls, 3mm smooth metal spacer beads.

Set No.6
PIN P - SP, (4)6mm beadcaps, 8mm beadcap, 6&8mm pearls, 8mm faceted rondell bead, 4mm daisy spacer, 4mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Slimline pin, head approx 1.25" suit cards up to 5x7")
PIN Q - LP, 5x7mm beadcone, 12mm metal heart connector, 4&6mm pearl, (3) 3mm smooth metal spacer beads, (2)4mm daisy spacers, 6mm beadcap, 8x10 teardrop bead.  (Slimline pin, head over 1.5", would suit any card size)
PIN R - SP, (3)4mm daisy spacers, 8mm faceted rondell bead, 6mm faceted round, 7mm beadcap, 5mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Slim pin, head approx 1", suit cards up to 5x7")

Set No.7
PIN S - SP, (2) 4mm spacers, (4) 7mm beadcaps, 8mm glitter bead, 8mm pearl. (Small and chunky similar to Pin R).
PIN T - LP, 5x7 beadcone, (2) 6mm daisy spacer, (2)4mm daisy spacers, (3)6mm beadcaps, 8mm pearl, 8x11mm faceted teardrop bead, 3&4mm smooth metal spacer beads. (Slimline with head over 1.5", would suit any card)
PIN U - LP, 3&4mm smooth metal spacer beads, (2)8mm pearls, 4mm daisy spacer, (2)6mm daisy spacers, 6mm beadcap, 8mm faceted rondelle bead.  (Slim pin, head approx 1.25", similar to Pin E & Pin P)

And there we have it, 21 new designs for your delectation.  I hope these new Pins will give you lots of inspiration and encourage you to have a go for yourselves.  For those of you with the Starter kits, enjoy experimenting and creating.  Don't forget to send me some pictures when you begin, I cannot wait to see them.  
I will get the CASE card done for tomorrow, it looks like it's a toss up between Bev Rochester and Dena Concienne.   I hope you'll pop by to find out,  I so look forward to reading all your comments.

Take care of yourselves and pass on a smile today if you can.
Hugs Linda x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beautiful Bookmarks

Today I want to show you the wonderful bookmarks that have been entered into the Bookmark Challenge so far.  I am really impressed with the variety of examples and thank everyone for their wonderful entries, you have all worked so hard and I really appreciate it.

We have two entries from Linda Wescot.  I just adore the moulded flower and the inchy is a wonderful topper!

Next we have one from Carole Zorzo,  the little window scene is a very clever idea.

Leslie Timmins also has two entries, beautiful colouring and that rose looks like it's embroidered!

Now we have some entries from the Non Bloggers (some I showcased yesterday)
The first of these is Christine Harrop and she entered two fabulous creations, so different, so pretty and I love the quotes too.

and finally the second Non Blogger entry, Sue Hughes (bearhouse).  This delicate paper is so pretty and coordinates perfectly with the overall piece.  I can never say no to butterflies, how about you?

Well that's it for now.  I hope you have enjoyed viewing the entries so far.   I will be back tomorrow with a CASE card, so pop by and take a look if you can.  I may give you a hint later who it is going to be, but then I may not........ we will have to wait and see!! lol,
Again I thank you for all your wonderful good wishes,  I am fighting hard and am determined to feel better very soon.  I am working through it (as I have enough to do I can tell you, what with patterns to write, pins to finish and to photograph, crochet to complete and photograph etc., the list goes on)  However it does mean lots of nice things to come, they just take a while to make and photograph so it will probably be a little at a time.
Before I go, please note I have included new tutorials from some wonderfully creative crafters on the Tutorials Tab above and also a few more Freebies from others too.  I have decided, at long last,  my blog is definitely going to be about variety because  'Variety is'  as they say  'the Spice of Life'.  So here's to spice and here's to life!!!!
Bye for now, have a wonderful day.   Linda xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Another entry by Christine Harrop

Christine has sent a second entry for the Bookmark Challenge, this time it is the ribbon style

I think you will all agree that Christine has created something beautiful.  I adore the flowers and stamen.   Thank you Christine.
I hope you are all enjoying seeing some of the entries.  Tomorrow I will do a showcase of all the entries so far as I think they deserve a front page posting.
Wishing you all a good week and more sunshine too!!  Hugs Linda x

Latest Non Blogger Challenge entry

Hi All
Just a quick post to show you  Sue (bearhouse) entry into the Bookmark Challenge.

