Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Mondays Quote & a Showcase

Well as you can tell, Monday's Quotation is a little late.  I was so busy Monday with the grandson and he didn't have a long nap so I was unable to get to my laptop to post it.  Never mind, they say a change is as good as a rest so I will do it today instead.   Also, the lovely Jenny has sent me a picture of a recent card that she made using the border technique I showed you last month and I wanted to let you see it to;  so let's get started.
The quotation I have for you today is one of several that the smashing Christine Harrop sent to me.  I have been saving them to use for a special day and today is as special as any in my book; we are after all, alive!!

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, 
and the life of a candle will not be shortened. 
Happiness never decreases by being shared. 


and as Aristotle said

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Thank you for sharing some of your favourite quotations with me Christine, it's lovely to see what words inspire others too.  
Now to Jenny's card.

 So much work has gone into this flamboyant but elegant creation, making it a beautiful keepsake that will be adored for many, many years to come.  
Jenny used my 'Grown Border' technique that I posted for you to see on June 22nd, but she has adapted it and I think it looks even better than my attempt.  If you look closely you will see that Jenny has linked the 'arms' at the bottom of the border diecut with the top of the border on the previous row.  This is very effective and an easier way to join them too. 
The K card or Star card can take alot longer to make, but it still is a top favourite among crafters as it allows you to be very creative, even going as far as to create totally different 'scenes' within each section.   I love the way you have used different apertures in your card Jenny and have 'recycled' the waste bits from the Parisian diecuts to make the fancy shapes all the way around the edges of them.  Totally inspired and a very creative card indeed.  Thank you again for letting us see your lovely work.

Thats it for today, I am off for a couple of hours sleep now as I have been up all night again.  I just hope this rain has eased by the time I wake because it has gotten really heavy again and the wind is picking up too.
I do hope the weather is nicer where you are and you all have a good day.  
I have a card with something a bit different tomorrow;  Glossy accents & Microbeads is all I will say for now.  Catch you soon Linda xx


  1. What a beautiful card thanks for showing must have taken ages ,Hope you had a good night sleep ,Melanie

  2. A terrific card Jenny! Such a lot of work has gone into it. The happy couple will treasure it forever I'm sure. It's nice to see Linda's border being used. Linda, you are so good to those of us without a blog. Hope you mange to get some decent rest!

    love from Christine xx

  3. Thought provoking quotes, will take them on board! Such a stunning card Jenny, it must have taken an age to do, but worth it when you get a result like that and to give to special people in your life. Thank you for bringing it to us Linda. Take care Alison :)

  4. WOW!! A stunning card from Jenny and I agree with you - it will be treasured. Thank you for sharing it with us

    Hugs Sue

  5. Hi Linda.
    thank you for showing my card today, and thank you for all the lovely comments. I was going to send you a picture of the box too but I forgot to send it yesterday. Just finished the lace technic again on a 65th Wedding Anniversary card I was asked to make, and couldn't refuse as it's such a special celebration. My hubby says I'm like that song. I'm just a girl who can't say no, that's as far as making cards for people when they ask. Was asked to make a 80th Birthday on Monday evening for Tuesday. Now to your lovely quotes makes you stop and think for a short while in our busy lives. Have a great crafty day everyone. The weather here in Kent dull but dry.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Hii Linda, WOW Jenny this is a masterpiece, I have never attempted to make such an elaborate
    Card, I don't think I would know where to begin. I'm looking forward to tomorrows post. Take care, best wishes, Lesley x

  7. Morning sweetie this is just gorgeous, huggles Pops x x x

  8. Wow, what a lovely card Jenny. Thanks Linda for showing this.

  9. Hi Linda, the quotes from Christine are so true we just need to keep reminding ourselves. Jenny's card is stunning! You are so talented Jenny, such a wonderful keepsake for the recipient. So much work has gone into this and like Lesley I just wouldn't know where to start. Brilliant! Thank you Linda for showcasing this card.
    Hugs Christine H xx

  10. This is fabulous and a beautiful treasure for couples. Would you like to know more about Scrapbooking ideas and scrapbooking supplies? Here you can find

  11. What an amazing card Jenny, really beautiful and as Linda says, something to treasure...and what lovely quotes from Christine too, very very true X
    Linda thank you so much for my competition prize which arrived's all amazing, you are a very generous lady and I shall enjoy using the decorative pin kit very much, hugs Carole Z XX

  12. Love Jenny's card Linda, you can change the distress ink colour to go with the 'wedding' colours as well. I am also going to type out this quote because it cheers me up no end. Will put it on my noticeboard above my desk.

    Anyway I hope you had some rest this morning Linda - I do sympathise as I often have sleepless nights myself.

    Hugs Sue Pass xx

  13. Fab card Linda:) so elegant and unusual:) A little treasure for wedding :)

  14. Gorgeous, stunning and stylish card, thank you for sharing your quotes with us,
    Kim xx

  15. Wowzers this is truly awesome! Love the elegance of it and the intricate details are amazing. This was definitely a work of love!!


  16. Wow Linda this is sensational , I love K Cards and have done this before but not at this what super work I love this and they will treasure it forever , how fabulous Hugs Elaine


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