Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Colour Blocking

Good morning everyone,
First may I apologise for the missing challenge.  I managed to find out about the Linky tool that is needed for the entries and I immediately applied to use it; however, it said I had to wait for an email with which to activate the account.  I am still waiting!  As I know nothing about this tool and I have been so busy getting my son back to university, I haven't been able to find out any further info.  So, as soon as I am able later today,  I will do web search for some help.  Until that is sorted of course,  I cannot go ahead with the challenge details here. however you can carry on creating your lovely bookmarks in readiness.
Bookmark entries:-  You can enter up to two designs for the challenge, but only if your designs are different styles  eg: Corner and Ribbon wrap.  Anyone entering two identical styles will have the last one they entered disqualified from the challenge.  That makes it fair for everyone who enters.
Who can enter:- Anyone
    Bloggers, link your entry to your blog please using the Linky tool as soon as it is available.
    Non-bloggers, email me the pictures with any details you want included and I will add it to the challenge for you.
As soon as I have the Linky info, I will write up the challenge here and we will get underway.
I hope you will forgive my naivete, I really should have looked this up before mentioning a challenge instead of keeping everyone waiting.  I am truly sorry.

Ok, lets get on to todays card.  I have recently been looking at some of the clothes on the catwalk etc (via the web) and notice that Colour Blocking is still really big and it gave me the basic idea for todays card.  I was quite surprised as it really inspired me and it also allowed me to use some of the decoupage I had cut out months ago and had left just sitting about in a box.  So here it is, very different for me and therefore, a bit of a challenge at first, but I really like it now it's finished.  What do you think?
 The background layers are embossed using the new M-Bossabilities folders from Spellbinders (No EL-005).  The embossed falling flowers seemed to be the perfect backdrop for the little Geisha girl.  Also I added some diecut swirls over more embossing using the inside of the M-Bossabilities folder.  These double sided embossing folders are just lovely, they are easier to store (less of them) plus they are of a larger size too making it easier to emboss bigger areas.
Here is a close-up of the embossing and swirls and another of the little flower spray:

The flowers I added to the side, were from Wild Orchid Crafts, however, I didn't have any orange roses, so I used some plain white ones and coloured them with promarkers.  I used Soft Peach and Orange for the roses and Gold (yellow) for the stamen with Turquoise added to the stems to make them a bluer shade of green to coordinate with the backing card.
I did try adding a little bit of purple to the mix, to bring in the colour of the Geishas hair, but it became too overpowering for me.  I do like colour blocking but sometimes the mix of deep and vibrant shades can be a little too strong for me.
Well, I am now being called by my 3year old grandson, so I had better go now before he decides to come and jump all over me and I end up losing all my hard work to his inquisitive fingers! 
However, before I go I would like to welcome all the new followers and also thank you all so much for the wonderful comments you have left for me recently; I have been blown away by the response to my New Candy.  I am so thrilled that you think it a good idea. 
Thank you again for your patience with me concerning the challenge, we will get it sorted asap I promise.  Have a good day whatever you are doing.  I hope you will be back soon to see what I have for you next time.
Big hugs and best wishes Linda xx

Sue (Bearhouse) please can I have your permission to show some of your cards?  You can email me at lindascreativeharmony@gmail.com, or just put your reply in a comment below. Thanks Linda x


  1. Christine Harrop1 May 2012 at 16:50

    Hi Linda

    Just got home after a "me-day" (no matter how much I love John, since I gave up work I like to have a bit of time to myself!!!) so I logged straight in to see what you have waiting for us. I wasn't disappointed. They are not colours I would have chosen but I really love them. I tend to stick with pastels so I really must get out of my comfort zone and explore. You are really adventurous with the colouring of your flowers. I have done a couple of little ones, and dipped them in coffee etc to alter the colour, but yours look great.
    love Christine x

  2. Hi Linda,
    looked in at your site early a bit too early, before you put this on there. Well your card is fab, we all should try new designs and come out of our comfort zone, so to speak. I my self look back on cards and think they take the same vain. So I try to do something new for me every now and then. I am very happy today because I got 2of my cards shown on c and c and I won the spotty potty draw for a Sue Wilson card hooray. Won't be able to visit your site form today for a week. I'm going to my Sister's house and she doesn't have the internet. Boohoo. Have a great crafty week everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    1. Congrats on the card from Sue. I only managed to catch her 5pm show and Carol won that card. Wish I had seen your cards on the earlier show! Have a nice break with your sister. Catch up with you next week. Thanks for coming back to check, that was kind of you. Linda x

  3. Hi Linda. Love your latest card, such great colours. In fact your whole blog is full of fabulous creations. Your decorative pins are just stunning and you really have inspired me to have a go. I have just seen your message asking if you can show some of my cards. I'm a bit shocked to be honest but it would be an honour if you'd like to then it's fine by me. Now I'm thinking of making a book-mark for your challenge. I've never made one before so I'll see how I get on...
    Bye for now
    Hugs Sue

    1. In that case Sue, watch this space tomorrow as it will be your day!
      Hugs linda x

  4. What a beautiful card ,photo`s look great glad your son got to Uni o.k ,I use to hate those trips .Melanie

  5. Hi Linda
    This is a very striking card and the photographs look absolutely brilliant!
    Eileen x

  6. This card is sop vibrant. I love it.

  7. Beautiful! I love the color blocking technique...it really draws your eye! Great textures, too...this card is gorgeous!


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