Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Diecut Swap Shop update.

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Hi all,
I have just popped in to give you a little update and answer a couple of questions regarding the possible  Diecut Swap Shop.   You have all been so enthusiastic with your ideas and I am so grateful to you for them all.  
AnnR has asked a very valid question in her comment about the possibility of international swapping.  Ann, up to now everyone that has shown interest lives in the UK, as do I, so it would not be a problem to deliver to you.  However your question does remind me that we do have to consider the possibility of an overseas request.  At the moment, as we are still very much in the process of brainstorming and consideration, I cannot give a definite reply but it would seem to be uneconomical to do overseas swaps as the postal charges would be too high, especially if card was being sent back and forth.   If however, the requested swap contained several mixed diecuts in one single parcel then it could increase the value to the receiver and so be worth the shipping costs.  
One thing for all to remember at the moment is that this is only a brainstorming so the more ideas and questions you throw in, the better.  It will help a great deal and could possible be the idea that sparks the perfect solution to this rather valuable service, if we can get it going.
I must say a big thank you to the girls that sent emails about doing something like this, you know who you are.  It is lovely the way we are growing together as not only bloggers/readers but friends and as our lovely Christine Harrop said, we are becoming a lovely community.  How wonderful is that.  
From the start I wanted, more than anything, for my blog to be 'our' blog.  To share our creations, our stories and our ideas.   I want to fill the blog with Tips, Tutorials, Ideas, Quotations etc that have come from 'our community', including helpful links to other fine blogs (yours and others) too.  
So, if you have any ideas, it doesn't matter how small,  to help us get this Swap Shop going write it in a comment so everyone can consider it or if you prefer, email me personally and I will do another update for everyone to read; either way is fine.
But the same goes for any ideas you may have, don't keep it to yourself, if you think it will help to make this blog a place more interesting for you and others too, give me the heads up and I will see what can be done. 
Thank you all for your lovely comments again today.  You are all so kind and very supportive.
Big Hugs Linda x


  1. Hi Linda,
    only just noticed this post as I didn't get chance to look in again on your blog. I help with my friend to run a ladies Tuesday afternoon club. So I was very busy yesterday as we had a strawberries and cream tea. Thank you for taking the time to update us on the swop idea.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Linda if I can partecipate( Italy is so far?) in this diecut swap I send you my list:)
    In Italy already do this swap:) Stamps swap(2/3 stamped on white card) and diecut on request:)

  3. I love the idea of the die cut swap, sorry not been around for a while. been hard to get back into the swing since my laptop problems, and getting a lot of headaches again this month. Hugs lin


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