Another lovely entry don't you think.  If you want to see more of the entries see the Bookmark Challenge post link above.
Hope all is well with you.  Hugs Linda x

Thought for the day

I am truly sorry that I didn't have a card for you yesterday but I was really low and unable to do any crafting.  Same goes today I am sorry to say, but I do have some wonderful words to share with you

'Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, 
negative thoughts or things you cannot control.   
 Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.'

This is taken from the Tips for Life and there are so many versions, I was unable to find out who actually wrote them.  
Todays 'Thought for the Day' is very true if only we are all honest with ourselves.   We all spend too much time contemplating the unchangeable issues of the past  and then worry about things we cannot control in the present, allowing those negative thoughts to sap away our joy (energy vampires).  As to gossip, well I think at one time or another we have all probably been guilty of that too and that definitely saps energy (and our humanity).  How much better it is when we plough all our energy into the positive.   We crafters know this better than most because our use of positive thought means we end up with things of beauty, creations that make us smile (and if we are lucky, others will smile too).  I somehow cannot imagine us making anything worthwhile if we crafted in the negative or if we did it would be very dark and bleak and most certainly not a creation worthy of praise, don't you agree?!

Well there we have it, my thought for today.   I would love to know what you think or maybe you have a quote or thought for the day that you would love to share.  If you have the time I would truly love to read them all, no matter how long, they are all worthwhile to me.
Have a wonderful day and thank you all for popping by again.  Your words of late have really helped to lift to lift my spirits and I am truly grateful.
Before I go I would just like to remind you all about the Bookmark Challenge, we have some new entries and I would love it if you would pop over to take a look and leave the entrants some feedback. They have created some beautiful examples.  Thanks so much.
Bye for now and stay positive. Linda x 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Two Communion cards

Good morning all,
Today I have something a little different again.  Two cards that were not created by me but by my niece and her son.  My niece asked if they could come over and make cards for her daughters Communion on Sunday and so I spent all yesterday evening teaching them the basics including using the Grand Caliber.  Do they realise how priviledged they were I wonder: my GC is my pride and joy and is used so often now, I am close to having conversation with!  Yes, she is female, she is a thing of beauty afterall :)
Anyway, Mum got into the colouring and card making and my great nephew sat happily with the GC diecutting the items for the cards and also some butterflies and flower petals for the cake topper.  He did really well bless him and thoroughly enjoyed himself (my great nephew has some learning difficulties and so it was wonderful to see him creating so happily).   Here are the cards;  I think you will be impressed with them as they are, afterall, a first ever attempt.  I just wish I had been this good when I first started.

A vellum butterfly was placed underneath the paper butterly to give it more dimension and movement.

Pink Petticoat papers, Spellbinders dies:- Labels 20, Tags 1&2 and Fanciful Flight.  Wild Orchid Crafts Flowers

I am still working on the cake topper, infact I think I will be working on it all day today, but I will do my best to complete it in time to photograph it for tomorrows post.  I have been quite nervous about doing all this as I am not a Catholic and, therefore, know nothing about First Communion.  All I know is that my great niece is very excited and it must be right for her and her family.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing something from a 'newbie'.  Take care and have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you to those who have entered their Bookmarks into the challenge already, they look absolutely fabulous (no pun intended!)   Hugs Linda

Friday, 11 May 2012

A favourite LOTV stamp

Last november I managed to get to the NEC and while there I could not resist one of my favourites,  Lily of the Valley.  The trouble is I love their stamps so much I couldn't decide which 4 to treat myself to,  so I spent ages just walking back and forth repeatedly looking at them all, my daughter by now beginning to sigh heavily in frustration.  Well to cut a long story short, I didn't buy this one and regretted it when I got home.   So, to salve my crafting broken heart I went online and treated myself to a few more stamps, the one I have used on todays card included.  So now.......  a happy chicky again and no daughter sighing over my shoulder!  lol!!   I am so grateful to my daughter, she is a darling and without her I wouldn't have been able to go to the show in the first place.

