Saturday, 5 May 2012

Your prayers are needed please.

Hello all,
I am astounded, you have all left such warm and thoughtful comments for me and it has really gotten to me (I am filling up as I type).  I have been on this earth 50years (just gone actually.....biggie isn't it?!)  and never in my life have I known this type of thoughtfulness.  You don't know me, you know only my blog and the bits about my car accident/spinal surgery and yet you take time out of your busy lives to leave me warm wishes for better days.  How kind you all are.  Thank you so very much, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  My best wishes go out to you all, be well and be happy.  I also know that some of you are unwell or struggling a bit, please take care of yourselves and be strong again soon.

Your Prayers are needed please:-
A sad note now,  my darling niece delivered a tiny little 1lb 6oz baby boy yesterday.  He is the only survivor of her twins.  The baby girl didn't survive and was lost a couple of weeks ago, but the doctors did manage to keep the little boy inside with a cervical stitch.  However my niece didn't manage to go to the needed 26weeks so the little fella is tiny and very frail.  This is not her first loss and I can only imagine the anguish she and her family are feeling.   So if any of you believe in prayer then I ask you please to think of this little boy the next time you stop to pray.  Thank you.

That's all I have for now,
Take care and I will see you back here very soon with the new Candy post.
Big hugs to you all Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda

    I will pray so hard - it is so sad and must be so hard.

    One of my nephews was just 1lb 5oz when he was born he was so tiny that they had to dress him in dolls clothes.

    as i said you will be in my prayers and thoughts.

    Much love.

    hazel xx

  2. Hi Linda
    Sorry to read about your niece. You will all be in my prayers and thoughts.

  3. Hi Linda, I am so sorry to hear of the sadness your niece has, my thoughts are with your family at this time, I don't know is prayer helps but I do believe in the the power of positive thought. Best wishes, Lesley x

  4. Hi Linda
    I was so sorry to read about your niece, my thoughts and prayers are with her and you all.
    I often look at my 3 children and realise how very lucky I am and even more so at times like these.
    You take care too.

  5. Hi Linda
    So sorry to read about the problems your niece is having, such a worrying time for you and the family. My thoughts are with you and hoping for better days ahead.
    Take Care
    Eileen x

  6. oh Linda, So sorry to here that your niece has to go through such hard times, I will pray for her and the tiny baby. Wishing her peace, comfort, and love in the days ahead. {{{sweet hugs}}}

    enjoy *~*

  7. sorry to hear this my thoughts and prayers will go to your Niece and yourself and I hope every thing works out well .Melanie (Big Hugs Xx)

  8. Hi Linda

    I'm so sorry to hear about your niece. She nad her family are in my thoughts and prayers - and I do believe in the power of prayer. As a midwife I saw many tiny prems pull throuh. Some of them were incredible little fighters. It must be doubly hard for your niece with her past history but I'm sure she is getting a great deal of support from her family.

    I hope you are feeling better too.

    Love and hugz. Christine xx

  9. Hi Linda,
    I'm so sorry to read about your niece, I can't imagine what she and all your family must be going through, my thoughts and prayers are with you and I do so hope there is a happy ending, sending a big Hug, Carole Z XXX

  10. Hi Linda , I' m so sorry to hear about your niece and her babies , lots of prayers and hugs being sent your way. Sue

  11. Oh Linda am so sorry to hear sad news about your niece, I do believe in the power of prayer and I will be sending prayers to help you all. Bless you all and hugs, take care honey keep strong she has a great Aunty in you, love & hugs Fiona xxxxx

  12. I have your niece and her baby in my thoughts send her my best wishes and I hope all will be well. Anne x

  13. I am so sorry to read about your neice, how dreadfully sad . My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time Hugs Elaine


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