Friday, 15 June 2012

A thank you for my Followers


I have been thinking about a way to say thank you for all your support through the difficult times I have experienced recently and also for continuing to support my blog. I think we can all agree there is nothing nicer than a bit of Candy, so that's what is up for grabs.
Every month I do a 'Pay it Forward' package. I basically send a craft package to someone just for the joy of it; my way to pay it forward and all that I ask in return is that person at some stage pay it forward to another also, but of course not back to me. Well I haven't done one for this month, so as an extra special Candy, I am going to offer up THREE candy parcels to my wonderful followers (I am not sponsored or given freebies to give away, these are my gifts to you).
Each one will be a paper pack:-

1st is Shabby Chic 8x8" papers. These are suitable for male and female. There are plain distressed papers, patchwork and striped as well as roses and other floral papers. A real mix of shabby, distressed and grungy.

The 2nd is Retro 8x8" papers. These are again suitable for male and female. They are lovely bright funky designs with polka dots, stripes, bitty florals, argyle and retro flowers.

3rd is Kanban Wobblers A5 papers. A wonderful fun pack for children or bright cheerful creations. Only a few have the animals on the rest are colourful stripes, polka dots, stars and mini flowers. They coordinate easily with other papers and card too.

BUT..... each one will come with an added surprise (could be more papers or stamped images to coordinate or .......  who knows!)  You can even choose which one you fancy winning......
All you have to do is just state in the comment box which set you'd like to win and I will do a draw for each pack accordingly. If you like them all just say All, or 1st & 3rd etc.
I will leave it open till Friday as I know some of my lovely followers are unable to view the blog everyday. I will then post the winners on Saturday.


Tell me what you fancy as Candy for my 100 followers big draw. We are so close to the 80 followers now so I will be doing the draw for the pins set again soon. This means I need to be putting together the Special draw so I can advertise it on the blog. So what do you think, shall we have:-

ONE BIG PRIZE ONLY - Ink Pads, Promarkers, Stamps, embellishments etc
OR two prizes made up of
a. STAMPING PACK - Promarkers, ink pads, marker paper/card and rubber stamps
b. EMBELLISHMENTS PACK - Ribbons, charms, pearly buttons, flowers, decorative pins etc

Please don't feel afraid to say, I truly need your help. I hate given away things that people don't really want. So if you fancy a particular crafting item/s let me know and I will see what I can include. I adore making people smile, so lets go for it shall we!!
Big hugs Linda xx


  1. Oh my goodness, you are such a generous lady!!!! I cannot believe your kindness - after all it was easy enough for us to send you a few kind thoughts and wishes whilst you were going through such a difficult time. It cost us nothing. But I'm sure we will all appreciate this fabulous candy! My favourite would be number one or number two. I am not as keen on the third, although it is lovely too.

    With regard to your next big candy for 100 followers (won't that be great for you!!!)- I would be in favour of two smaller prizes so that more people can have the opportunity to be lucky.

    I'm so pleased that you are getting back to your regular crafting again. You were really missed!

    With love from Christine xx

    1. What a lovely thing to say. I have been enjoying playing in the craftroom again. I have had alot of 'ucky' beginnings recently but just playing has been uplifting.
      Take care Linda x

  2. Hi Linda,

    How very kind of you to offer such lovely papers. They all look fab and I would be over the moon if I was chosen to win any of them. I have a thing for papers and you can never have enough lol.

    Wow nearly at 100 followers thats amazing. I think the two prizes would be a good idea as then two lucky people will have goodies to come.

    Thank you for the chance to win the lovely papers.

    I am always here to offer support if needed x

  3. Hi Linda,

    What a lovely idea to offer the papers, personally I think that the first ones are really lovely, the others are not ones that I would use.

    I think that the two prizes for the 100 followers would be a brilliant idea and embellishments are always a lovely prize.

    So pleased that you are feeling well enough to get back to your crafting again.

    What we all need now is a bit of summer sunshine!