What do you think of these papers, aren't they beautiful?  They are from a pad of My Minds Eye glittered papers and I can't get enough of them, especially this rose one, it gives Pion papers a run for their money I think.    Well that's it for today folks, I am a very busy girl today;  I have my grandson then I am also making the cake decoration for my nieces First Communion on Sunday (remember the invites I made for her), plus I will be helping her mum and brother make cards for her too.
I hope you all have a lovely day.  I will do my best to catch up with all your blogs tomorrow, its the only day I have free so I have lots to cram in.
Oh, before I go, I have updated the Freebies (Tab at top of the page)  it includes a varied mix of papers from Donna at a wonderful site called Bearly Mine Designs.  I just adore the shabby chic and distressed papers.  If you have a couple of mins, stop by and take a look, I think you will find it worthwhile.
Hugs Linda xx

My Recipe:- Base card- ivory linen Papermill DirectPastel green card- Anna Griffin scrapbooking kit.  Paper- MME Lost & Found Market Street glittered papers.  Rosy Posie stamp-  LOTV.   Ivory vintage seam binding ribbon- Sam Poole.  Metal embellishment, Tulips, 10mm & 25mm rose- WOC.  Spellbinders Border die Damask Accents-  Sam Poole.  Peach rose cluster from my stash.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Another bookmark and freebie papers info

Welcome one and all,
Thank you for all the wonderful comments about my last two cards, I was thrilled to know that you enjoyed them.
Before we get to todays creation, I wanted to answer a question possed by a couple of you concerning some of the papers I use.  On yesterdays Mini Rosette card I used some dogstooth (houndstooth)  and a few of you wondered where I bought it.  Well I didn't.  I am a bit of a web hunter and on my travels, hunting through many sites I have managed to find alot of lovely freebie papers, scrapbooking kits and toppers etc.  So, just for you, I spent last night strapped to my laptop hunting them all down,  again...... and after more than two hours I found them (plus a few others you may be interested in).
I really must learn to label my downloads clearer then I can find them again much easier!
To make things easier for you to find any papers I use in the future, I will post the links to them into the FREEBIES section at the top of the page.   The ones you are looking for today are called 'Sprik Space Houndstooth'.
Now, a little info for those new to downloading from 4Shared:   On Sprik Space website,  when you click on the papers (called pattern pieces) they will take you to 4Shared;  To get the papers free you have to download them one at a time, but don't fret they take seconds, and there is no 'wait 30secs before downloading' nonsense either.  When you are done with each one, just close that download tab and go back to the main tab to select your next colour download.  (See also the Pinterest Board-Freebies- he has lots to offer there too).
So girls go up to the top and take a look, I will keep updating the freebies over the next few weeks to include alot of wonderful sites that have lovely freebies for you.  Most of them will have been tried and tested by me so will have at least my seal of!
Ok, thats done, now to my latest Bookmark.  Yesterday, I mentioned that the style of the mini card would be great adapted for a bookmark, so I decided to do just that and here it is:-

I thought it would be a bit of extra inspiration for anyone thinking of joining in with the challenge and also I wanted to make one as a little gift for my daughter.
For this one I cut a 4.75inch square of black card, topped it with ivory pearlescent and baby pink gingham (yee haw!), then added the half rosette to come just below the line of the side points.  Using Spellbinders borderabilities I cut a 0.75inch piece of the gingham and layered it onto another piece of black card approx 1.25inch deep, using the offcut piece of the gingham at the bottom.  I wrapped this with 3mm ribbon and secured the ends behind.

To hide the edge of the rosette, I placed double thickness of foam pads onto the base card right next to the rosette ( 1middle, 1each side) and then 1single layer of foam pads to the outside edges and placed the border strip over the top.  This formed a slight dome which gave it a nice finish, slightly hiding the pads.  To finish it off I stamped the word 'Imagine' onto a small rectangle of ivory card and matted it onto black, then I stamped the image of the book with glasses, cutting this out with a slight border and attaching both with a single layer of foam pads. I have fallen in love with the book/glasses stamp, it is lovely stamped on background papers for shabby chic or vintage cards etc (even wizarding wonders).
The back triangular piece is also matted with a piece of  the gingham card and I added a few clear gems to finish it off.
So there you have it, another bookmark quite simply done but very effective I think. 
I have a lovely LOTV image on a card for tomorrow, so I hope you can pop by again to take a look.  I would love to know what you think as I have tried a different technique with my promarkers.
Have a wonderful day.  Regards and best wishes Linda xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mini Rosette Card

Good morning all,
Well after a fussy day yesterday, I managed not only to finish my Nevaeh card but also make my mini card below.  I thought I had better get stuck in while I was in a good place, crafing wise, so I had a long hot bath to ease my back and then got straight back to my desk.
Last november, my friends daughter and I were making old book trees ready for Christmas (doing our bit for recycling) and I made up tons and tons of mini, midi and maxy sized rosettes to use as trimmings for the trees (Note to self:- do a tutorial for trees closer to Christmas).  Well I looked in the box this evening and there were two pretty pearlescent ones that just seemed to 'fit' together in more ways than one.  They basically gave me the idea for this card.  At first I was going to use a full sized rosette but it looked a little heavy on the mini card, so I halved it and bobs your uncle, the design took shape.

