Saturday, 23 June 2012

More creative ideas -Embellishments

Hi all,
For those of you who like me enjoy creating your own embellishments, I have a few more ideas to help you design some unique pieces for your cards or projects.

I love all the bling and dressy bits we can add to our cards.  Even if it is only to add to the center of a fancy bow, a little bit of bling can really finish off a card.  However, these types of items can come at a premium price and you often don't get alot for your money.  I have seen a card of embellishments similar to these for well over £5.   I managed to create these from items in my stash and findings and they would cost well under £1.50 (I cannot give an exact costing as it depends on the cost of brads.  I bought mine so long ago that I can't remember the exact price).  That is a vast difference in price, so  an attempt at making our own seems sensible don't you think?

So what do we need to start these?  Well the first thing is obvious isn't it: brads.  If you haven't got any fancy ones in your stash, don't worry use half pearls or rhinestones and just glue them together (use either jewellery glue or the Incredibly Tacky glue).

The other items that can be used are Bead Caps, broken bits of earrings etc..  Have a look at what you have or can find cheaply  (I found alot of my earrings for breaking up at the 'What' bargain store here in the UK.  A pair of earrings at only £1.50 broke down into more that 10 bases for other embellishments.
These little trinkets can be as addictive to make as Decorative Pins, so be warned.  You find yourself looking for all the bargains at the stores and checking through all your broken jewellery just to find something new or exciting.

Pearly or rhinestone ribbon sliders.  These are 13mm in diameter.

Check out the fancy shaped earring pieces too.  For this one I just used my jewellery snips to cut off the V at the top and bottom to make it symmetrical (see above picture).
Size = 14 x 25mm.

I flattened filigree Bead Caps (8x10mm).  Ease each leg down and then flatten into the centre with chain nose (flat nosed) jewellery pliers.  Be gentle, you don't want to snap them off.
Flatten size = 2cm in diameter.

Smaller filigree or daisy bead caps work just as well.  They come in a variety of sizes.  The smallest I have used is 5x7mm filigree (silver in picture above)
Flatten size =13mm in diameter.

The final beadcap is made to fit a 14mm bead.
Flattened size = 18mm in diameter.

One other thing that is very useful is a bead reamer or very narrow file.  Mine is from a set made by Basic Grey called Precision File Set. They are made for distressing and included are a narrow square file and a round file.  These are essential if you need to make the holes bigger in the center of your base pieces (ie. flattened beadcap) for the brads to go through.

Ok, so that's it for another idea post.   I do hope you can find something useful in all my ideas.
Do you have any ideas or tips that you would like to share?  If so email me and I will get them on a post asap.
This is the one thing I absolutely adore about crafting, the sharing!  I love being able to share with you and love to read and learn from other crafters too.  So if you do have any tips or tricks that you think could help me and our lovely followers/readers please don't be afraid to let me know.  If I get enough I can do a post dedicated to just Readers Tips,Tricks and Techniques.
Have a wonderful day all.  I will be back with a card soon so I hope you can pop by again and give me your opinion.
Bye for now Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda, such good ideas, I love the effect that the bead caps makes. I'm sure I must have assume tips but now that you have asked I can't think of a one. Maybe when the brin gets going I will remember something. Best wishes, Lesley x

  2. Hi Linda, such good ideas, I love the effect that the bead caps makes. I'm sure I must have assume tips but now that you have asked I can't think of a one. Maybe when the brin gets going I will remember something. Best wishes, Lesley x

  3. love your Embellishment what a great Idea question what glue do you use for the hat pins ???

  4. Hi Linda,
    now that's spooky because I emailed you last night with my tip. Well dear lady those embellishments are tremendous I mentioned we had similar ideas, but I would never have thought of doing that. Clever just Clever. and very beautiful. I have bought old pieces of jewelery in the past but never thought of attaching other items. to them. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a great crafty sunny day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Linda. Your embellishments are really beautiful. So grateful to you for sharing your tips with us
    Hope you have a good day
    Hugs Sue

  6. Hi Linda, thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas...your embellishments are gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better today and have a lovely weekend...that goes for everyone else on here too! Happy crafting! Carole Z X

  7. Your embellishments are truly beautiful Linda. Totally unique. What with these and your pins you could start your own business!

    Best wishes, Christine x

  8. Great ideas Linda, thanks for sharing. Anne x

  9. These are wonderful Linda and I am amazed at how you have made them

    Guess today I will be hunting out bits of broken jewellery

    Thanks so much for the ideas
    Sue xx

  10. Great idea Linda these look so fab. I will really have to have a go at making my own embellishments.

  11. Hi Linda, what fantastic embellishments these make, I will now be rummaging around in my jewellery box.

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us, you are truly a very talented lady and so inspirational.

    Hope today is a good one for you!!
    Hugs Christine H xx

  12. Hi Linda - I think this is a real coincidence, I remember saying when I joined your blog that I had been making jewellery for several years and had bought some new beads recently. Well I was playing around with my jewellery bits and pieces yesterday (my hubby thinks I was a magpie in a previous life) and I made something very similar to your bling! They look really nice and I was quite pleased with them. Love your pieces and I must check through my old jewellery now to see what I can find, I only used the beadcaps.

    Lovely photographs by the way.

    Hugs Sue P xx

  13. Hi Linda

    Fantastic ideas - I sometimes make my own - you can save so much money by doing so. Yours are just beautiful - well done you!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving me some lovely comments.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Ta-ra for now.

    Hazel xx

  14. Hi Linda..Yet another fantastic idea!!..I have lots of broken jewellery that is in a bag waiting to be "Fixed"...Well never mind fixing, it is now going to be broken up even more to become embellishments!! you continue to inspire us...Enjoy your day.:)


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