Monday, 3 September 2012

Twins but not identical

Good morning all.
I did have a lovely quote to share with you today, well it is more of a poem really but I have misplaced it.  I am hopping mad because I kept it so safe, ready to type up today for the blog and then when I need it I can't find it anywhere.   There is no point even trying to retrace my steps, I have danced all over this floor today (been busy crafting for a change... It felt so good too!!).   Ah well, saved for another day now.
Ok, less words for todays post, but definitely more cards.   I was making a card yesterday and because I love the papers so much I decided to make another card, different design but same papers.
Here is the first card I made, hope you like it.

Here is a side view to show the layering and the dimension.  I tried to keep it fairly shallow for posting.

Well, I liked it alot but I had a terrible time with the decision for the matts.  Did I want to do kraft matts or pink?  Well as you can see, I went for pink...................... or did I?

I did, in fact, go for both!  I was so taken with both colours for the matts that I decided to make a twin, but not identical thank goodness.
So as you can see in the following picture, the second card has the same paper and layout but I changed to kraft and used a different greeting also.  I think you can probably see my dilemma  as they are both very effective (although I am drawn to the kraft one alot! but please don't tell pinky or I may have a riot on my hands, these two have to share the same storage box remember...LOL!!)

Ok, thats it for today.  I have a busy day ahead of me as my Grandson, Jake will be here at 8am, so I need to get myself sorted.  Have a good day whatever you are up to.
Thank you all for the lovely comments you left for me yesterday.  I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Hugs Linda xx


  1. These are both gorgeous Linda. Just shows that a change in matt colour does subtly change the look of the cards. I think the one in kraft does look a bit softer, I think. But both lovely.

  2. Hi Linda. What a difference just a few subtle chnages can make. They are both gorgeous and I wouldn't like to choose. Looking at the clock I can see youare about to be "invaded" pretty soon, but I know you will have a wonderful, if tiring, day! Enjoy! Love from Christine xx

  3. Hi Linda,
    both cards are very lovely, I must say I am drawn more to the second. Not sure why though. The papers are really lovely. Have fun today with little Jake.
    Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Hi Linda, As Jenny says, both cards are lovely,but the brown on the 2nd one just has the edge I think. I like the way it brings out the brown "leaves" next to the flower head. Very subtle but beautiful..:)..Have a nice

  5. Gorgeous cards Linda. I love the papers, it really does prove how much difference it makes using different matts. I always spend ages trying to pick the right colour and here you are making 2 fabulous choices in one sitting!!
    I hope you have a good day
    Hugs Sue

  6. Afternoon Linda, oh decisions, decisions, first one or second one, second one or first it's no good I can't decide like both of them equally. Lovely colours, lovely design and great idea turning the one sentiment on it's side. Hope you are enjoying your day with Jake. Love Christine H xx

  7. Hi Linda, both cards are lovely, beautiful colours...if I have to choose the second one with the kraft card just has a slight preference for me! Hope you are enjoying your day, Carole Z X

  8. Hi there Linda - both of your creations are gorgeous - I can't believe how different they look with just a slight change of colour! I would not be able to choose either one because they are both beautiful. I love the fact that the flower on the front is like the one on the backing paper. Lovely idea. I expect you are really enjoying yourself today with Jake but I do hope you get some rest later on.

    By the way this is why I love your challenge - I didn't have to make a decision as to which paper to use and then what colour to try etc etc lol!!!

    Hugs to you Sue P xxx

  9. this is such a wonderful card, Hunni! I love the combination of pink and green, that's one of my fave, although I'm not really into pink LOL...I'm weird...
    But your card is so lovely. I hope you are fine and not in much pain or anything!
    Big hugs, Alessandra

  10. Hi Linda, this floral card is absolutely gorgeous:)
    Big hug,

  11. They are both fantastic how different they look just changing the matt card ,hopr you have a great day with your grandson .Melanie


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