I used scalloped 8x8 card and folded it to make a 4x4card, so cute!  I layered white card and mini dogstooth (houndstooth to some),  then added the half rosettes.  Now came the problem of how to be able to cover the depth of the folds in the rosette and get a smooth look.  Well I solved that by cutting a strip of scallops off the waste piece of the 8x8 card, (decorated with Tonic Studio flower punch) then I doubled up 2mm foam pads under the main section of the border strip but only 1 layer on the ends.  This covered the rosette and gave it a slight domed shape also.  The pennants were attached again using double foam pads under the center sections and only 1 under the outer ones, to echo the domed shape.

Next I wrapped white vintage ribbon around the top of the pennants and secured it behind the white matt before attaching the layers to the base card.  Last I added a treble bow with the same ribbon (made using the Keepsake bowmaker) and added a pearly button and two small decorative pins to finish it off.
So there we have it, my Mini Rosette card.  I am really pleased with this one.   I think it would also be prefect for a corner bookmark; just change the shape of  the base card.  Which reminds me, please try to take part in the Bookmark challenge.  I have extended the date to the 25th May and I would be thrilled to see what you can do.  I don't have any silly rules other than only two different entries maximum. You can enter it into as many other challenges as you desire.  It's just for a bit of fun for us, doing something a little different and I have some lovely papers from MME for the winner.

Ok well that's it for today, have a good one and thank you all again for your wonderful words for baby Lee.  I haven't any further news at the moment, I think it will be same for a while.  I am just so happy he is strong and fighting to live.
Be happy and craft if you can.    Linda xx

My recipe:-  Papermania 8x8 Scalloped card in rose pink.  White 300gsm Kanban card.   Dogstooth from my stash.  Kanban pearly card for rosettes.  Vintage ribbon from Sam Poole.  Spellbinders Banner Basics Two from Once upon a Stamp.  Pearly button from the Hobby House.   Decorative pins handmade by me.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My first pencil colouring

Evening all,
Sorry I am a bit late posting this;  boy has it been hectic here today.  My grandson was here till 4.45, then I came straight upstairs to my craftroom to finish my card.  Next thing my daughter telephoned could she come and see me for a cuppa.  That was ok as she will talk to me as I craft, but the next thing we had to make urgent phone calls for my sons University funding and you know what that means -yea, hanging around on the telephone waiting for this dept and then lots of checks before they tell you they can't help you afterall. They needed to talk to my son.  Well he's in Leicester!!  To cut it short, I've told him to ring tomorrow and sort it out.  Phew... now to my last, I know!!! :¬D
Well I managed to finish it and here she is.  Little Nevaeh from the wonderful drawing hand of Krista Smith at Saturated Canary.  Boy I wish I had a finger full of her talent!  If only!

This is my first attempt at pencils in over 20years.  I am quite happy with it, but I need to practice the shading and softening more. I will get there I am determined, as I really enjoyed doing it.
Here is a close up of the image for a good look; see what you think...

I think the light interfered with her face a bit.  It honestly isn't as patchy as it looks here.  Maybe I used too much top lighting.
Here's another picture from the side to show you the dimension.  I used a pink patterned vellum butterfly over the top of the pink paper one to give it a bit of extra dimension.  The flower is made from a piece of lace curtain I cut into strips.  I use them to make lace ribbon and flowers.

I hope you like it.  It is something a little different and I think I am going to enjoy exploring this medium more and more.

Well that's it for today, I will try to get something done after my cuppa for tomorrrow.
Thank you all again for your best wishes, not only my little nephew but also the get well wishes sent to me.  I really appreciate them all.  Baby is the same today, holding on thankfully!
Hugs Linda xx

My Recipe:-  Base card Centura Ice white pearl.  Papers are Pink Petticoat downloadables (Baby blue and Blossom pink), All blue cards - The Paper Mill online.  Spellbinders border die (discontinued),  Spellbinders Fanciful Flight Butterfly.  Gems- Bobbity Boo Gems onlinePearly ribbon slider-WOC.  Metal Embs -Ebay jewellery.  All other embellishments are from my stash.

