Saturday, 7 July 2012

I'll be back.......!!!

Sorry all, I meant to say I'm back.....LOL!   I was having a Terminator moment there.   If only aye! They could just slide in a new spine and I'd be off and running.   Look out world, here comes the Bionic Terminator........... nah, don't fancy having to shoot people, I will stick with good old 'Bionic Woman'  (Lynsey Wagner was better looking anyway!!)
Ok enough of my sillyness;  this is what happens when I am left to my own devices for too long:  I craft,  watch a bit of TV on my laptop and then start talking to myself.  'Do you?'  'Yes I do!'  'I'd stop that if I was you, they'll be putting you in a straight jacket next.'  'Who will? Theres no one here but me.'   'And me!'   'Who are you?'   'You of course, you silly woman.  You're going a bit doolally on the quiet!'   'What do you mean on the quiet, I'm telling the world about this'   rofl :D   ha ha ha (sorry still laughing at myself)  ....Actually, that's not a good sign is it?   Bad joke aye..................!  :(   Not laughing now.
Sorry world, I really have got my silly head on.  If you find that really stupid, please, please forgive me and move quickly on to my card, well actually it's not technically a card, it's a tag.  Whichever, here it is:-

I used Maroon card for the base and topped it with a piece of Mariposa paper from the DCWV paper stack.  I chose carefully where to cut the paper so the embossed bird would sit behind my cage when I had finished.  I then cut out a spare bird and two butterflies from the same piece of paper and decoupaged them as shown.  The birdcage was diecut from mirri and orange card with a Marianne die, the orange one then cut directly down the middle.  This allowed the orange to show above and to the side of the whole diecut when glued; each half slightly offset, beneath.

The semicircle braid is hand crocheted and the rolled flowers are made from half thickness of bias binding, with the rosette flowers being stitched and ruched from a 1inch piece of grosgrain ribbon (all handmade by me).  A button with twine and threads is added to finish.
Using another piece of grosgrain ribbon in orange, I pulled out the threads and used them to make a tassle.  Finally I stamped out my sentiment onto strips of paper and trimmed the ends to form banner points.   Small gold brads were added to these to coordinate with the gold embossing on the paper.
I was going to distress it all a bit but it looked nice the way it was and so I left it alone for a change.

I have a little tip for you now:-   If you want to use the words on a phrase stamp seperately but they are too close together to just cut between when stamped the best way I have found to do it (as I have done on my tag) is to use masking tape.
1. Tape over unwanted words, leaving the required word exposed (if the tape won't stick to the stamp properly, make the tape long enough to stick over the stamp and onto the block, both sides).
2.  Ink that word, remove the masking tape carefully and set aside.
3. Stamp the word onto the card.
4.  After stamping, clean and dry stamp.
5.  Using the same masking tape cover the next lot of unwanted words.
6.  Repeat  steps 2- 5 as required.
NOTE  If you have words that are not in straight lines, just use smaller bit of tape at angles to cover all unnecesary bits.

This is a fab way to use alot of your phrase or poem stamps and split them across a card front or even between the front and inside too.  One of my favourite ways is to use the seperated words on tiny bunting across a card.   Have a practice and play with them to find new ways for yourself, it good fun.

Well that's it for the tag.  I hope you enjoyed the change of direction today.  But before I leave you I found this on a blog I was reading yesterday and just had to post it to give you a little giggle for the day.   I do hope it brings a smile to your face for the day.   Big hugs Linda xx


  1. your tag is so wonderful, Linda, so many lush's a stunner that I like a lot!
    thanks for sharing the video....sooooooooooooo sweet, I laughed so loud. What a cute little furball!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Big hugs, Alessandra
    PS: I talk to myself too ;o)))

  2. Stunning creation just off to watch the video , Have agreat weekend . Melanie

  3. Linda: This is just SUPER amazing! WOW - what a creation. I'd really love to have you share this (if you want) at Word Art Wednesday. We're having a double prize week with some really amazing prizes to be won!
    Your art is so pretty, Linda. It always makes me smile.
    Hope you're having an awesome week.
    Karen L

    P.S. Just another thought (and this blog has nothing to do with me - LOL) since you shared an awesome stamping tip, you might also want to play along at Top Tip Tuesday. They always have great prizes too.

