Thursday, 2 August 2012

Big 100 Candy Winners

Hi all,
Will I ever get myself to this blog on time?!!!   I am so sorry but I had my lovely grandchildren today, the three oldest of my second son and it was busy, tiring but absolutely fabulous.   Non-stop excitement, playing, coaxing and giggles too.  It's funny but even though I am shattered I feel great.  I know I can't manage them on my own and never will, but with my daughters help it makes it much easier and so I can see them more often now.

Ok enough of me, lets get on to the draw, the BIG 100.

Winner No 1
Recipient of the Stamping and Colouring parcel is:
No. 23 Sonia


Winner No 2 
Recipient of the Embellishment parcel is:

No. 13 Cazanne49 (Carole) 

CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!!  Please email me with your details and I will get your lovely Candy off to you asap.

I really appreciate the support you have all shown to me, especially through the tough times I've had lately.   It makes me so happy to be able to give something back, I just wish I could give you all a little something. 

Before I go I really could do with your help.  I need to mark the ends of my Promarkers with white circular stickers so I can colour them for ease of use.  I want to find either a 10/11mm punch which I can use with larger stickers I  already have or I would like to buy circular stickers of that size.   I don't mind if its second hand or a used packet, the only stipulation is that I need around 150 stickers.
Thank you.

(NOTE:-  Any unclaimed prizes will be redrawn on Wed 8th August)

Take care.  I'll see you all tomorrow.
Hugs Linda xx 


  1. Congratulations to both Sonia and Carole. I'm sure you will really enjoy your candy!

  2. Well done to Sonia and Cazanne .
    Well done to you too Linda, your kindness and inspiration you give to your followers is fabulous here is to 200 and more, Hugs Elaine

  3. Well done to the winners and thanks again Linda for being so generous.

    Hugs Sue

  4. Oh Linda thanks Thanks Thanks a lot:))
    I'm very very very happy:))
    Now I write you an email:)
    Big big hug,

  5. Hi, Linda!!! Congrats to the 100 followers!!

    Gongrats to the winners!!!

  6. Hi Linda, congratulations to both winners, I know you will enjoy your candy. Best wishes, Lesley xx

  7. Hi Linda, I think Woodware have 10mm punches - perhaps that could work and stick them yourself :) xx

  8. Well done to the winners and thanks again for your generosity Linda.

  9. Hi Linda

    Congratulations to the lucky winners.
    I have a woodware long arm punch which cuts a half inch circle, but not sure if they still do it as mine is quite old.

    Take care
    Eileen x

  10. hello sweet Linda, I have been so busy and I have been working a lot of OT(over time), it is mandatory so I have been unable to get off for almost two weeks. Hopefully, there is light at the end of the tunnel though, someday. I hope you are well and still sharing that sweet smile and attitude! So kind of you to give away blog candy and congrats on the 100 followers, hoping you have 100 x 100 more followers! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a fabulous weekend, it is upon us, I will be working...keep smiling!

    enjoy *~*

  11. Hi Linda, Oh my goodness I can't believe I have won something!!! I'm so excited!! Especially as I've only just come on here at 1.25am cos I've been too poorly to go on computer all day!! You'll have to tell me how to email you cos not very comp literate. I have hotmail but can't see on here where your email address is. So please if you put it on here then I will be able to copy it and send you my details..:)..THANK YOU sooooooooooooooo much...Carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hi Linda, I found your email on your profile (Silly me, didn't think to look there!), so have sent my details to you...:)...Thanks once again..:)

  13. Thanks to everyone else for being so kind. I will really enjoy using them..:)

  14. Congrats to Cazann and Sonia..enjoy your prizes! Thanks again to Linda for your generosity and here;s to the next 100!
    Carole Z X

  15. Congrats on tipping over 100 followers, and congrats to the candy winners. I bought some of those round stickers from a homeopathic supplier. I've been trying to find the site again, will get back to you when I come across it....I'd been thinking of using them for my promarkers. Hugs lin

  16. Hi Linda,
    Congrats to the winners of the candy. You are a very generous lady, because I know your not sponsored by anyone to give away such lovely candy. So therefore this comes out of your own pocket, or purse maybe is the right saying. To the candy winners enjoy your fab prizes. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  17. Well done to the candy winners - you are both soooooo lucky. Thank you also to Linda for putting this prize together, you are such a generous lady.

    I can't help you with the small circle problem because I haven't a clue - nothing changes does it.

    Hugs Sue P xxx

  18. Hi Linda. Well done to the winners. Re the stickers, I bought mine from The Range, they fit just nicely on the wedge end. I also use them to keep a record in a notebook. Using the lists from the Letraset site I name the colours, in order, and put a blank sticker underneath each. I colour those I have and keep the book with me when shopping, I then know exactly what I 'need'! By using and colouring a sticker you also avoid any bleed through the notebook page. Hope this helps.

  19. Congratulations to Cazann and Sonia enjoy your lovely prizes ladies, and thank you Linda for your wonderful generosity. As Jenny said you are not sponsored so all prizes are funded by you. By sharing your creativity and giving us inspiration is a prize in itself, bless you! Love & hugs Christine H xx

  20. Congrats to the winners, enjoy x

    The stickers are a good idea to put on your promarkers. This is my colouring medium too. It is bloomin hard to find the colour you want. Mine is in a clear stacking box, I use the blank promarker sheet (colour in the ones I have) to choose my colours. BUT then I have to rummage through the blinkin box, very noisy especially when hubby is having forty winks on the sofa, Lol.

    hugs sally x


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