Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Change of Plans - New Pins

I am so sorry folks, something happened and my post didn't show, so here it is a bit late....

Good morning all
I know I said yesterday that I would do a CASE card today, but I have been promising all those with Starter Kits (purchased or Candy wins) that I would create new pins and put them up on the blog for more inspiration.  Of course I hope anyone making a start on their own pins will find some inspiration within my blog; I have tried hard to provide a large variety of styles and designs.
So with this in mind, today I would like to show you the pins I have recently completed.  I have been able to create these while sat on the sofa when I have been uncomfortable and unable to go up to my craftroom.  It meant I was still able to craft, just a little more carefully (I have in the past spilled  drops of glue on the riser of my reclining sofa....Aaarggg was I cross with myself!!)
In these new designs I have tried to cover a variety of issues to allow for greater usage of the pins and also to allow for those of you who may only want to use long dressmaking pins etc.  You will also see some other gemstones within the designs; these I have taken from broken necklaces and bracelets that I no longer wanted to repair and use, so I recycled again......... I am a really good recycling girl you know, just the other day I had a stack of dusty polystyerene dishes that needed throwing out, but I cut them up and I am now using the bases for padding under fabric etc for 3D effect.  Will find other uses yet, you'll see!!....can't let something good go to waste now can I?  LOL :)
Anyway back to the pins, I am including a list of items used in the make up of each pin and I will also put a link to this post in the Tutorials Tab to make it easy for you to find at any time..
I have already made up and sent out some Starter Kits (besides the freebie Candy ones) and if anyone else is interested please email me and I will get back to you asap.  You can also purchase readymade pins, just email me the numbers of the ones you prefer or just say MIX and the number required and I will send you costing.   Lets go then:-

Notes before I start:- LP is LongPin, SP is Short Pin.   
Head is the length of beads on the pins - all approx sizes 

Set No.1
Pin A - SP, 4mm pearls, 4mm daisy spacers, 3mm smooth metal spacer beads & 4mm crystal rondells  (A super slim pin with a head of approx 1" - would suit small cards etc)
Pin B - LP,  5x7mm filigree beadcone, (2)6mm pearls, 4mm pearl, rhinestone rondell,  (2)6mm beadcaps, 4mm daisy spacer, 3mm smooth metal spacer bead  (A slim pin but thicker than Pin A, head is just over 1" - would suit cards up to 5x7")
Pin C - LP,  5x7mm filigree beadcone, 8mm & 6mm pearls, 6 & 7mm beadcaps, 4mm daisy spacer, 8mm cup beadcap, 5mm smooth metal spacer bead (Similar to Pin B)

 Set No.2 
PIN D - SP, 4mm crystal rondell, 6mm filigree bead, 8mm pearl, (2) 7mm beadcaps (Small head of 1inch, but chunkier than Pin A)
PIN E - SP, 8mm cup beadcap, 4,6,8mm pearls, 7mm beadcap, 5x7mm beadcone, 4&6mm daisy spacers  (Top heavy pin, head approx 1.25", would suit just about any card)
PIN F - SP, 3&4mm smooth metal beads, 6mm pearl, 10x14mm black gemstone, (2) 4mm daisy spacers, (2) 7mm beadcaps (Short head of approx 1" but chunky and shows well)

Set No.3
PIN G - LP, 5X7mm beadcone, (2) 6mm filigree bead, (2) 6mm daisy spacers, 10mm bicone bead, 4mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Slimline but chunky central bead, head approx 1.5", suit most cards)
PIN H - LP, 5x7mm beadcone, (2) 6mm daisy spacers, 6 & 8mm pearls, (6)  6mm beadcaps, 12mm metal round doughnut connector bead, 5mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Same as Pin G)
PIN I - LP, 5X7mm beadcone, 6mm crystal rondell, 8x14mm gemstone, 10x8mm gemstone, 8mm cup beadcap, (2) 7mm beadcaps. (Short head of just over 1", slimline with chunky base gemstone, would suit cards up to 8x8")

Set No.4   (All three pins have heads over 1.25", chunky design that would suit any card)
PIN J - SP, 3&4mm smooth spacers beads, 6mm filigree bead, 6x8mm faceted teardrop, 6mm beadcap, 6mm faceted rondell, 5mm faceted round bead, 4mm daisy spacer.
PIN K - LP,  (2) 5x7mm beadcone, 6mm filigree bead, metal heart connector bead, (2) 2.5mm &3mm smooth metal spacers beads, 4,6&8mm pearls, (2)4mm daisy spacers, 6mm daisy spacer,
PIN L - LP,  3&4mm smooth metal spacer beads, 6mm bicone bead, 8mm glitter bead, (2)4mm daisy spacers, (2) 6mm daisy spacers, (2) 6mm beadcaps.

Set No.5   (All pins have heads over 1.5" and would suit any size card)
PIN M - SP, 3,4 &5mm smooth metal spacer beads, (3) 6mm pearls, (4) beadcaps, 4&6mm daisy spacers, 14mm metal puffed bead.
PIN N - LP,  6mm beadcap, 8mm cup beadcap, 10x16mm gemstone, 8x20mm beadcone, 4mm smooth metal spacer beads.
PIN O - LP, (3) 5x7mm beadcone, silver plated angel wings, 8x12mm gemstone, (3)4mm daisy spacers, (2)4mm pearls, 3mm smooth metal spacer beads.