  4. Hi Linda,
    fantastic, beautiful, wonderful, just a few words to describe your tag, are they enough to describe such a wonderful creation. I think you get the gist that I like. I talk to myself all the time,and my hubby and I are always quoting the one liners from great films. Very entertaining blog today, and the tips are very handy too. If I haven't the right stamp for my card I cheat and do it on the computer.
    Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L

  5. Hi Linda,
    I've just popped over from Sarah's blog, always happy to look at new blogs, and just wanted to say "love the tag". It's got lots of different elements and layers and looks great. I'll come and visit again soon. Oh, and I talk to myself too, it's the only way I get answers sometimes! Helen (Sydney)

  6. WOW!! This has got to be one of the most beautiful tags I have ever seen Linda. I adore the design and those gorgeous rich colours. You always place all of your embellishments so perfectly
    Awww that little kitten is just adorable, you have certainly brightened my morning and I do believe the sun is trying to come out too!!

    Hope you have a lovely day
    Hugs Sue

  7. Another beautiful thing you have created, you are so clever, it looks so touchy feely, love it. The sentiment is so true, I'll take a leaf out of your book Linda with that one. Thank you so much for bringing all these wonderful ideas tovus, and thins for the tips, I need all the help I can get! Take care Alison :)

  8. Your tag is AMAZING Linda, what a fabulous creation , That kitten was so cute, and what are you like today ! , I have to say you and me both have doolally moments, it clears the mind.
    You sound like you are feeling better re your throat. Take care enjoy your weekend Hugs Elaine

  9. Hi Linda
    A super tag, so much detail, love the way you have made the birdcage with its orange shadow, very effective. Anne

  10. Oh you clever, clever lady, this tag/card is absolutely stunning, just where do you get your creativity from 'Super Woman'. Your tip on masking off the stamps is brilliant and just what I have been needing, oh how lovely it must be to have a brain lol! No, seriously Linda that is one hot tip, thank you (like Alison need all the help I can get). Talk to myself too, glad I'm not alone lol! The kitten is so cute. A fantastic blog today!
    Hope your having a better day than we are, have braved the weather to feed the birds and fish so I know they are ok for a while.
    Have a great crafty weekend everyone.
    Hugs Christine H xx

  11. Hi Linda

    The tag is lovely-just the style I love. Would love to know the dimensions?
    Don't worry about talking to yourself-I've done it all my life and in many situations it's a great help! When my children were small they thought it hilarious and would often come into the room to see who else was there!

    Take care

    Eileen x

  12. First of all, I am so glad you are having doolally moments - these are quite allowed of course. I wondered if you were feeling poorly and that was why you weren't on your blog. Talk to yourself moments are the norm!! What's the saying 'if you talk to yourself you talk to someone with some sense'! Of course it isn't always so (like moi!!!) but mainly.

    I love your tag, the colours are gorgeous and the gold is so right for the cage. Yesterday I was just looking at some papers with birds on and thinking about my birdcage die. You have inspired me through the ether - LOL! Blimey I'm going off on one now!! The kitten is a scream - she is obviously practising to be fierce - not quite got there just yet - eh???

    Anyway have a lovely weekend Linda - have to report that it is beautifully sunny here in Nottingham - well once every blue moon as they say.

    Hugs Sue P xxx

    PS Love DCWV papers, the lady who was with the papers on one of the craft progs used to call an album an 'alblum' - it always made me smile (not in an unkind way).

  13. Hi Linda, loved the tag and thanks for sharing the video, I needed cheerihavel, have a massive arthritis flare,so in bed feeling sorry for myself, best wishes, Lesley x

  14. WOW, gorgeous tag Linda, love the effect of the birdcage, all the elements go together perfectly. I talk to myself too, I'm the only one that listens to me lol !!!
    have a great weekend
    Kim xx

  15. Hi Linda, love it with your 'silly head' on and yes, I talk to myself in the craft room as well! Loved the kitty video! Your tag is gorgeous, I love the colours and the birdcage effect is beautiful, you reminded me I must use my birdcage die more often because I really love it..hope you are having a lovely weekend, hugs Carole X

  16. Gorgeous Tag Linda and what a fab video, thanks for sharing that, kittns are adorable and do such silly things, you gotta love em'
    Hugs Teresa xx

  17. Hi Linda, goregous tag, so beautifully done and that tip is brilliant, I would not have thought of it. What a lovely British Shorthair kitten, so cute when they are this age. I have a great big lump of a Cream British Shorthair which doesn't move so much now... LOL, but I love him.
    Suzie xx

  18. what a beautiful tag the colours you have chosen work brilliantly together and i love the birdcage . thank for the handy tip it will come in very useful. I love your designs thanks for sharing


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