Challenge news

Hi all,
Sorry I was unable to put a card up this morning, I am feeling alot stronger now but still not sleeping properly.  Anyway, I do not want to focus on that;  the reason I am popping in is to let you know that I have extended the date for the Bookmark Challenge as a few people mentioned that they were pushed for time.  As you all know I am very new to this so I will follow your advice and thank you for it.
If you click on the details at the head of this page it will take you straight to the Challenge page for all the details.
I am in the process of finishing a card for the blog, so I will pop it up a little later.  I hope you can find time to pop by and give me your views.  I  have been trying pencil sketch colouring again.  Haven't done this is years!!  I think it's ok for my first attempt, but I will keep practicing.  See what you think.
Thank you all for your lovely comments,; it's fabulous knowing that so many of you like my pins enough to want to enter the draw for the Candy again.  Good luck
Hugs Linda x

Monday, 7 May 2012


I have had such wonderful emails and comments with regards to my Decorative Pins that I have decided one more time to offer them as Candy. 
The prize for just One Winner will be a choice of either:-

A full Starter Kit of Decorative Pins, (also to include Glue)
a box of 6 readymade Decorative Pins (Elegance range- The long fancy pins!)

So there you have it, our next Candy.  Just make sure you leave me a comment under this post and you will be entered into the draw.  
I know there are alot of people out there who would like to enter the draws but do not want to become followers.  Very soon I will do open Candy draws for anyone to enter, but the regular draws at the moment are my way to say a BIG Thank You to all those who follow me and support me as I get myself into the swing of blogland.   I fully understand that we cannot follow everyone or we would be online every minute of everyday.  
So for those who come to browse and like to just pop by now and again, I do think of you too and I promise I will do a draw for anyone and everyone to enter very soon.
Ok that's it for now.  Good luck to everyone again.
Hugs Linda xx

Quotation Monday - A Secret Place

Hi all
Before I start I must say thank you so much for all your prayers, thoughts and good wishes for my niece and her baby son.  Baby is still holding his own and mum is much stronger today.  There is a long way to go, I know that, but he is strong it seems and doesn't want to give up.   Bless you all.  

While having a bit of me time this weekend, I found a question about a lovely quote by Louise Driscol on the web.  The person wanted to know what the quotation really meant,  I was so impressed with the reply that I thought I would share it with you today, being that it is Quotation Monday.   Here is the quote:-

'WITHIN your heart keep one still, SECRET place WHERE your dreams may GO'
(By Louise Driscol)

Now the answer, I think it is a clever and wise interpretation:- 
Keep your dreams alive. Never let your heart believe the lie that anything is impossible. Keep it safe within your heart protected from the shattering jading of those who have lost their faith in the possible.
The U.S. Navy Seals are instructed to create in themselves a secret place in their minds where they can retreat when they are being tortured. A peaceful place to dwell in, that only the invited may come. It allows them to endure unimaginable hardship and survive with their minds intact.
Without our hope we are frail and easily destroyed. But protected in our secret place where our dreams reside for another opportunity, we can endure and even find joy.
(BT Yahoo

If you think about it, we all, in one way or another, have a secret place that we can go to;  that place where we shut everyone off and pretend not to have heard when it is getting too much.  But that is the problem, as we get older we use it too often to escape the everyday troubles and we forget to tune it in as a peaceful retreat for our aspirations and our dreams.  Why did we stop doing that?  As young children, even as young adults we would spend blissful times pondering our future, tucking little hopes and dreams into our secret place.  Then one day we find we've lost the key to the door and our hopes and dreams became something we 'used to do'.   Who said that at 'this age' or 'that' you should no longer dream.  Shouldn't we all be allowed to shut our eyes, drift away into our safe peaceful place.  I think we could all do with finding the key again and using that place for revitalising ourselves, to give ourselves a sunny side of hope again.

Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations,
I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty
Believe in them and follow where they lead.
(Louisa May Alcott)

What would you fill your 'secret dream place' with?  What do you think it would take to give you back your sunny dreams again or are you one of the lucky ones who retained a youthful state of hopefulness?
Well that's words from me.  I will be back lunch time with the New Candy and some new creations tomorrow.
Take care everyone.
Hugs Linda xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Your prayers are needed please.

