Monday, 30 July 2012

Making a start with thanks

Good morning all
Thank you for all the lovely comments and good wishes yesterday.  It doesn't seem to be my year, but I will keep pushing on, I have to,  I have so many people supporting me! Bless you all.
Welcome to our latest followers, I hope you will enjoy your visits to my blog and if you have a blog yourself,  I will be along soon to see what you are up to. 

Have you noticed we are almost at the Big 100 followers!!  
That means a draw for Two winners soon, how exciting!!

I'm sorry but I haven't a finished project to show you.  All I have is something I will be working on for a little while, so I am going to show you bits as and when I complete them.  Also I have the pictures of the beautiful gifts sent to me by the lovely Linda W.  I have been looking at them again today, I can't stop admiring them.  I have managed to move them off the desk, well...... almost...they are in a special drawer next to where I sit, so I can take a look now and!!
First here is what I am working on.....Hardboard Notebooks using my Bind-it-all (eventually)

I used the tissue paper method to create a faux silk background for the outside of my notebook.  I managed to acquire some bronze toned tissue and used lots of Mod Podge and then let them set hard below a stack of heavy boxes to keep the chipboard flat.
Next I used some Faded Jeans and Black Soot distress inks to distress the surface.
I used some travel papers inside and coated them with Mod Podge also to give them a wipe clean surface.  Again I used some distress ink to 'edge' the sheet, but just lightly this time.

 I made a small, half size Notebook to match.
These shots show the bronze tissue before and after adding the Faded Jeans and Black soot ink.

I hope you will bear with me as I am very slow working.  I really am not up to speed yet, my mind wanders too much at the moment.  I will show you more as I progress I promise.

Now to the lovely creations I gave you a glimpse of yesterday.  Linda Wescott has been so busy!!

First the stunning Fimo pieces.  I can't wait to start using these!!

Aren't these Steampunk pieces just fabulous!

This crochet work is so beautiful and this is only a fraction of the pieces Linda sent to me.  I couldn't fit all the pieces in without making the picture look messy.....I am no window dresser, thats for sure!

Last, but by no means least, the amazing semi precious beads.  Oh, I can't wait to make something special with these...............that's if I can ever part with them.   At the moment I just keep touching them......LOL!!
Linda, you are so very talented and a most generous lady.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you, I will treasure them all always.
Well that's it for today folks.  I will try to get something completed today; as soon as my beautiful Grandson goes home to mum and dad.  I haven't had him for a little while and  have missed him loads and loads.  Now he can lift my spirits.......... he always makes me smile!!
Have a great day all, whatever you're up to.   Big hugs Linda xx


  1. Morning Linda, gosh so many lovely crafty goodies to take in this morning! Love your ongoing project, I have been creating some faux silk paper too recently(thanks to Sue Wilson), it really is effective and the buttons are gorgeous - well done Lindas - both of you! Carole Z X

  2. Hi Linda, it's great to have you back. I look forward to your project as I have a bind it all that I have never used, it has sat in the cupboard for over two years? So yet again you will inspire me. It would be lovely if Linda W would pass on her pattern for the crochet as I would like to try these little gems. Looking forward to tomorrow post. Best wishes, Lelsey xx

  3. Hi Linda

    Linda's work is great. Like Lesly said, it would be nice if Linda could pass on her crochet patterns. I am back into my crochet again and getting on well with my summer sweater. My family is here and the sun is shining (for how long?) so we are going to be off out shortly! Enjoy the rest of your day and just craft as and when you can We can wait..

    love from Christine x

  4. Wow so glad you are back Linda , what super gifts isn't Linda talented, I love crochet work . Big Hugs Elaine

  5. Hi Linda, gorgeous collection of goodies from Linda. The Fimo pieces are wonderful and the crochet looks stunning.
    Take care
    Hugs Sue

  6. Hi Linda,
    lovely project. Can't wait to see it when it's finished. Love the colour tissue paper. I too have been trying something new for me. I have now started colouring digi images with pro markers. This a a new side to me in card making. Now to Linda's lovely creations, they are really superb no wonder you couldn't put them away. Take care of yourself, thanks to you and your blog I now have a wonderful tidy and more space craft room. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Hi Linda

    It's good to know you are getting back in harness, but you cannot help the mind wandering back.
    Good luck with your notebook project-I've found the Bind-it-all to be very useful fo quite a lot of projects.
    The bits and bobs you have been sent are really great-what a lovely suprise when you opened the package.

    Keep taking care
    Eileen x

  8. Hi Linda - welcome back, I have missed you and your blog and checked yesterday but I think I must have been too early. I am so glad you are back and would like to send good wishes, so sorry about your circumstances at the moment, I really feel for you and send you a huuuuuge hug!!!

    Love the goodies you have had from Linda - they really look great I'm not surprised you were pleased. I would also have them on my desk just to keep looking and touching LOL.

    Please take care and remember we are always here to support you and send hugs.

    Big hugs Sue P xxxx (my new blog)

  9. The faux silk on your notebooks looks awesome, great projects. Pleased you like all the bits I sent. I'll have to get to work on making some patterns won't I lol....I tend to just sit and 'go with the flow' lol. Have a great time with your grandson..they grow so quick don't they. Hugs lin

  10. Hi Linda, want to have a go at the faux silk after seeing Sue Wilson demo a Christmas card with this technique, it is so effective, so am looking forward to seeing how your project progresses.

    The gifts from Linda W are beautiful, can see why you are so thrilled with them. Linda is a very talented lady. I too would be interested in the crochet patterns if ok with Linda.

    So pleased you are back crafting again and can I reiterate Sue P's comment to remember we are always here to support you through thick and thin.

    Take care, love and hugs Christine H xx

  11. The gifts from Linda are Gorgeous x

    Can't wait to see your finished project. It does not matter how long it takes you, so long as you enjoy yourself along the way x

    hugs sally x


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