Friday, 4 May 2012

Bookmark Challenge

Good morning all and welcome at long last to the Challenge Post.
I have done it (I think....,  there are still bits I don't understand but I think I have the gist of it), so at the end of this post we should be able to see the Linkz tool which will allow you to enter your details including the link to your blog where the picture of your Bookmark(s) will be.
For all of you that do not have blogs, enter your name etc, but leave the URL bit blank.  Then email me the picture of your entry and I will enter it for you.
One thing to remember, if any of you have Pinterest accounts you can put your entry onto one of your boards and use the URL for that entry on the Linkz tool if you want to.

Here we go then, scissors at the ready:-

  1. The challenge will run from today until Midnight on the 24th May, giving everyone 3 weeks to get their entried logged in or emailed to me.   
  2. The entry must be either a Corner or a Ribbon bookmark.  You may enter one of each style if you wish, up to a maximum of two entries.    Here is the LINK to the tutorial for the Corner bookmark incase anyone doesn't know measurements etc.  But remember you can do it larger if you want.  My bookmark started with a square of 5.25inches.
  3. Requirements are:- Pink, Black (or grey) and white  and include a bow or ribbon within your design  (If you are doing the Ribbon Bookmark then the ribbon attachment can count as this one if you wish)
  4. It would be nice to see some stamping, but this is not a criteria of the challenge.
  5. The winner will be chosen by random, as I do not like to sit as judge and jury.  Now I suppose I should let you know what you could win.....   
The Prize:-   12 sheets of 12"x12" MME Lost and Found 'Union Square' and 'Market Street' papers PLUS 4sheets of 12"x12" Kraft card in various designs (Plain, ledger etc)

(If I have forgotten anything important, please don't be afraid to let me know.  I am really green at this, so any help is most welcome).
Well that's it folks (as Daffy would say), I do hope you are able to take part as I cannot wait to see what wonderful bookmarks you will create, but please have some fun doing it.
Take care and have a good day.  I should be back tomorrow with  something new for you (back willing).  Hugs and best wishes Linda xx


  1. HI Lindy, ooh will try and have a go at this, time permitting! I think these bookmarks are gorgeous, thanks for the challenge! Carole Z X

  2. Must try this but I have had to pack my craft stuff away as we have a party this weekend its my mum`s 80th and as I craft in kitchen, I need the space as weather is not going to be good .Melanie

  3. Christine Harrop4 May 2012 at 08:25

    Hi Linda

    Sounds exciting. Must have a go and see what I can do. Thanks for your generosity! (Your corner bookmark will take some beating!)

    Christine x

  4. What a great idea for a challenge, perhaps if I can get some crafty time in this weekend, I would love to give this a go! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Looking forward to joining you in a day or too. Love your inspiratonal bookmarks. Hugs lin

  6. I love the look of this challenge. I've never made a bookmark before, I'll be giving it a go but I'm sure mine won't be nearly as good as your stunning creations I'm afraid. Thanks for the link for the corner bookmark, it's really helpful.
    Bye for now
    Hugs Sue

  7. Great bookmarks! I love the flower one. I need to make myself a bookmark. :)

  8. Looks like I'm your first entry, I've had fun making this and intend making at least another couple you got me started lol. Thanks for the challenge. Hugs lin

  9. Hi Linda, Here's my second entry. That was fun. Hugs Lin

  10. Hi Linda,
    did you get my entry into the book mark challenge. I sent you on the 18th of May.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.


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