Hello all,
I am astounded, you have all left such warm and thoughtful comments for me and it has really gotten to me (I am filling up as I type).  I have been on this earth 50years (just gone actually.....biggie isn't it?!)  and never in my life have I known this type of thoughtfulness.  You don't know me, you know only my blog and the bits about my car accident/spinal surgery and yet you take time out of your busy lives to leave me warm wishes for better days.  How kind you all are.  Thank you so very much, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  My best wishes go out to you all, be well and be happy.  I also know that some of you are unwell or struggling a bit, please take care of yourselves and be strong again soon.

Your Prayers are needed please:-
A sad note now,  my darling niece delivered a tiny little 1lb 6oz baby boy yesterday.  He is the only survivor of her twins.  The baby girl didn't survive and was lost a couple of weeks ago, but the doctors did manage to keep the little boy inside with a cervical stitch.  However my niece didn't manage to go to the needed 26weeks so the little fella is tiny and very frail.  This is not her first loss and I can only imagine the anguish she and her family are feeling.   So if any of you believe in prayer then I ask you please to think of this little boy the next time you stop to pray.  Thank you.

That's all I have for now,
Take care and I will see you back here very soon with the new Candy post.
Big hugs to you all Linda xx

Friday, 4 May 2012

Candy Draw

Well here we are again,
another twenty new followers and so another draw... but this time it's for 3 Winners.

I am so excited I can hardly type..
Ok let's get straight on with it
we have two runners up:-

the first runner-up is ........................................... Sue (Bearhouse)

the second is ......................................................... Mags

and finally, the ultimate winner is.................................................

.............................................................. Melanie

Congratulations to you all.
Please email me (see my profile) with your address and I will get your lovely Starter Kits off to you asap.  Please note if any of the prizes are not claimed by 8pm next Thursday (10th) I will do a redraw.

Well that's it for today.  I am sorry to say, I will not have a card for you tomorrow, I am still unwell so I am going to take a day to just relax and get over the worst of this.  However,  I will post the new Candy as soon as I have decided what it is going to be.
If any of you would like part of the prize for the next Candy draw to be a Starter kit again,  please let me know in your comment on this post.  I will think of something extra nice to go with it also.  If not, I will come up with something nice instead, I promise.

Bless you all and thank you so much for your continued support.
Big hugs to you all Linda xx

Ps, I have now worked out the cost for a Starter Kit (inc Postage) if anyone is interested in having any.  Those who have already emailed me, don't worry I have replied to all my emails this evening and the prices should be in your mail inbox already!!

Bookmark Challenge

Good morning all and welcome at long last to the Challenge Post.
I have done it (I think....,  there are still bits I don't understand but I think I have the gist of it), so at the end of this post we should be able to see the Linkz tool which will allow you to enter your details including the link to your blog where the picture of your Bookmark(s) will be.
For all of you that do not have blogs, enter your name etc, but leave the URL bit blank.  Then email me the picture of your entry and I will enter it for you.
One thing to remember, if any of you have Pinterest accounts you can put your entry onto one of your boards and use the URL for that entry on the Linkz tool if you want to.

Here we go then, scissors at the ready:-

  1. The challenge will run from today until Midnight on the 24th May, giving everyone 3 weeks to get their entried logged in or emailed to me.   
  2. The entry must be either a Corner or a Ribbon bookmark.  You may enter one of each style if you wish, up to a maximum of two entries.    Here is the LINK to the tutorial for the Corner bookmark incase anyone doesn't know measurements etc.  But remember you can do it larger if you want.  My bookmark started with a square of 5.25inches.
  3. Requirements are:- Pink, Black (or grey) and white  and include a bow or ribbon within your design  (If you are doing the Ribbon Bookmark then the ribbon attachment can count as this one if you wish)
  4. It would be nice to see some stamping, but this is not a criteria of the challenge.
  5. The winner will be chosen by random, as I do not like to sit as judge and jury.  Now I suppose I should let you know what you could win.....   
The Prize:-   12 sheets of 12"x12" MME Lost and Found 'Union Square' and 'Market Street' papers PLUS 4sheets of 12"x12" Kraft card in various designs (Plain, ledger etc)

(If I have forgotten anything important, please don't be afraid to let me know.  I am really green at this, so any help is most welcome).
Well that's it folks (as Daffy would say), I do hope you are able to take part as I cannot wait to see what wonderful bookmarks you will create, but please have some fun doing it.
Take care and have a good day.  I should be back tomorrow with  something new for you (back willing).  Hugs and best wishes Linda xx