Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tips For Storing Your Ribbon & Lace

Good morning and welcome to another storage idea post. 
Some weeks ago, while taking pictures of my Die & Rubber stamp storage I took some pictures of my latest idea for my ribbons & lace too.   For some unknown reason I didn't put them up on the blog to share with you at that time, so I've decided to carry on today where I left off.

I don't know about you but I started to buy more and more of my ribbon in full spools, especially the plain, unpatterned ones, as I found I could get it much cheaper than when buying by the metre.  Of course in the beginning a few spools here and there didn't really cause a problem, but as time went on the number of spools grew and the mess became a real bother.   My first solution, in my old craftroom, was to have a narrow metal curtain pole put up, suspended from underneath the base shelf on the wall directly in front of me at my craft desk.  This worked out really well and was perfect until I moved to the bigger craftroom.  In my new room I slightly redesigned the layout around my main craft desk and filled the space beneath my new shelves with miniature draw units and utility boxes.   Now what to do with my ribbons? (which by the way were all still on the extendable curtain pole, stood in the corner of the room; ribbons slowly curling themselves off the spools.)
Well thanks to a clever lady on 'Pinterest' I found an idea that I modified a little and I created a drawer of carded ribbons and lace (I am so sorry but I cannot find the link to the originator, if I do find it in the future I promise to add it so she receives the credit due).

To the right of my main craft desk I have a smaller, narrower desk running along the wall under the window.  Under this I have a set of three plastic drawers that take 12x12 paper easily and they worked out perfect for my ribbons etc.  I have used some foamboard to section off the drawers.  Unfotunately I didn't glue the sectioners into place before I took the photograph so they have moved slightly and look a little messy.  Nevermind it still gives you the overall effect.  Now to the storage cards themselves.
A few years ago  I owned a Wedding Stationers which I ran from my home.  I loved it.  It was my dream come true!  Unfortunately, as my health deteriorated much quicker than I expected, I could no longer cope with the hours of work required for a successful business and so I had to cease trading.  After my spinal surgery I was told I would never be able to work again;  then I started the business and it looked like my life was not over after all.  Then another blow, this was the final time I would ever work and it had come to an end.  The only advantage was that it left me with lots of cardstock, including mount board. 
First I sectioned the drawer with the foamboard and then set about cutting up the mount board to fit within the sections.  I had some oddments that were alot smaller, but I didn't waste them I cut them to shape and used them for the smaller reels of ribbon (as pictured here with the blue organza).

 For some of the larger lengths I cut the cards with the indents on the opposite sides (as pictured above with the ivory lace).

 Shorter lengths and narrower ribbons were easily accomodated on one card, the same idea working for oddments of one type also.

On this card I have lengths of faux suede (it's beautifully fine and delicate). They measure approximately 1inch wide by 12-14inches in length.   I wonder if you could possibly guess where I got it from?  I'll give you a clue, it's another upcycle.    Well, I'll tell you.  It started life stuck onto the plastic shell of an uplighter shade in my bedroom.  I have wanted to change it for a while now and when I did, eventually take it down I thought about just ripping off the fabric and recycling the actual shade.  However, on close inspection of the fabric as I started to pull it away from the shade, I realised it was so fine that it would make lovely ribbon.  It is so soft and flexible that it folds into pleats like a dream and ruches up easily to make really pretty flowers.  What a find, don't you just love it when you can find something so special and it cost you nothing at all!!

Thats another storage idea finished at long last.   I am just sorry that I didn't get it done sooner for you, but better late than never, that's what they say (whoever they are...LOL!).
Have a great day and keep smiling.   Linda xx



  1. Morning Linda, I really must have a go at my ribbon. I have nowhere near the amount that you do but it's in such a mess. A rainy day job methinks - which will be coming pretty soon again! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. LOve from Christine xx

  2. Hi Linda,
    well what a clever and tidy craft person you are. You do give us some lovely tips and tutorials. I am so envious of all that ribbon and lace. Hark at me the green eyed monster in me.LOL. Funnily I have green eyes. Well dear friend enjoy your Sunday.
    Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    1. It has taken me years and years to get that ribbon sweetie, plus, I must own up, I had some pastel colours left over from my Wedding Stationery business and I also won one of Sue Wilson's draws and it had bundles if ribbon in it. You'll get there, look out for the sales on the internet and in places like Hobbycraft etc. I set myself a spend each month now and use it for one item that I want to grow. It could be £? of dies, ribbon or inks etc. That way I am growing my stash but carefully. I don't buy things I don't really need any more. Long gone are the days of wasting money on stamps, paper pads etc cos they look good and everyone has them. I buy what I really love and will definitely use now. I think I feel happier about my craft now that I buy wisely. Thank you Jenny, hope you're good today. Linda x

