Monday, 20 August 2012

Promarker Storage - Finished at Last

Hello all and welcome to my latest followers,
Today,  I want to start by saying a big, big THANK YOU to Anne for her generosity. 
A few weeks ago I mentioned in one of my posts that I needed either a 10/11mm circular punch or the same size in white circular labels.  I desperately needed to mark the ends of my Promarkers with the colour inside to make searching easy when I was colouring and several of you kindly gave me some wonderful ideas and advice, thank you to you all for that.
Well to my delight Anne had found and used some of the labels I needed and most generously sent  me two packs of them. The smaller sized dots I put on the ends of the Promarkers and the larger ones I put into my notebook so I can always see what colours I have when ordering or buying more (Anne gave me that tip too).  Bless you Anne, you really did make me a very happy chickie!  You said they were inexpensive, but to me their value was much greater.  I now had something I had been trying to find for months and you saved me from having to trawl the internet again and again.
Now all my Promarkers are easily identified and tidied away within easy reach, right next to my craft desk.  I made a foamboard storage rack to fit within an old Ikea CD shelf unit next to my desk.   A fab job done and all thanks to the lovely people I keep meeting via crafting.   I love the world of crafting, don't you!!!
Here's the finished Promarkers (I don't have them all yet, but I am trying to buy a couple every month in my craft budget).

Here is how the unit sits next to my main craft desk.  Now all I need to do is sort through my Whisper & Sakura pens and my colouring pencils (below) and that will be another unit tidied.
On the left of that unit you can see my latest acquistion, my mini drawer unit.  It is a fabulous unit with very long drawers that are broken down into three sections with removeable dividers.  I store everything from my long fancy pins, grommets and pearly buttons to metal hinges, tiny brads and eyelets. They all stay in position and because the drawers are wide enough to allow for your fingers to reach in, removal of items is easy peasy!   That's 32 drawers times 3 sections giving a whopping 96 compartments, plus the big bottom drawer; all that for just £8, not bad aye!! (Aldi product).  I just have to label it now.

Well that's another storage solution completed (well two if you count my mini drawers).   I know from your emails that some of you have your own awesome ways of storing your markers etc, maybe you could share them with us today, if you have time.
Before I go, I meant to say in yesterdays post, that I ran out of mount board and as I didn't want to spend money to buy more I decided to recycle again  (which I love to do as often as possible).  Using some card from old cereal boxes etc, I glued four layers together, picture sides inside, and let them dry beneath a couple of heavy plastic storage boxes.  I then used one of my mountboard ribbon cards as a template, cutting them out with my craft knife and a metal edged ruler.  By using several layers with glue between, it gives the card extra strength.
I am going to try and get the competition up tomorrow as long as I get all the work done that is planned for today.  So keep those fingers crossed for me because if I am honest, I am really getting fed up of clearing, cleaning, organising and reorganising.  Don't worry I have been having time to rest; but thats half the problem, my silly back is the reason it is taking so long! Maybe I should just leave it completely for a few days and just craft to cheer myself up a bit.  Then I can get back to it with some renewed gusto.... ummm worth considering me thinks :D 
I hope you all have a productive and enjoyable day today.  Be happy dear blog friends and thank you all again for your warm and wonderful comments, they really do mean the world to me.
Best wishes and Big Hugs Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda,
    fab storage for your markers. Yes isn't the craft community wonderful, you mention something and they lend a had so to speak.You are getting back the kind that you give to so many others. By the way I love the Aldi storage. My nearest one is Hythe which is about 20 miles away from me. So I don't get there very often.Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Now Aldi is one store I do have, only 10 miles away in my nearest town. You can get some amazing bargains there if you are there at the right time. You have certainly been busy Linda but isn't it a great feeling when things it's done and looks neat and tidy, and even more important - easily accessible! Have a good rest! Love from Christine xx

  3. Wow you are so organised Linda, it makes life so much easier. I need to mark my Copics up too, but their ends are smaller and I need to write the letters and numbers on so finding it difficult.
    Suzie xx

