Friday, 17 August 2012

Decorative Pins Slider Box Tutorial

It's really good to be back with you again today.  As promised I have another tutorial for you.  It may not be for all of you, but I hope it will be useful to some.
Todays tutorial is to create a Slider Box for your Decorative Pins (though it could be adapted for other uses).

Here is the finished article.

and all its components.

Once I had designed the box to suit my Fancy Decorative Pins, I used the fabulous Spellbinders packaging (again, you say?  Yes, it's becoming an essential piece of my kit!), to make a template.  Much easier than measuring when you have several to make and I had 15 to do straight off ready for giveaways and Candy prizes.

 1.  Cut out the Box Slider 18.4cm by 10.3cm. Score from each end, along the width, at 1.25cm, 2.5cm and 3.75cm.  Then along the length at 1.25 on both sides.   (Here you can see the acetate template I made on top of the card already cut to size.)

2.  Cut down the score line of the long sides until you reach the 3.75cm score line on all four sides.

3.  Fold the long sides up and push the cut flaps into the center. Next, fold over the shorter ends to encapsulate the end flaps and secure the box.

4.  Cut the Box Slider liner to 7.6cm by 10.2cm

(Please, please, please excuse my awful writing, I was rushing when I created the templates and didn't have the time to produce tidier ones to show you.  I didn't want to risk leaving it until another day incase I was away from the blog again for a short while)

5.  Cut the Box Slider Pin Holder to 7.6cm by 11.2cm.
Score at 1.6cm (Sorry, I've just realised I wrote 1.5 on the template) and at 2.8cm and 4cm.
Fold the 1.6cm and 4cm scores as valley folds and the 2.8cm score as a mountain fold.

6.  Attach the Pin Holder to the Box Liner up to the 4cm fold.  Next attach only the 1.6cm piece to the base of the Box Liner allowing the extra card to form a mountain in which to secure the pins.

7.  Cut out the Box Outer Slider to 10.6cm by 19.7cm.
Score, from one end, at 0.9cm, 9cm, 10.25cm and 18.4cm.
If you want an aperture, decide on the diecut shape you want and position so the center is at approx 4cm (or to suit your needs).

8.  Cut a piece of acetate (recycle that Spellbinder or other packaging again) to fit inside the box and glue it in position along the bottom and top edge.  This acetate acts as a perfect window in the aperture, but it also strenghthens the box and stops the pins from damaging the box front.

9.  Finally Glue the shorter flap behind the opposite end flap to form the Outer Cover, press firmly from inside to secure.

Now to the adhesive.  I used Redline tape for securing the Outer cover but a wet glue could just as easily be used.  For the acetate, I used a simple 3mm tape and for the inner Pin Holder and liner, I used a few drops of wet glue.

I have displayed the finished box with only four pins, but it will infact hold up to seven pins; it depends totally on the size of the beads used.  I have made up a few of these boxes ready for gifts or Candy and also to store some of my own pins.  They provide much needed protection if I have used speciality beads on my pins and it stops the pins rubbing together.
Well, there we have it, another Tutorial complete.  I do hope it will be of some use to those of you who love to make pins as I do and also to those who are going to have a go sometime soon.
I will be around blogland again today, trying hard to catch up with you all.
I hope you have a wonderful day.    Best wishes Linda xx


  1. Morning Linda. You've been a busy girl with all your tutorials. This is a lovely slider box and without the insert for the pins could be adapted for other gifts. Thanks for sharing this with us. Enjoy your day. Love from Christine xx

  2. Hi Linda,
    what a wonderful idea, and wonderful tutorial. You are just the best. Not had a go at making the pins yet. Are you still doing the kits. Tried to get my sister interested, but as she hasn't a computer and don't know about our lovely crafty community she wasn't that interested. I think she is frightened of them. What a lot she is missing hey. Oh by the way I think I've cracked it my blog went out on it's own this morning. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Stunning tutorial your the best, keep up the good work you are doing >melanie xx

  4. Hi Linda, What a fab idea..:)..I was very impressed when I received my Pins in one of these boxes, and was actually thinking of measuring it all so I could copy the design for putting little presents, jewelry etc in.I don't need to now cos you've put the tutorial on..Thanks so much for all your hard work..Enjoy your day..Love Carole..x

  5. A wonderful tutorial Linda, really love your clear instructions.
    I hope you are ok and that you have a great weekend
    Hugs Sue

  6. Hi Linda, thans for this, it's a really useful tutorial..I was very impressed with it when you sent me my pins in one of them, thank you! Carole Z X

  7. Hi Linda, what a great idea and thank you for sharing with us and for all your hard work. Love Christine H xx

  8. Fabulous tutorial Lindy, thanks for sharing.
    Kim xx

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial. I so admired the boxes you sent my pins in, will be lovely to be able to make some for myself. Hugs lin


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