  3. Wow how much ribbon love your storeage Idea will take this all on board when i eventually get my craft room,i craft in the kitchen at the momment ,I was supposed to be making cards yesterday but was to hot to do anything here in kent.its gettung hot here now and it only 7.50 shouldn`t conplain really but no breeze it does get to you and the laptop feels really hot LOL XX . Melanie

    1. Same here Mel, I am melting and can't cool down for anything. My craftroom is like a hot house even with the fan on! Oh we are never happy are we. I hate the cold then complain when its hot! Shame on me.
      I hope you are having a good day and hope you get craftroom sorted soon, I only had mine recently as you know and now I spend forever organizing and reorganizing it. Lol!!
      Hugs Linda

  4. A fabulous storage idea Linda. I really do need to sort my ribbon, it's on my list of things to do. Only trouble is my list just gets longer all the time.

    I hope you have a good Sunday
    Hugs Sue

  5. Hi Linda, this is such a good idea..:)..I don't have huge amounts of ribbon but this looks like a better idea than mine. I have all my bits of recycled (like ribbon from garments to hang them up with) in cello bags. Each colour is separate, but I shall make some flat spools and put them on these. I keep my ribbon in plastic shoe boxes, but I'm sure I can section the off like this..:)..Thanks for another fab storage idea..:)..have a great day..Carole..xx

  6. I used to keep all my ribbons on cards in that way, only trouble being is that you can often end with folds in your ribbon that need ironing. I think that maybe a layer of foam, wadding or bubblewrap against the card to soften it could avoid that without taking up too much more room. Great organisation though. Hugs lin

    1. You are totally right Linda. Thank you so much for reminding me, I have a piece of fabric under the most delicate of ribbons. Also I acquired a very cheap set of hair straighteners that are kept in the next drawer down from my ribbons (with my heat gun, glue gun etc) and I just run the ribbon quickly through to remove any creases. As you don't want the straighteners to be hot they are ready in just 10secs. If you use them quickly before they heat up you can even do organza and chiffon. With care I have never burned or shriveled any ribbon or lace, yet! :E

  7. Oh Linda how you put us to shame :)! My ribbon is in a plastic box and every time I need some I am rummaging around trying to find the right size and colour and it's in such a pickle so thanks again for another great storage idea. Will I ever get myself organised lol! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Hugs Christine H xx

  8. Linda: I have to giggle. This is an amazing storage device for your ribbon. But, oh my goodness.....if I can find your email address, I will shoot you a photo showing you why this would NEVER work for me. I actually own more ribbon than May Arts and Prima put together....LOL I have such a ribbon addiction. So, I will shoot you the photo just for giggles if I can find your email address.
    I love seeing all your helpful tutorials and ideas here on your blog. Thanks for your sweet visit to my blog today. You are such a blessing.

  9. Hi Linda
    I store my short pieces of ribbon like this, it is so much easier to find everything and takes up less space, I was lucky enough to get 3 ribbons hoppers second hand on eBay for my small spools too
    Suzie xx

  10. Hi Linda, I have just seen this tip for ribbons, it's ingenious. You should see my ribbon drawer, it's a mish-mash of ribbon lengths, I can never find a ribbon when I want it, it's usually under the mound in the drawer. I will have to take on board your ideas and wrap them onto card. That will take me ages .... ha ha, because I don't buy long lengths of ribbon, but it will be worth it if they remain straight and not crushed, as mine are at present. Your idea with the cheap straighteners is brilliant too. Thanks for all the great ideas. Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Very clever and very neat idea, I love it, my ribbons are stored in a drawer but on the spools they came on, I do love my ribbons, lace & trims to be neat so I can find what I'm looking for, love your idea though, looks great! Hugs Teresa xx

  12. Hi Linda

    This is a fabulous idea for storage. All of your ribbons look beautiful and neat.

    Sarah x

  13. Love your storage ideas, pens and ribbons give me sleepless nights lol x


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