Saturday, 19 May 2012

For my grandson

Hi all
I hope today finds you well and you are looking forward to a happy crafting weekend (among other things).
I am going to finish sorting and reorganising my pins/beads/accessories.  I have bought more spacers, caps and beads and now need to reorganise my boxes to keep like with like.  I am a neat freak in that way.  I can sort my boxes of stash one week, buy some similar items to something in a full box and I will spend the next two hours gingerly removing tiny spacers or beads etc to make room for the new stuff.  I now have an organiser for pearls, one for faceted gems, another for beadcaps..... and so on.  What started out as one box of jewellery making items has ended up a tote of 5storage boxes with another 5loose in the cupboard and they are all full now!!  I have become addicted to making my Decorative Pins.... though I do make other embellishments like beaded flower centers and beaded wire wrapping etc for home decor items.  I originally started off only making bracelets and necklaces, these days I rarely create any jewellery at all, but I will do it again.  I tend to craft in cycles.  Are you like that with any of your crafts?  I keep cardmaking but tend to alternate the other crafts I enjoy; and I enjoy alot of different crafts I can tell you!  Knitting, crochet, cross stiching, sewing, home decor, drawing, cardmaking, scrapbooking, jewellery a few others that I do rarely now like Wedding stationery and furniture renovation (chair covers etc)
Ok enough of my chattering today, I have a card to show you that is for my grandson, though it is actually for my daughter to give to him, so of course it's for Nephew.

I had this paper pack back last summer I believe and I had forgotten all about it.   The problem now is that I cannot for the life of me remember who designed it.  I have a feeling it is Kirsty Wiseman but I could be very wrong..... sorry, that's what I get for unpacking items and throwing away the packaging, which of course is usually where the name is if it isn't on the back of the papers.  Anyway, I wanted to start using up some of my old stash;  I have so much I cannot justify buying anything else for a while.  Also, I have noticed how papercrafting is getting as bad as fashion.  We are all exposed to the same sales techniques and sales pitches aren't we.  Everywhere we look in the craft world there are 'buy me' pics of the latest items, 'have you seen' articles in all the magazines and we are tempted left, right and center.  So I am making a stand with myself to use up some of my 'old' stuff   ............  Ok, Ok,  I can't lie, I did buy some stunning MME floral papers from the Lost & Found 2 collection last week (hanging head a bit now)...... Oh....and I picked up a couple of sheets of the Prima Almanac papers too (I just adore Toile so I had to have them!!).

Ok, thats it for today.  I am going to try and make a card for my grandon from ME today and I also still have to do a get well soon card.  Fingers crossed for me, I get so distracted these days; I start with the intention of making more that one card and then I spot my beads etc and the next thing I know the time has gone and I have a desk covered in all the wrong things and no 2nd card in sight!! Ah well, I enjoy myself so what does it!
Have a fantastic weekend all.  See you very soon.  Hugs Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda, adorable card, love the colours. I know what you mean about trying to keep things in order, I spend more time looking for things that I have put away than I do crafting sometimes. I keep telling him, "I NEED MORE ROOM2, don't think it will happen thought. Have a great weekend. Best wishes, Lesley

  2. Hi Linda,
    I really like this card. The papers are fab too. I have a grandson named Dylan. He is 8 and would really like this card. I know what your saying about us crafty people wanting to buy everything we see. I think we should wear blinkers. LOL. As for my craft room, I am a fairly tidy person, but it's my memory that's at fault as with draws, shelves, and boxes full of 10 years of card crafting, I can't remember where I have put certain things. Perhaps I'm not organized enough or are we all like that. Have a great crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Morning Linda. Your grandson will love his card - both of them eventually!!! Oh you are so right about being tempted to buy. Trouble is, there is so much gorgeous stuff out there that it takes a very strong will to resist. I had to chuckle reading Jenny's post because I am exactly the same - I tidy things up and then don't where they are! But I think if I had more rtoom I would just fill it with more stuff!!!
    Love from Christine x

  4. Lovely card Linda. The image is lovely and everything coordinates beautifully. Know what you mean about crafty items. I always say to myself you don't need to buy anything new but then something catches my eye lol.

  5. Fab card Linda, love the colour! I'm a craft cycler too, knitting, drawing, card making and gardening, but since I've been blogging I've mostly done cardmaking, it just gives me the inspiration. But I'm not neat...oh no!! I spend more time looking for things than actually crafting, oh to be organised!!

    hugs Vicky x x x

  6. Love the card Linda, the colours are superb! I'm a bit of a craft cycler, but because I sell cards they take up most of my time! I used to make bead jewellery and may again some day, I like to sew and draw and I have a half finished jumper I started knitting last summer..oops! Take care, Carole Z XX

  7. Hi Linda
    Love the Nephew card-hope you manage to get yours done too. What the others are all saying is so true. I am so short on space that I am forever tidying but although I know I have a certain item it takes me so long to find it again.Papers are a big addiction though and of course I really NEED all the new ones that take my eye.
    Take Care
    Eileen x

  8. Hi Linda great card, love the green,blue and white and the image is just perfect, am sure he will love it!

    I had a smile when you said your going to have a wee tidy up,sort things out as David my partner is forever saying how do you find anything in that room. I really need to get better at working neatly lol.

    I'm like you and say that's it no more buying craft things use what I have but its like a drug I see something and think oh that would be good for that and do I use it for that NO ( don't know how many time I have bought lovely card and then say oh its too nice to use ) think I need the Craft Doctor lol.
    I was out yesterday and bought a box(144) of 55mm Corsage pins white and beads going onto ebay to get some more bits and bods to make some pins you've got me hooked lol.

    Have a great day, hugs Fiona xxx

    ps Thanks for my extra pins arrived yesterday yipee where do you get the extra long ones with the pearl and silver tops on them? as i NEED to get some like them ( see here I go again lol)

  9. Stunning card Linda I just love it and the colours are so effective.

    Thanks for stopping by to see me and leaving me a lovely comment.

    Take care and Toodle Pip.

    Hazel xx

  10. Hi Linda, what a great card, love this image I bet your Grandson will love it too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hugs Teresa xx

  11. Wonderful creation for boys Linda!
    Have a nice day, Sabine


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