Friday, 18 May 2012


Well here we are again.  Todays post is a shorter one but I have two beautiful cards that I would like to share with you made by two kind and talented crafters.
This first card is by Dena Concienne;  if you remember, she is the designer of the CASE study card from yesterday's post.   I was lucky enough to receive one of Dena's cards as a thank you when I was quite a newbie to blogland and long before I had even started my own blog.   If you managed to pop over to see her card yesterday and took a look around her archives, you will have noticed just how talented Dena is.  Her colouring is truly lovely and she has a wonderful eye for colour and design.  Well enough of the idolising, here is the lovely card I received.  Didn't it travel well!! (Dena is from the USA).

Isn't that image just the cutest.  If I was sat on a swing with my dogs about me Millie would be behind me chasing it back and forth and Gypsy would be trying to get on my lap or just yapping at me to get my attention!

Ok, on to the second lovely card.  I received it just two days ago and boy did it cheer me up when it came through the letterbox!   This one is by our Sue (Bearhouse), isn't it just fabulous.

Another stunning image and so softly coloured too.  I adore the embossed frame on this card, it is so delicate but very dramatic and gives the card that bit of something special, don't you think?

Thank you so much to both of you for these beautiful cards, I will treasure them both. They have pride of place in my craftroom, sharing their own board on the wall above my sewing machine!!

Before I go today I would just like to answer a few queries about my great-nephew, baby Lee.  I haven't received any news for a couple of days, but that is good.  My sister-in-law promised me that no news was to be taken exactly as the saying goes, good news.  She would only call me if he took a turn for the worst.  Other than that we would keep up to date weekly, so the little fella must be quite strong and fighting hard, bless him.  She, my brother and their daughter were blown away by the amount of queries about Lee and have expressed their profound gratitude for all the thoughts and prayers sent his way.  From me too, I thank you very, very much.
For tomorrow I am going to try to finish a card for the boys,  but then again, it may end up being a get well soon card as I actually need both in the next couple of days ......... I wonder who (or to be grammatically correct, which) will win?  Hey, who knows maybe I 'll have a fab crafting afternoon and do two cards; Jake (my grandson) is only with me till approx 2.30pm.    Yea and pigs might fly................. keep looking up in the sky you just never know ........ LOL!!
Well, I hope you all have a good day, maybe even a bright and sunny day;  all we can do is hope.  Take care everyone and again, thank you very much for your fabulous words of praise for yesterdays card, they were most gratefully received.
Bye for now.   Linda xx


  1. Good morning Lin, the cards are both delightful, I will pop over to Dena's blog as you know I ned all the inspiration I can get. So pleased to hear that you have no news, always a good sign. Have a great day, best wishes Lesley x

  2. Hi Linda
    Two great cards from two talented crafters.Thanks for the update on Lee. Enoy your day, and I know we will love your card, be it "get well" or "boy" card.
    love from Christine x

  3. What great examples of colouring techniques, thanks for bring them to the blog.
    Glad to hear that little Lee is getting stronger.
    Anne x

  4. Linda! Hey, I'm a little surprise it did make it so well. You never know how the mail will be handling your packages! haha! Sue's card is sooooo sweet. I love her embossed frame!!! Thanks for mentioning my blog, you're the BEST!
    I'm happy to hear the baby is doing well. Hopefully you will get even more good news soon.
    Now get busy with your card!!!
    Hugs, Dena

  5. Hi Linda
    Glad to hear that baby Lee is still holding his own. The 2 cards are very pretty. It's amazing that the beautifully decorated card from Dena managed to withstand the postal system.
    Take Care
    Eileen x

  6. Hi Linda,
    You card from Dena is stunning, the colours are so beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous.
    It was a lovely surprise to see my card on your blog I'm so pleased that you like it and thank you so much for your kind comments about it.
    I am glad that Lee is doing well, my thoughts and prayers are still with him and his family.
    You take care too
    Hugs Sue

  7. What lovely cards you have received and shared with us they are beautiful. Good to hear Lee is doing well, will continue with prayers for you all, hugs Fiona xxx


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