Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Challenge news

Hi all,
Sorry I was unable to put a card up this morning, I am feeling alot stronger now but still not sleeping properly.  Anyway, I do not want to focus on that;  the reason I am popping in is to let you know that I have extended the date for the Bookmark Challenge as a few people mentioned that they were pushed for time.  As you all know I am very new to this so I will follow your advice and thank you for it.
If you click on the details at the head of this page it will take you straight to the Challenge page for all the details.
I am in the process of finishing a card for the blog, so I will pop it up a little later.  I hope you can find time to pop by and give me your views.  I  have been trying pencil sketch colouring again.  Haven't done this is years!!  I think it's ok for my first attempt, but I will keep practicing.  See what you think.
Thank you all for your lovely comments,; it's fabulous knowing that so many of you like my pins enough to want to enter the draw for the Candy again.  Good luck
Hugs Linda x


  1. Can`t wait to see it .Melanie

  2. Looking forward to your next post Linda.

    Christine x

  3. Look forward to seeing your finished card, hope you sleep better tonight - everything is more painful with lack of sleep isn't it. Hugs lin

  4. Hi Linda we have been away for a couple of days, not long home, got a carry out for dinner and am ready for bed think the change of air knocked me silly, or maybe the couple of glasses of wine ( I don't usually drink wine I like diet coke)

    Glad your niece and wee follow is doing ok what a wee fighter he is, bless them and the family, hope you get a better sleep tonight, you take care honey, hugs Fiona xxxx


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