Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My first 'Not sure about this one' card

Hi everybody and welcome to my newest followers.
I apologise for not posting this card yesterday as planned.  I needed to take my grandchildren their Easter baskets as I couldn't see them Sunday and we ended up having such a lovely time I was later home than I expected to be.   So, here is the missing post- 
Some time ago I fell in love with the MME Lost &Found Union Square paper pad so much so that I had to buy an extra one..., just incase.  You know what we crafters are like:- 'oh, I can't use that one- just in case' or 'I must have one piece left (just to look at)'.  Not long after acquiring them Sue Wilson did a Spellbinders show on tv and (you've probably worked out the rest....) I bought some.  Oh come on, don't tell me you haven't gone a bit nuts now and again.  I mean,  how can you say no when Sue shows us so beautifully how well they can be used..lol!!  Well that order contained the adorable butterfly and somehow it called out to me the very same time the new papers did.  The result is this:-
My recipe:-  8" x 8" Base Card Ivory Linen 280g, MME bp,  Spellbinders Parisian Motifs & Accent dies, Fancy Tags 1 and Fanciful flight butterfly die,  Metal butterfly,  Red matting card & eyelets from my stash.

So what do you think?
I wasn't too sure about it at first as it lacked all the lovely flowers, ribbon & bows I adore so much and, there's not a gem in sight.  I was in fact, so unsure that I had to ask my daughter for her opinion, she said she loved it so I decided I would share it with you and get your opinion too.   I love constructive critism; sometimes someone else can point out a flaw that we ourselves have somehow overlooked. So please be honest with me but gently so if you would.
I have, again, been thinking about more ways for us to interact within my blog and a comment left by Christine Harrop yesterday helped me to make up  my mind.   How about us sharing some of  YOUR work or thoughts.
Christine mentioned that she recently added box frames to her crafting repertoire and I thought how lovely it would be to see some of them;  this in turn, had me thinking about sharing some of them with you.  So. how about it?   Shall I dedicate a day to showcasing some of your bits and pieces?   Maybe it could be a quote you love or a favourite line from a film/book/poem that has some meaning for you etc.   For those without a blog maybe it could be a picture of a new creation that you are really proud of.   If anyone has any ideas that could help me get a 'Showcase Day' going or has something they would like to share then send me an email,  I would love to hear your ideas.   Who knows,  we could start something really good and truly share this blogging experience.
Well that's it for today.  Hope to see you again soon.  Linda x

(ps  May I just remind you that the '20followers' draw has been done and the winner was  announced last saturday.  I will do a redraw Friday night if it is not claimed before then.)


  1. Morning Linda, I love it - fanciful flight and Parisian accents are 2 of my favourite dies..I went through a phase year when I couldn't stop using that butterfly! The papers are gorgeous too...I'll have a think about your showcase idea, but for now I have to head off to work, hugs, Carole x

  2. Hi Linda
    Love the layout on this card. I'm not usually brave enough to use red but it's really worked well on this one. The papers are very effective too. I must admit that I have a rather large collection of paper pads that I simply HAVE to own and I often buy a second one too!
    I have a binder full of quotes that my Dad had collated over many years and your previous post has made me decide to look through them (that's if I can find them)
    and see if there is anything would be suitable.
    Love your Blog
    Eileen x


  4. Morning sweetie this is stunning, I love the layout you have used, fabulous creation huggles Pops x x x

  5. Your card is full of wonderful interest, Linda...the beautiful colors, the marvelous die cuts...so many gorgeous aspects for your eye to gaze upon! Sometimes I find that I don't particularly like a card that I've made and really it's not because it's not a nice card, but because that's not what I had pictured in my mind. You'll find that others will love your cards regardless of your own fondness for them. Hope that keeps things in perspective for you!


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