Monday, 18 June 2012

Storage idea

Morning all,
I hope you have all had a good weekend.  It has rained all weekend where we are in S. Wales, UK, but at least we have not had floods as some poor people have.  My heart goes out to them all, it must be devastating.
I would like to thank everyone again for the lovely comments for my Butterflies Challenge card, I was very nervous about entering it into challenges, but I am glad I have, at last, had a go.

Today I have the last of my storage ideas to share with you.  Lots of pictures that I hope will give you some inspiration.
I acquired a set of filing drawers when my sister moved back to Canada and it has been such a bonus in my craft room.  To go inside I purchased a bulk pack of the hanging (suspension) files and started sorting through my boxes.

When my craftroom was set up I had the drawers put under my main desk so they sat right next to my legs.  This allows for easy access.

In each of the files I keep alot of the items I would like to grab quickly to help with my creating or finishing on my cards etc.

Here I have my acetate pieces from my Spellbinders packaging, plain cds for altering, doeflex and spare acetate.


I also store my craft sheets, cutting mats for my diecutting machines, sticky adhesive sheets and wax sheets etc

 A large cardboard backed plastic wallet holds A4 magnetic sheets for all my border dies and Grand die.
There are some new Cricut cutting mats here too.

(Sorry about this blurred picture, I think I had the shakes taking it.)

Thickers, rubs on and adhesive alphabets are all kept here too.  I can add them to a project quickly, without having to get up and go hunting around for them.

The last picture I have for you is the file for my fabrics that I use for flowers etc.   They include wool felt, paper backed felt, hessian (burlap), metallic mesh, thin leather etc.

The bottom drawer of the two is kept for storing the papers from my CDs etc.  A few year ago, I found two expandable files in the sale and that was how I first stored all my papers.  When I had my craftroom done I was going to get rid of them but I found they fitted well into these drawers and so I kept them.  Now all the papers I print go in here.

There are approx 10 more files in the drawers that I didn't show.  I just wanted to give you some ideas of the things that store well in hanging files and show you how easy it makes it to have them very close at hand.
I hope that some of you have been able to find something of help within my storage ideas.
I don't have fancy cupboards or coordinating fitments but my area has been designed to be fairly inexpensive, easily accessible and space saving.
Well that's it for now, except for the usual Monday Quotation, it is one that I had to learn early in my life and have tried to live by since (not always successfully, but I try!!)

Have patience with all things, 
but chiefly have patience with yourself.   
(Francis de Salle)

I hope you all have a great start to the week.    Hugs Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda,
    and good morning. Now its wet here today, but still as you say must count my blessings that we are not flooded like some. Poor people they must be feeling terrible. Now to your storage its great. You inspire me to really have a go at mine, but not till I've finished the wedding cards. Will try before my family comes down for the wedding though. As its chaos in my work room at the mo. Never been so untidy. LOL. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Morning Linda, I have similar storage solutions as you, but like all crafters I still get my craft room in a right mess when I'm working, lol! We're across the bridge from you, but didn't have it too bad over the weekend, tho every time I speak to my cousin in Swansea lately it seems to be raining! Super true quotation today, patience is a great blessing, take care Carole Z x

  3. I actually got very sunburned on my long cycle ride yesterday!!! But after the awful wet week we had I was just glad for a dry day with not too much wind. I am impresed with your filing system. I always seem to end up quite messy! Must try harder! By the way, congratilations to the winners of the papers.

    Christine x

  4. Hi Linda, I have two drawers in my filing cabinet that need a clear out so your storage solutions tell me I must get sorted. Perhaps I could do that on a rainy day :), that will be soon then LOL!!
    Hugs, Christine H xx

  5. Hi Linda - it's lovely and sunny here in Nottingham - well it makes a change. I was in the garden this morning (only sitting) and there are loads of baby sparrows about - they sit on the trellis 'twiddling' their feathers waiting for mum/dad to feed them. Absolutely great. Apart from the bird nests we also have a bumble bee nest in the shed! They fly up to the door, land and then walk in underneath the door itself - this always makes me chuckle.

    Anyway am off at a tangent (again) I just really wanted to say that I love your tips and the way you store things. Looking around my room at the moment I think I am beyond redemption!!!

    Hugs Sue Pass xxx

  6. wow, look at all of those great ideas and lots of fun stuff to play with....sweeeet! tfs the tips.

    I am so glad you asked about today's quote, there is nothing that brings my heart joy and moves me to emotion more than God's word, I luv scripture; it truly speaks to me! But, I also find so much wisdom in what others have quoted too, God's way of giving us even more I think. I am a very deep thinker more so than the average person. Alan Redpath has said some awesome things; deep things, I have another one of his quotes on the side bar of my blog under my photo. I send that quote in almost every card I send out, there is so much truth in that statement. With all that said, I believe the quote in my post today is saying if we truly looked into the Fathers eyes and meant those words., "Yes Lord whatever it takes" He would move in our life like never before. Few people love the Lord that much. We love the kingdom, but are we willing to bear the cross? I love the Lord with all my heart and I am truly blessed. Thanks for letting me share and sorry if I am

    Have a great evening!

    hugs *~*

  7. More great storage ideas, I love them. I really need to get a free day to try and sort out my mess.
    Suzie xx

  8. Great storage ideas Linda.


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