    Take care

    Eileen x

  4. Hi Linda, you are so kind and generous. As I was lucky enough to win some of your stunning pins recently I don't really think it would be fair of me to enter into this one too, I do love those shabby chic papers though!
    For the 100 followers candy I agree that 2 smaller prizes is the better option. I know how stunning your pins are and feel sure anyone would be thrilled to receive them as part of the prize.
    I'm sorry I have no idea how to get your post to stay at the top of your blog, have you tried asking Mr Google??
    Anyway, enjoy the rest of your evening
    Huggies Sue

    1. Please do let me enter your name Sue, it is for all my followers whether you have won before or not.
      Hugs Linda

  5. Hi Linda
    you need to copy the post which you want to be sticky and paste it into a new 'html/javascript' gadget, then save. You then need to drag it from the sidebar to above your blog posts. When it is finished you just delete it.
    Hope it helps.
    I would also like to be added to your draw for the first papers.
    I think your pins would make great prizes for the 100 candy.
    Suzie xx

    1. Just realised that this will not work for you as you need the comments box to work, so an easy way around it, is to go into your post and change the publish date to whatever date you want it to expire, it will remain at the top until that date.
      Hope this helps.
      Suzie xx

  6. Hi Linda, what a generous person you are, I'm sure that all of your followers feel the same and only have good wishes for you and your family.i think it would be nice to have two smaller prizes and although I don't really deserve to win I would be happy with anything.I'm looking forward to your storage tips, this is always a problem for me cos I'm so untidy when I work. Take care and best wishes, Lesley xx

  7. Hi Linda. You are such a generous person. I love popping by your blog and seeing your lovely creations and what you have been up to. Your storage solution post for dies was great and after my holiday will be making a start on sorting mine out. Hope you don't mind me copying your idea.
    Thanks for the chance to win some lovely papers. I must admit I am drawn to the 2nd pack.
    As for further candy, I think two prizes would be nice and some of your gorgeous pins would be loved by anyone who won some.

    1. I would be chuffed if you thought any of my ideas good enough to be used in your own craftroom, so please copy. I know for me this way is so easy, tidy and space saving, so I hope it helps you too.
      Good luck and thanks for stopping by everyone.
      Hugs Linda x

  8. Hi Linda
    missed this post yesterday as I was busy looking after my great granddaughters. You are so very generous and caring person to ask our advice. I for one would be glad to win anything you offer. I love to visit your blog everyday. Yours is the 2nd site I visit every morning. You know who is the first Sue Wilson. I am so pleased for you that your blog is doing so well. Personally I don't need candy to make me visit your blog, I enjoy it anyway, you give such good ideas on storage, little dity poems, good card creations, great tips on where to purchase items. Need I go on. As you can see I'm a great fan. Right back to the candies I think 2, so more people get a chance.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Hi Linda, This is my 1st day on your post, so have no idea of the troubles you've been through recently. Suffice to say, reading everyone's comments you are a kind, caring person. I hope your tomorrows are better than your yesterdays. I have bookmarked your blog so can see your creations each day or whenever you post them. Please may I enter the draw as well as everyone else. I've never won anything before ever so not holding my breath lol...But if I was fortunate to win I would be pleased with any of the papers but particularly no 3 pls...Thanks. Am now going to look at your pins, cos that's how I found you on Sue's blog..Enjoy your day..xx

  10. Hi Linda - I found you after reading Sue Wilson's blog. I am soooo impressed with your pins, they are beautiful. I have made earrings all my life and have been papercrafting for the past 15 or so years but have never thought of making these pretty pins. You are a very creative lady! I must admit that I went back to the beginning of your blog and you really have been through the mill!! I do hope things will be improving and you (and your family) will be feeling a little better very soon. I do like your blog, it is easier to read than some I have seen.

    I would like to go on and answer your blog queries - well at least one question. I am a total phobic when it comes to anything technical and am always impressed with how people even start a blog - therefore I haven't a clue regarding how to keep your blog comment at the top - LOL!!!!!! Regarding the Candy for your followers, you are being really generous and I feel (personally) that two prizes would be nicer to enable more of your blog friends to share your generosity.

    I will send you a pic or two of my craft room when I can - my husband says he doesn't know how I find stuff - but he doesn't have my crafters memory!