  4. Hi Linda, you have been busy! Fab storage for your father in law has it on his list (the one I gave him) to make a similar one from wood for me (he likes tinkering in his workshop!), hugs Carole Z X

  5. Stunning craftroom can`t wait till we get our extensiondone so I can have my own room again knitting machines out sewing machine out ohand my crafty stuff out thenI will know where every thing is i know it will happen one day LOL Xxx hugs Melanie

  6. Morning Linda, These tips for storage are fantastic, I bought a wooden drawer unit, that sits on one of my craft desks, for storing my Promarkers, well made but cost quite a bit, your idea is brilliant. My craft room is a right state ha ha, I have lots of Really Useful Boxes as storage and have drawers etc, but when I try and organise better, I can never find anything. My craft room is like the Big Black Hole, you put stuff in there and can never find it afterwards ha ha. I went to a craft class a couple of months ago and made 3 beautiful cards, I put them in the 'Black Hole' and haven't been able to find them ever since, don't know where I put them !! Your crafty piccies look so organised, I will have to persevere with mine, I really need to get rid of a load of stuff, but can't bring myself to. Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Hi Linda, Yet another great storage idea..:)..I don't have many Promarkers cos not that good at colouring so keep them in a Tupperware box, but if I had a lot this is great for them!!..I think the Aldi storage is fab. I like your idea of the cereal boxes. I've kept a load of them "Just in case! so will be using your idea..Make sure you rest!!.. A day of crafting will refresh your mind and body, so that's what you should do..Dr Carole's a great day..Love Carole..xx

  8. Hi Linda WOW how fabulous and wasn't it worth the wait, super storage and so easy to reach you will be having a great time colouring . Looking forwards to the competition Big Hugs Elaine

  9. Hello Linda, Wonderful storage tips again, thank you so much for taking the time to share them with us.
    I hope you have a good day.
    Take care
    Hugs Sue

  10. HI Linda, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Wow, you have been a busy lady. That storage compartment is great, will have to stop by that strore as I need to get my desk organised!xx

  11. Hi Linda - I'm back to my blogging today and have just seen your last three blogs - I just love your storage systems - brilliant or what. Mine are all stored but I have realised they are not as efficient as yours - time for me to rethink!! I have been doing a little cardmaking though and my hubby is doing some pics as I type - or trype as I like to call it! I will be posting later today. I must try Aldi sometime - ooops will have to go, hubby is here with my pics.

    Hugs to you Sue P xxxxx

  12. It's true that a change is as good as a rest, do your crafting a few days and get back to your organizing is my advice lol. Your promarker storage is great, and I love the tip of keeping labels with your colours on so that you know what you already have....I have more than once bought the same colour's hard to keep track isn't it. Great work space, enjoying seeing all your storage solutions. Hugs lin

  13. Such a great idea and boy have you been busy. I did try to get you some labels not thinking it would take so long, so I am pleased Anne found some for you. My source is still trying to obtain some and I haven't the heart to say it's too late, he may never find them anyway. Pleased your organising is coming together for you, it all takes time but it's worth it in the end. Take care and don't overdue it. Hugs Christine H xx

    1. Oh thank you so much Christine. If he does get them I will pay you for them as I can always keep them incase I need to reorganise something else, or one day someone may ask me and then I can pass them on as the lovely Anne did. It is so good to be part of the caring, sharing crafting world. It is the one place I don't feel alone (odd that, considering I am sat here on my tod...LOL!)
      I am having a rest from the reorganising for a bit now. My daughter helped me finish the wardrobe yesterday so I am happier now the clothes are tidy. Hopefully now, I will be able to do some cardmaking tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
      Take care and have a good evening. Linda x

  14. Oh my word you've got loads of pens wow! I'm not showing you mine now lol (Blush) your craft room looks fab too and great storage. Hugs Teresa xx

  15. Fab storage for your pens. Really need to get mine more organised. Take it easy and don't do too much at once.


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