Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Quick Post

Hi all,
I do hope today finds you well and enjoying the wonderful week of sunshine.  I don't know how long it is here for but I hope it's in for a little longer.
I don't have a card yet sorry, but I wanted to tell you that I have started a Places to Shop page (Tab at top of the blog) where I will put up various links to the cheapest places I have now found to buy Pins, beads, spacers etc to make not only Decorative pins but also fancy wired decorations and sprays for your cards, bookmarks, tags and scrapbooking pages.
I will add more and more as I find the best places for you.  Unfortunately, being that I live in the UK, I tend to only buy from UK suppliers but alot of the items can also be bought on other sites like Etsy and Amazon.com etc.  I am just trying to give you a head start with places I use.  There are alot of craft suppliers selling these items also but unfortunately they are very expensive (which I found out to my detriment at first).  So for those of you interested, spend a bit of time searching the main items on Google or within Ebay or Amazon etc.

One thing to note, if you use Ebay, try to look for several items within one buyers  Ebay shop as they will offer postage discounts accordingly.  Don't let that stop you buying from lots of shops though as their postage prices are usually very good and even when added to cost of item, they work out very reasonable.  Try to buy from Top Rated Sellers if you can, you are almost 100% assured of perfect service then.
Well thats it for today.  I will have time very soon to make a card and then I will get back into it properly I promise.  Take care
Hugs Linda x


  1. Hi Linda
    thank you for taking the time to give all of us this very valuable info. I for one will find it very useful. You are a great crafty friend to be thinking of your blog friends. Thank you again for all your hard work. Have a great crafty day everyone especially you Linda.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    1. You are most welcome Jenny. I started blogging to share, not just cards but info that I really needed when I first started out but couldn't find easily. I will get back into it properly soon and then I will work hard to get my blog the way I want it. The one thing I really want is for people to enjoy their visit and as they use it think 'well maybe Linda can help with that' crafty info. Thank you for all your wonderful comments & support. Have a fab day. Hugs Linda X

  2. Hi Linda,

    Nice to hear from you and I'm so glad that you sound as if you are bit more positive. It's great to be having the sunshine - the only downside is that it's so hot and airless at night. But at least the good weather means that I can get a lot of cycling done in preparation for my next charity bike ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation (London to Brighton). This will be my 25th L2B and my 32nd in total. Not bad eh for an old 'un!

    Looking forward to seeing your next card when you feel up to it but there's no rush. As I have said berfore, we are here when you are ready.

    Love from Christine xx

    1. Hi Christine, Thanks for all your strengthening words of support, you are a special lady. I hope all goes well with the bike 'ride', though it sounds to me like an epic journey.
      You are correct I am feeling much better and stronger by the day. It's been a hard couple of months but I'm a fighter, so look out world I'm coming back! Lol. Have a great day. Hugs Linda X

  3. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to do that, I'll take a look-see. I use Ebay, and have found that they way you have suggested is the one that works best...I like to get buy it now items....that way I don't have to wait lol. Glad to read in comment above that you are feeling a little stronger - life if frustrating when our strength is limited isn't it. Take care. Hugs lin

  4. Very useful info Linda thank you for taking the time to share, you're an angel. hugs Teresa xx

  5. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to list all of the suppliers you use, it's very helpful.
    I have been thinking of you, take care of yourself
    Hugs Sue

    (p.s I now have my blog up and running - well it's getting there!!)
    Bye for now...

  6. Hi Linda thanks for the help, I shall be taking a look at the new Lin,. Best wishes, Lesley x

  7. Hi Linda, thanks for the useful info...take care, Carole Z X


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