Saturday, 14 July 2012


Hi everyone,
This is just a very quick post to explain my absence.  After spending two days decluttering and orgranising my home, I noticed my throat and cough getting worse.  The very next day I woke up with pains in my chest and across my back and so I made a trip to the doctor. 
I have a chest infection and have been told to rest and take a course of penicillin.  I have been doing as I was told and am feeling a little easier today.  If things keep improving as they are,  I hope to be back with you in blogland in the next couple of days.
Best wishes to you all,  I do hope you are well.
Regards  Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda

    Have been checking your blog most days and guessed you must have been unwell. Sorry to hear that you have a chest infection.
    Had the same myself a few weeks ago, so you have my sympathy!

    I really hope you continue to improve so look after yourself and do take care. I'll be thinking of you and looking forward to reading your blogs again soon.

    All the best
    Eileen x

  2. Hello Linda, was hoping you weren't I'll, as wondered where you were, when checked your blog. Please get well soon, chest infections are not nice, you have my sympathy, take care and look forward to you being well again to liven us all up with your lovely crafty blog Alison :)

  3. Hope you get better soon ,I now how you are feeling have got the same and it`s not nice ,I`m on different antibiotics as Alergy to Penicillin , take care .Melanie

  4. Rest, lots of rest and hope you feel well soon xx

  5. Hi Linda,

    I was hoping this wasn't the case but I was sure it was since you hadn't made an appearance in almost a week. Continue to rest and take it easy with lots of fluids. Don't rush to do things too soon but wait till you are really well - we'll be here waiting!!

    Take care!

    Love and hugs from Christine xx

  6. Hi Linda. I was beginning to get quite worried for you, you absence has been muc noticed. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better very soon. Love Lesley x

  7. Hi Linda. I was beginning to get quite worried for you, you absence has been muc noticed. Take care of yourself and I hope you feel better very soon. Love Lesley x

  8. Take care of yourself, we'll be here waiting...
    Hugs Anreda

  9. Hi Linda,
    Like the others who have commented, I was getting quite concerned about you as I check your blog daily and thought you must be seriously ill to be absent for a week. So glad to hear you have turned the corner. Don't rush back - now we know you're ok, we would all rather have you back when you are truly up for it again. Take care, Desiree x

  10. I like others was wondering what had happened to you , take it easy rest and recover big Hugs Elaine

  11. Hi Linda, was wondering where you were, but had thought the decluttering got the better of you! Take care and rest up honey and come back when you are ready, lots of love and hugs Carole Z XX

  12. Hi Linda, sorry to hear you have been poorly. Rest up, dose up, take care and get better soon. All the best, Anne

  13. Hi Linda, I too was concerned it was more than your de-cluttering after checking your blog daily and you weren't around. You have been soooo missed! Glad you are doing as you are told so continue resting and come back when you are good and ready.
    Love and hugs Christine H xx

  14. Hi Linda..I thought you were taking a long time to de- clutter!..I hope you feel better soon. I also have a throat and lung virus, as does my must be going round!..Glad you're taking it easy, cos viruses have a nasty habit of getting far worse if you don't rest..Take care, looking forward to your next inspiration when you feel well enough..:)..Love and gentle

  15. Oh sweety,I'm sorry for you:(
    Take care..Big big big big hug,

  16. Oh dear Linda, poor you.
    Your take care of yourself and try to get plenty of rest.
    Love and Hugs

  17. Hello Linda,
    i´m thinking of you. Big hugs and thoughts for you. My thoughts are very conserned
    since April. My son has detached 4 Fingers in a circular saw and is in a spacialist clinic in Hamburg.
    I hope, we think about each other and it helps.
    Love, Sabine

  18. Hi Linda just a quick post as I am so busy tonight but I wanted to send you get well wishes. Hope you feel back to yourself soon.


  19. Hi Linda,
    not checked your blog for a few days due to the wedding on Saturday. I am sooooooooo sorry to hear you have not been well.
    Take care and look after yourself. Keep your spirits up and get well soon. By the way it rained nearly all day for the wedding, such a pity after all the preparation for it. Looking forward to your lovely blog again when you are feeling quite well again.
    Lots of crafty love Jenny L.

  20. Hi Linda - I didn't check the blog yesterday so have just seen your note. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well with your chest infection. I had missed you, but wondered whether you had got into a decluttering frenzy - I was hoping you weren't poorly. Anyway a big hug from me and hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.

    Hugs Sue P xx

  21. Hope you feel better very soon hugs Pops x x x

  22. Hi, Linda!!
    I wish you be better!!!
    Take care of yourself, we'll be here waiting...

  23. Hi Linda, just dropping by again to say thank you so much for your comments on my blog, always appreciated! Been thinking of you and hoping you are on the mend, take care, Carole Z X

  24. Hi Linda, just popping by to say you are always in my thoughts and prayers and I so hope you are improving everyday. Take care, love & hugs Christine H xx

  25. Hi Linda,
    As it has been a week since your last post, just wanted to stop by again to say you are missed and I hope that you are now well on the road to recovery. Take care of yourself.x

  26. Hi Linda - just a little worried about you so stopped by to say get well soon! Really hope you are on the way to feeling more yourself soon.

    Hugs Sue Pass xxx

  27. Oh Hun, I hope you get better soon!
    Big hugs, Alessandra

  28. I hope things are improving for you Linda , sending a big hug Elaine

  29. Hi Linda, I hope you are feeling better now, although viruses take their time in going!..Sending you get well wishes and Carole..xx

  30. Hi, Linda. How are you?? I hope you are feeling better now, ok.
    Take care of yourself, we'll be here waiting news about you... xx

  31. Thinking of you hun and wishing you well.
    Love & hugs Christine H xx

  32. that is terrible!!

    take care, rest, and relax!!! we will be here waiting when you return!
    hope you feel so much better-- and quick, too!

    big hugs!

  33. Hi Linda,
    Have been visiting all week and am so sorry to see that you are STILL not well enough to come back to us. You must really be going through the mill. Heaps more get well wishes!x


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