Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Yeah Baby Yeah

This is my Austin Powers inspired card.
I received some lovely zesty and summery papers with my cardmaking magazine this month and the words that instantly came to mind were 'Yeah Baby, Yeah'.  Of course these words orginally came from the mouth of the zany Austin Powers himself and so I thought well how about a card inspired by him.  First choice for me was the right mix of papers and keeping with my recent 'busy' theme I chose the flower power pinky red with the 'Oh so' dashing stripes.
Now, I also had the Queens Jubilee concert in my head still after watching it till late the night before on TV, so I thought why not crown a nesting shape with a filigree diecut and add some fancy leaves and flowers.  Of course the next addition had to be some ruffles and the shorter of the flaps seemed the perfect place to put them as it reminded me again of Austin Powers in the form of a ruffled fronted shirt under one of his velvet jacket.
So here it is, I have taken a few different shots to give you a better view of the different components.  I hope you like it.

It is again a bit out of my comfort zone being quite busy (though mainly busy papers this time), but I am desperately trying new ideas and new styles.  For a long while, I was stuck in the rut of just colouring and die cutting with my Nesties and I was determined when I started my blog that it would be an exploration of variety.

This next picture shows the under the main flap.  Here I diecut a frame and inked it lightly with tumbled glass DI to coordinate with the blue of the flowers in the backing paper. Also I cut a faux nestie to provide an area in which to write. 

The last picture shows how easily the flaps fold behind and in front to fit into an A6 envelope (please ignore the paperclips, they were needed to keep the flaps in place while I took the picture).
Also in this picture, you can see the fine crochet lace I used to cover the ends of the ruffled lace.  I think you will agree it gives it a much neater finish.

Well that's it for today.  I am still really busy at the moment, but I am glad I found time to do this card as it is really growing on me now.

The family are having a service for our little Lee and his sister this Friday, I am hoping to find enough strength to attend; also hoping to sleep as it is an early, 9.30am start.  So please bear with me and my eratic blogging at the moment,  life is still full of ups and downs but I promise you I am getting there.  I am feeling stronger everyday and starting to get the old 'Happy Me' back again.   

I am sorry to say, I did not realise how many days had gone by since my last post and so I sat down yesterday and made a couple of cards so I can scheduled one or two incase I cannot get here again at any time.  I have a sweet little Christmas card to show you tomorrow.  I know some of you will be groaning at me using that word in June but I need to get my head around it early this year.  Last year I left it so late I didn't have enough time to make cards for many of my friends and some family members too.  It was shameful.
So if you are able to pop by, I would love to know what you think.  It is quite a simple card but I think it is a successful one.
To end I would like to thank you all again for your continued support and wonderful comments.  Even though I am unable to view my blog on my laptop everyday at the moment, I do read your comments on my phone, as soon as they are posted.  My latest phone is set up to inform me as soon as new comments or emails are received.  Boy these phones can do everything now can't they....... well almost; the only thing they lack is the ability to wash up and make the beds!!!! LOL!   Now that would be a phone worth owning....!
Have a good day all and remember to smile, you never know you may get one in return.  They are very infectious you know :)
Big hugs and smiles Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda

    It's fantastic to hear from you again. Missed you. I LOVE your shaped card. Must have a try at this when I have some time to devote to it. You will be pleased to hear that I have just bought some wool to crochet myself a sweater so as soon as I feel confident enough then I will have a go at some lace or motifs. Can't wait to get started now! You and all your family will be in my thoughts and prayers on Friday, and I do hope you are able to get to the service. That will be my prayer too!

    With love from Christine xx

  2. Hi Linda, smiles back to you! Lovely card, really like the 'hidden' panel beneath the flap...take care and I will be thinking of you on Friday...lots of hugs, Carole Z xx


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