Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Showcase & My Quotation of the Week

Good morning
I don't know about you but I am really getting fed up of hearing about drought and yet seeing nothing but rain.  Do you think we will have had enough water soon for the 'drought' condition to be over.  Mind you that's a silly thought really isn't it, because it's not like we have a tap to turn off the rain or can shout loud enough to say 'Ok, thats enough, you can turn it off now!'  lol...!
As I was not able to post my quotation on Monday this week, I have decided to do it today before my Showcase and with my moan about the rain, I think it very appropriate.  It is

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness
has never danced in the rain!  
(Author unknown)

Last week I was lucky enough to Showcase the lovely creations of Christine Harrop, one of my lovely followers. Well, this week again, I have been given permission to show some of the lovely cards created by another follower and her name is Sue (Bearhouse). The first card I would like you to see is one that Sue entered into the Joanna Sheen challenge and that is where I first came to know of Sue and her lovely cards. You can imagine how nice it was when she later became a follower of my blog. Thank you Sue. Here is that aforementioned card. It is gorgeous and I love it.

When Sue leaves a comment for me on the posts here, the picture of a cute little black kitty cat is always displayed and not one of Sue herself. Well the cutey is called Milton and he was adopted by Sue and her family from the Cats Protection League, along with another cat called Claude. I think this card is probably made with one of the little moggies in mind, don't you think?!

Ok, well onto the next cards I would like to show you, two absolutely gorgeous Christmas cards. Now don't shout through the screen at me.........., please!! I know it was only Christmas a few months ago and most of us are all still recovering from the expense, but we all know that alot of crafters start their next year's batch of cards as soon as they have cleared away the decorations. So you see, these two cards are not so out of place really. The truth of the matter is, Sue is really good at colouring and I just wanted to show you how good while making my blog look good ...LOL!!!! At least someone on here now has the natural aptitude with a colouring medium. OOOO, that hurt..... am I supposed to abuse my own talents, I thought that job was yours!! ha ha ha.

Here they are:-

Here two more of Sue's cards.  I think you can see that she loves diversity and is as good at masculine cards as she is the feminine and Christmas ones.

To finish off today, I would like you to see two cards created by Sue's daughter Emily.  I am not sure exactly what age Emily is, but I believe she is about 12.  Her cards are lovely and I think she is going to follow her mum for talent don't you agree?

Thank you to both Sue and Emily for allowing me to share their wonderful creations.  I hope that everyone has enjoyed my Showcase this week and if anyone else has something they would like me to show please contact me via email (see my profile alongside my picture).
I hope the weather stays dry with you today, if not I hope you get to 'dance in the rain'.   Enjoy yourselves
Thank you for stopping by again today.  Regards always Linda xx


  1. Lovely cards Sue and Emily, thanks for letting Linda showcase them. Anne

  2. Hi Linda
    It's a treat to see so many different style cards.
    Eileen x

  3. Christine Harrop2 May 2012 at 11:18

    Hi Linda

    This is a lovely idea to see other people's work. Both Sue & Emily's card are really lovely.

    Christine x

  4. Hi Linda
    What can I say? Thank you soooooo much for showing some of my cards and for your very kind words about them. You have really given me a huge confidence boost. Emily will be thrilled when she see some of her cards on here too. You have really made my day!!
    All the best
    Hugs Sue

  5. Stunning cards Sue And Emily great colouring

  6. Thank you for showing us Sue and Emily's cards they are beatifull. I should start my Christmas cards as I'm ALWAYS running late even making them on christmas eve. Hugs Fiona P xxxx

  7. Hi Linda, it's really nice to be able to see other peoples work thank you for showing. Best wishes, Lesley x


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