Monday, 6 August 2012

New Blog Info & cards

Morning all
I haven't got a card ready for today sorry,  I am still lagging in that department a bit, but I will try to get it finished for this evening.
However, I would like to share with you another blog that just today, started and again it's by one of our own little community.
Christine Harrop is doing her first ever post and I would love it if you could show her your support and maybe even mention it on your blogs to help get her started.
Heres a link (hope it works this time)     Thank you in advance.
I don't like 'good luck' Christine so...... You go girl....enjoy!
Oh I just had a thought,  I also know of another of our community about to set up a blog too, wonderful news.......... but what am I going to do for my Showcase Days? LOL!!!  I'll let you know when it goes live I promise.
In the meantime here are two beautiful cards I received from two of my lovely followers

This first card is by the very arty Carole Zorro.  Thank you Carole, it is so pretty and your stamping for the background and image within the window frame really make it unique.  I adore it.

I must admit I was Soooo impressed with your card reverse.  This is a stylish signoff and so elegantly done.

Now to a beautifully creation by Jenny Lawrence.  Isn't this a wonderful layout.
I adore your 'Pops' style card (as you call it), you have done so much work on this and I love it, thank you so much.

Nicely done inside too don't you think and those papers are just gorgeous.

Finally a little close up on the flowers, a very pretty bouquet.
I feel totally spoilt by you both, bless you.  They are now on my 'wall of fame' with all my other beautiful cards from my lovely followers.
Ok, well have a great day all and I hope it stays dry for you wherever you are and whatever you're doing.
Hugs Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda,
    Carole's card is really lovely. The design and logo on the back is a fab idea, but am I right in thinking you would need an A3 printer for this. Perhaps Carole can tell us. Thank you for showing my card today. I hope you are feeling well enough to craft today, after your little grandson goes home or has his nap. Take care, and happy crafting today everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Thanks Linda, love Jenny's card too! Just popped over to Christine's new blog Carole Z X

  3. Oh Linda, you are so, so kind to mention my new undertaking! I wrote my little spiel last night, saved it as draft then published it this morning - totally forgetting to change the date!!!!! So it looks like I posted it last night. Ah well, I'll learn as I go along no doubt.

    Carole's and Jenny's cards are gorgeous! Your wall of fame is growing - soon be able to dispense with the wallpaper at this rate!!

    Thanks again for your help!

    Hope you have a good day. Love and hugs from Christine xx

  4. Hello Linda.
    Thanks for sharing more gorgeous cards with us. Just popping over to Christine's blog now..

    Hope you have a good day to my dear friend
    Big hugs Sue

  5. thanks for show casing these beautiful cards just off to christine blog .\melanie

  6. Lovely cards Linda - can we see a pic of your wall of fame?? I think it sounds great. Am in the middle of a tag at the moment but now have constipation of the brain! No inspiration or anything. Hey ho - am off to do some ironing - it's amazing what you can think about - maybe there'll be some inspiration!

    Hugs Sue P xxxx

    1. Oooh, I'd like to see your wall of fame as well please...I love seeing others creations...:)..It inspires us all and gives us ideas we may not have thought of..:)..Hope this will be a good day for you Linda..hugs...xx

  7. Hi Linda
    Very pretty card from Jenny-the bouquet is lovely.
    Just going to the new blog now.

    Take care
    Eileen x

  8. Hi Linda, late today I'm afraid but first can I say a big thank you for your reply yesterday, so very kind and thoughtful of you.
    The cards from Carole and Jenny are so lovely you are so talented ladies.
    Will be hopping over to Christine's blog after my comment. Don't worry hun you still have non blogger me but at moment not finding much time for crafting.
    Take care, love & hugs Christine H xx

  9. Hi sweet Linda:)
    These cards are wonderful:) Tho very creative women:)
    Big hug,

  10. Both beautiful cards ladies, inspiring. Impressed with the back of your card Carole. Hope you have a lovely day Linda.....well evening really isn't it lol. Hugs lin

  11. I'm here again Linda:) Your candy arrived this morning,all fantastic and useful,Thanks a lot again for all,I'm like a baby on Christmas day:))
    I wrote a post to thank you and other wins I did:)
    Big big big hug,
    (Now I'm going to visit Christine's blog:)


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