Monday, 14 May 2012

Thought for the day

I am truly sorry that I didn't have a card for you yesterday but I was really low and unable to do any crafting.  Same goes today I am sorry to say, but I do have some wonderful words to share with you

'Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, 
negative thoughts or things you cannot control.   
 Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.'

This is taken from the Tips for Life and there are so many versions, I was unable to find out who actually wrote them.  
Todays 'Thought for the Day' is very true if only we are all honest with ourselves.   We all spend too much time contemplating the unchangeable issues of the past  and then worry about things we cannot control in the present, allowing those negative thoughts to sap away our joy (energy vampires).  As to gossip, well I think at one time or another we have all probably been guilty of that too and that definitely saps energy (and our humanity).  How much better it is when we plough all our energy into the positive.   We crafters know this better than most because our use of positive thought means we end up with things of beauty, creations that make us smile (and if we are lucky, others will smile too).  I somehow cannot imagine us making anything worthwhile if we crafted in the negative or if we did it would be very dark and bleak and most certainly not a creation worthy of praise, don't you agree?!

Well there we have it, my thought for today.   I would love to know what you think or maybe you have a quote or thought for the day that you would love to share.  If you have the time I would truly love to read them all, no matter how long, they are all worthwhile to me.
Have a wonderful day and thank you all for popping by again.  Your words of late have really helped to lift to lift my spirits and I am truly grateful.
Before I go I would just like to remind you all about the Bookmark Challenge, we have some new entries and I would love it if you would pop over to take a look and leave the entrants some feedback. They have created some beautiful examples.  Thanks so much.
Bye for now and stay positive. Linda x 


  1. Hi Linda,
    love your quote for the day. Us humans do tend to worry about things we can't change, but that's what makes us human, I suppose. Me personally I say I walk around with rose coloured specks on, as I always see people how I think they should be. Foolish maybe. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Hi Linda, sorry to read that you are feeling low at the moment, your quote is very true...we all worry too much about things we can't do anything about and sometimes let changes that really could be made and make a difference, just pass us by...all part of our 'make up'. Take care and feel better very soon. I'm off to work now, but when I get home I will be sure to go check out all the bookmarks...have a good day all! Carole Z XX

  3. I have always been a firm believer in "Think Positive" which is basically what your lovely quote is saying. I love Monday mornings so that I can see what you have for us each week. I think you have probably worked out that I am a fan of quotations and I usually manage to add one to my work somewhere, even if it's just on the left side of my card inner.

    I'm sorry you are going through such a rough patch at the moment. You need to slow down, rest and relax. I have a feeling you are one of those who like to help out and are unable to say no to any request - often to your detriment.

    I hope your great nieces Holy Communion went well. I'm sure she loved her day, and she also has some lovely mementos to keep as a reminder of such an important occasion in her young life.

    LOve and hugz Christine xx

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thank you and everyone else for the well wishes, I didn't get to the Communion unfortunately not strong enough, but my niece brought Jess to see me after and she looked beautiful. Mum had dressed her perfectly in my eyes, demure and elegant but very pretty as a little girl should look.
      Have you seen your entry for the Bookmark Challenge? At the top of the page you will find a TAB for Non-Blog Challenge entries and you will find your bookmark there. It is beautiful, thank you so much for taking the time to enter. I have really been enjoying seeing all the entries, they have given me more idea too.
      Best wishes and don't forget to send me a favourite quotation or two and I will put them out on a Monday along with mine, the more the merrier.
      Hugs Linda x

  4. Hi Linda
    Your quote for today is certainly very true and it's not always easy to accept the things we cannot change.
    Sorry to hear that you're feeling low, here's hoping that tomorrow will be brighter for you.
    Take Care
    Eileen x

  5. Hi Linda, I totally agree with your inspiration quote. I try not to worry, if you can change something then change it, if not all the worry in the world will not change it. I'm sorry that you have been down, keep your chin up and soldier on.take care, best wishes, Lesley. X
    Soooo excited waiting dor my pins X

  6. Hi Linda, I totally agree with your inspiration quote. I try not to worry, if you can change something then change it, if not all the worry in the world will not change it. I'm sorry that you have been down, keep your chin up and soldier on.take care, best wishes, Lesley. X
    Soooo excited waiting dor my pins X

  7. Thanks for the quote. Living with a chronic illness, I find it very valuable to keep a positive attitude. It's not always easy of course, even with my natural optimistic nature, so I do like to keep inspirational quotes to lift me during bad times. I've been enjoying viewing the bookmark entries. Isn't it amazing how everyone is so different even when starting with the same receipe. Hugs lin

  8. Hi Linda how sad you were not strong enough to go to the communion but how lovely that your neice broght Jess to you.
    I am sorry you have been feeling Low, its easy to fall into that, especially with the pain you must be going through and your sleep patterns wont help. I know how you feel, and you have done so well and conquered so much ..... keep fighting , keep smiling , take each day as it comes, and its okat to rest it will do you good.
    Dont let it get to you. Take care Big Hugs Elaine


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