Saturday, 7 April 2012

Fish and Chips babies in Africa

Hi all,
I have just reading one of my favourite blogs from Dawny P, here is the link; she tells us of the plight of tiny babies born in Africa that are so poor they are literally sent home in newspaper; hence the Fish and Chips babies.  They are asking for tiny little jumpers and beanie hats to be knitted for these little mites.  The patterns are very, very easy and Dawny has included them in her post.
 I have been blessed with all the things I and my family need to live and much more infact and I cannot imagine what it must be like to live hand to mouth, so I must do something to help, however small.  I haven't knitted for a long time now, but know I have some needles and bits of wool in my boxes on top of the wardrobe. 
I hope you can find the time to pop over to Dawny's blog and take a look and if you can find it in your heart to help it would be wonderful.
Have a good day all.  I'll see you later.  Hugs Linda x


  1. Hi Linda, such a heartfelt post, you are a caring person. My sister already knits tiny jackets and hats for premature babies, she is a brilliant knitter (better than me!) I'll get her on the case and have a look at Dawny's blog. On another note, you've done it, you have reached 20 followers, congratulations, well done you. I think I'm a follower, I'm new to this blogging lark, so hopefully I am! Have a nice day, Happy Easter Alison ;)

  2. Hi Linda,
    a really lovely post. As the last person said you are so caring. I was looking for something to knit for, now I've found it. I will look in on Dawny Ps site.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Hi Linda,
    I had a look at Dawny's blog and would love to help. i will also print out the info and pass it on to my fellow Brownie leaders as there many crafters and all Leaders like to do something to help out others.

  4. What a splendid idea. Will look at Dawny's site. Anne


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