Set No.6
PIN P - SP, (4)6mm beadcaps, 8mm beadcap, 6&8mm pearls, 8mm faceted rondell bead, 4mm daisy spacer, 4mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Slimline pin, head approx 1.25" suit cards up to 5x7")
PIN Q - LP, 5x7mm beadcone, 12mm metal heart connector, 4&6mm pearl, (3) 3mm smooth metal spacer beads, (2)4mm daisy spacers, 6mm beadcap, 8x10 teardrop bead.  (Slimline pin, head over 1.5", would suit any card size)
PIN R - SP, (3)4mm daisy spacers, 8mm faceted rondell bead, 6mm faceted round, 7mm beadcap, 5mm smooth metal spacer bead. (Slim pin, head approx 1", suit cards up to 5x7")

Set No.7
PIN S - SP, (2) 4mm spacers, (4) 7mm beadcaps, 8mm glitter bead, 8mm pearl. (Small and chunky similar to Pin R).
PIN T - LP, 5x7 beadcone, (2) 6mm daisy spacer, (2)4mm daisy spacers, (3)6mm beadcaps, 8mm pearl, 8x11mm faceted teardrop bead, 3&4mm smooth metal spacer beads. (Slimline with head over 1.5", would suit any card)
PIN U - LP, 3&4mm smooth metal spacer beads, (2)8mm pearls, 4mm daisy spacer, (2)6mm daisy spacers, 6mm beadcap, 8mm faceted rondelle bead.  (Slim pin, head approx 1.25", similar to Pin E & Pin P)

And there we have it, 21 new designs for your delectation.  I hope these new Pins will give you lots of inspiration and encourage you to have a go for yourselves.  For those of you with the Starter kits, enjoy experimenting and creating.  Don't forget to send me some pictures when you begin, I cannot wait to see them.  
I will get the CASE card done for tomorrow, it looks like it's a toss up between Bev Rochester and Dena Concienne.   I hope you'll pop by to find out,  I so look forward to reading all your comments.

Take care of yourselves and pass on a smile today if you can.
Hugs Linda x


  1. Hi Linda,

    Just got in from a 40 mile bike ride (knees a little stiff but I'm doing a charity bike ride on Sunday for the British Heart Foundation so had to get in some serious riding!)and turned on the PC hoping you would be here and sure enough you are. Missed you yesterday.

    These are just beautiful. I've been scrolling up and down trying to find a few favourites. With great difficulty I settled on B, K, M and N but they are all truly gorgeous. You are very talented.

    I will send you an email because you have really inspired me to have a go at this. However, as I said previously, it would have to be somebody very special because I wouldn't want to part with them. My younger sister has her big 60 coming up so that might be the push I need and she is certainly someone I would share with!

    Hope you you are feeling a bit better. Also hope Lee is still doing okay.

    Love and hugz. Christine x

  2. What a wonderful selection Linda, absolutely gorgeous and lots of inspiration for anyone who wants to make their own. Hope you are feeling better. Anne x

  3. Ohhh! ALL of your pins are soooo gorgeous! I've made a few to add to some cards, but none of them are are lovely as yours! Thank you so much for all the inspiration - and, I pray you get to feeling better real soon!

  4. Well who's a clever boots now?? wonderful pins, you really have a hand for this, haven't you!
    Hugs, Alessandra

  5. Wow!! so many beautiful pins all on one page!! I definitely could not choose a favourite from them. Like Christine has said I think I'd find them so hard to part with and I know that the stunning pins that I received from your as my blog candy will only be used for VERY special cards. Until then I'm enjoying looking at them!! Thanks for giving so much inspiration.
    Take care
    hugs Sue

  6. Hi Linda
    All the pins are really lovely-lots of ideas and inspiration for everyone who wants to have a go.
    Hope you're feeling better.
    Take care
    Eileen x

  7. Hi Linda, thanks for the tutorial, have a couple of projects that I must finish then I shall be trying my hand at pins. Hopefully by the weekend. Take care, Lesley x

  8. Hi Linda,
    as said before they are all so beautiful you don't know which you like the best. I'm glad your able to do something crafty to take your mind off the pain a little. I personally find crafting helps me when I'm in pain. I spent many years with only 2 to 3 hours sleep a night. Crafting helped me a lot. As the nights seem so long when you can't sleep, but hey when you craft the time seems to fly by, and you enter your own little craft world. Have a great crafty day or night everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Hats (and hat pins) off to you, Linda, these are fabulous! Started making some myself a wee while ago (from broken bits and pieces, as you said) but they don't look as good as these! Take care of yourself.
    Cathy - Drogheda Ireland

  10. Hi Linda, I'm trying to catch up with looking at blogs after a few hectic these pins are gorgeous, I just wouldn't know which to choose! Carole Z X

  11. I have just stumbled upon your blog and am blown away by your gorgeous pins ...I was so sad to notice your followers have now gone past the 60 for candy entry ;)
    However, I will def be back for more inspiration and tips as I'm determined to try a few of these pins!
    I've noticed we are not too far from each other!

    Carol x

  12. Thank you for another great post, I just love your pins they are beautiful, I recvd other pins in the post today they have nice heads on them too. Will be glad to get wedding stationery finished so I can have a play.

    Take care, hugs
    Fiona xxxx

  13. These are so beautiful, an art on their own. Would love to start doing something like this. Have sent you an email. .... luv Ursula X

  14. Hi Linda, I love ALL the pins here, and especially the ones I won in my prize..They are just STUNNING...:) and actually look better in real life than on here..:)..Thanks once


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