Thursday, 17 May 2012

CASE of card by Dena Concienne

Good morning all,
I am so thrilled to know that you all liked the pins I showed yesterday, thank you all so much for the wonderful comments that you left for me.  I have been sourching new suppliers of beads, findings etc and have been really impressed with the variety of things I now have to use.  My beading arsenal has gone from one 5x10 Craftmate box to approx 12boxes now and I still haven't enough large beads. Oh we crafters are never satisfied are we; always on the look out for more.   Of course I am still using alot of the old stuff because it is so lovely and you 'don't change what ain't broken' so they!

Well, it seems an age since I did my last CASE card and I planned to do at least one every single week, shame on me I know.  I still forget what day of the week it is;  try to remember what week of the that is asking for trouble.........  I think we are about half way through May..., ah that's good enough for me (hanging head in shame)!!
Anyway guys and gals I am feeling a little stronger today after taking time out in the garden with my grandson yesterday.  I just sat in full sunlight, letting the rays power all over me and it was dreamy.  The heat was fabulous as I drifted into a world of my own and for a couple of minutes I was the happiest girl alive.... and then my grandson shouted 'NANNIE, what ya doing?' and my peace was shattered.  I didn't mind in the slightest, my grandson is the most adorable little man, he is friendly, happy (most of the time), polite and totally charming... oh, and so very cute!  He has only just turned 3 and already speaks very well, infact most of the time he doesn't shut up and chatters on about anything and everything.  To be precise, he only shuts up when he goes down for his nap around 2.30pm and that's when I can (sometimes) have a quick check of the blog and if I am lucky check some emails too.  All that said, he is my world and I adore him.  I have been blessed with 5lovely grandchildren but I don't get to see the other 4 so often, much to my great disappointment.  They are 3 funny and energetic little boys and a gorgeous girl who always seems so pleased to see me it bowls me over.  Ok, I had better stop now, I am rabbiting on again, but those of you with grandchildren will understand. I just hope I haven't bored you to death.

Here is the card that I have cased today and also the LINK so you can go to the blog and see the full post for yourselves.
It is a stunning creation by the wonderful Dena Concienne.   Dena has used a Magnolia stamped image and Making Memories - Je t' Adore papers.   Je t' Adore the card!!!!

I went for a sentiment instead of an image, but other than that I kept quite true to the plan.  I can't wait to read your opinions of the comparison.

A big chunky rose isn't it.  They are beautiful roses.
As you can see I completely changed the look of the card but kept the basic ideas: tied to the side,  floral corner and lace edging.  I thought they were, for me, the main features that I really wanted to copy.  I have made a gatefold card and the left-hand side with the crocheted lace is the one that closes over.
Dena was your original card a side fold or gatefold?  (Fingers crossed Dena will read this!!)
For this card I used some fabulous Hot off the Press papers (don't ask me which ones please,  as I honestly cannot remember the collection name).  I just love the sketchy flowers and the mix of colours.   The lace and flowers are some I have had in my box for ages now but they're all from Wild Orchid Crafts.  The larger of the flowers was part of a Candy win from the lovely Bev Rochester and it was a tan colour to begin with, but I changed the colour using my promarkers.  I added 'Shale' to it and created a beautiful brown to coordinate with the papers and overall colour scheme of the card.  Good don't you think?  I don't waste money buying lots of different colours now, how many of us can afford to do that?  I just get out my promarkers, Whisper pens or spritzers and colour my flowers to coordinate with my project.   I don't always start with white or ivory either, as long as the colour will blend over the original almost any colour can be achieved.  I usually test the colours underneath where the glue will go, to check the end result first before attempting to colour the whole thing.  Another way to do this is to find a petal the flower can live without, remove it and then use it as the tester.  That way, I don't waste flowers and I can work out if I need to mix colours to get the right shade.
Well that's it for me today, it is almost 5am and I must attempt some sleep before the grandson is back at lunchtime.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, but before I leave I would like to give you a thought for the day that I found on

" Let our hearts never get used to the miracles that happen around us & within us everyday. Let every sunrise, every flower, every smile, every raindrop and every child make us rejoice at the miracles in our lives." Copyright Caroline Naoroji

Regards Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda, love the card for me it's all in the design; a secret message could be hiden under the tied section, love that idea. Have a lovely day, best wishes, Lesley x

  2. Yes, this is a lovely card Linda. I also like Lesley's idea of the secret message. Like you I have started to colour some flowers. At first I thought it was quite fiddly but you soon get used to it and it is much cheaper than having masses of colours. Enjoy your grandson again today.
    love and hugz Chriatine x

  3. Hi Linda, This is such a beautifully designed card with gorgeous embellishments. I love the way you have coloured the flowers. Thanks for sharing, I may even have a go myself!
    Hope you have a good day, it sounds like your Grandson brings you so much joy.
    Hugs Sue

  4. Lovely card Linda and glad to hear you are feeling better, Carole Z X

  5. Linda! Woo hoo for you! I love your take on this style card. I made mine a gatefold. I love the colors you used and the sentiment is a nice change. Thanks so much for linking me, you're a doll.
    I'm glad you are feeling better. I would be happy to share the unbearable heat we get in the summer with you guys across the pond! haha! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your grandson.
    Big hugs sweet friend!

  6. Hallo Linda, thanks for your friendly comment on my blog. I have taken the Google Translater. So you can read my blog in English.
    My English is not so good but i try it.
    Have a good evening, Sabine

  7. Gorgeous card Linda. Love how you have taken elements from Dena's card and incorporated them into yours. So lovely. Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  8. Oh, what a truly lovely card! LOVE both Dena's card, and your take on it! So similar, yet so very different! Glad to see you chose a sentiment rather than an image for your take (as I have few stamps and don't use images very often). It's nice to see how a card done originally with an image will look without using an image. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Oh wow! Linda your card is a real beauty, you've cased it beautifully and made something really special. xx

  10. gorgeous cards and the pins stunning. I hope you are well and are gearing up for a fabulous weekend!

    enjoy *~*


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