    Hugs Sue P xx

    PS My pic at the side is me doing my snow angel! I had reached the age of 60 and had never had a go so my hubby said go for it!! Mind you he had to help me down and then get me back up again - LOL!!!

    1. Welcome Sue, this is a fab picture, it put a great big grin on my face as I read your explanation. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. As to you making earrings, if you have the bits and pieces still give the Decorative Pins a go, they are great to do while watching TV. I have a Tutorial tab at the top of the blog where you will find some tips and idea for the pins and I have included some suppliers for the cheaper pins and findings under the Places to Shop tab also.
      I hope you have entered the Candy for the Pins on the sidebar. All my followers are welcome to enter. It will be drawn when I reach 80 followers. Good luck and see you soon.

  11. Hi Linda- sorry I forgot about your draw - ooops. If I was a lucky winner I love them all - paper is my downfall I'm afraid.

    Hugs (again) Sue P

  12. You are very generous. I don't feel I can enter, having just won a beautiful stack of papers from you. Just wanted to say, an easy way to get your post to stick is to simply edit your post and put the closing date of your candy. My laptop is away for another week at least, so don't have long here to be able to explain properly, but hope you'll work out how to alter your date. Hugs lin

  13. Hi Linda, I have been pondering as to whether I should join your blog today (after finding you on Sue Wilson's blog) as I didn't want it to look like I was only joining to be in with a chance of winning a prize but your misfortune 12 years ago moved me to tears and I just had to contact you. I can only imagine what you yourself have been through but can appreciate the heartache borne by your family. Twenty one years ago my husband was rushed into hospital with transverse myelitis which paralysed him from the chest down and he ended up in a wheel chair. However, with his determination he learnt to walk again but never fully recovered. The years have taken their toll and his walking is now very much laboured but we have each other and that's all that counts. They were dark days but we came through.

    I think you too are a very determined lady and with your kind generosity and thoughtfulness for others shining through you and your family deserve only the very best the future can bring. For those who know you personally they are truly blessed.

    Looking through your blog there is so much to inspire me, you are a very talented lady and I am in awe of the brilliant creations you and people like yourself produce, I look forward to following you regularly. I am afraid I am one of those crafters who is not confident enough to sell or showcase my efforts but I just adore the craft, especially Spellbinders, and am happy to make cards for my family and friends. Your decorative pins are fabulous and I would love to own one or two, maybe one day :).

    I do not consider I should be entered into your Candy prize draw on this occasion but look forward to the next draw and hope your decorative pins will be the prize.

    Good luck with your blog and may the future shine brightly for you.

    Hugs, Christine H x

    1. Hi Christine and Welcome to my blog.
      Please enter the draw for the Decorative Pins, it is my thank you to all those who become followers and are already followers and you are now in that catagory.
      Thank you for sharing your story with me, perhaps you could email me ( so I could reply to you properly.
      One quick note for now, the followers who have been with me for a little while know that I love to showcase for my non-blogger followers. If you have some cards or other crafting creation that you would like me to show, take a picture or scan it and then email to me and I will post them on my blog. Also I love to do a Quote or two on a Monday, if you have any you would like to share, again email me.
      I hope we can catch up via email soon. Thanks again.
      Hugs Linda x

  14. Hi Linda, you are so generous! I love checking your blog and try to get here daily..full of lovely ideas and inspiration...personally I think all the prizes are lovely and I think 2 smaller prizes for the big draw would be nice, take care Carole Z X

  15. Hi, Linda
    I'm so glad to have my computer back - so, I could check out your blog! A storm knocked me out of commission for nearly two weeks and I've sorely missed checking out your site! You are soooo very talented/creative, and you provide me with so much inspiration! Actually, although I just recently discovered you, I can't believe you haven't already reached the 100 followers milestone! There are a lot of people out there in blog-land missing out on some incredible talent!
    You are soooo very generous to offer THREE candy parcels!! Personally, I gravitate toward the Shabby Chic - but, then it's always good to have a little variety on hand (you just never know when you'll need something a little different).
    And, I think 2 smaller prizes for the BIG draw would be preferable.
    warmly, Charlotte Ann


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