Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Non Blogger Challenge entry

Good afternoon all,
Sorry I couldn't be here this morning but I was so tired yesterday I fell asleep before I could schedule a post and then slept late today.   So without further ado, here is our first Non-blogger entry for the Almost White Challenge.
It is a classy and very pretty box by our lovely Christine Hussey.  I am so impressed with the standard of entries.  Considering that so little colour was allowed, you have all created such beauty.   
I have included Christines own description for the entry.
1) I cut my box from white card using a pillow box design from one of my CD-Roms as a template extending it a little as I wanted it slightly bigger.
2) I then embossed my shape using Spellbinders M-bossability 'Imperial' Design B and made up my pillow box.
3) I criss crossed some yellow ribbon to one side of my box and added a double bow. Either side of this bow I added some pearl daisies that I made myself..
4) I made a wreath design out of cosmos daisies from WOC and stamped my sentiment onto white card using Ink It Up in French Blue, added clear embossing
    power and heat set it. I then placed my sentiment in the middle of the wreath.
5) I decorated the corners of the box with flat backed pearls from my stash.
Thank you Christine, I am sure everyone will be as  impressed as I am.  It is lovely to see another box, especially as the boxes are so different.
Ok, now to our.............. 

Challenge Prize Surprise!
As I stated in the Almost White Challenge post, every week I will be adding more prizes to the Candy pot.  Last week the lovely Sue chose a £4.50 stamp from Lili of the Valley to be our second prize.  So what for this week.  Well I decided you had to work for this one,  just a little bit of fun for us all.  So what do you have to do?
1.  Starting in todays post (in the section below) and in every post until Saturday, I will be placing a word among the text that doesn't seem to fit.  Find those words and save them up.  There will never be more than two words to find in any one post.
2.  When you have found the final word(s) on Saturday, make up the sentence.  I will give you a clue to the sentence in Saturdays post.  
3.  DO NOT enter the sentence in your comment for Saturdays post.  It must be entered ONLY after 00.00 midnight Saturday/Sunday.  I will put up a special post for that time and all the entries should be on that post only.
4.  On Sunday afternoon I will reveal the winner and also the prize they have won for the pot.
Does that all make sense.  I do so hope you will all play along and help to get another lovely prize for the Candy pot.  
(pssst... there may even be another surprise for all the players on Sunday, so please, please play along). It's just a bit of fun and add to the Candy too.  
Thanks everyone!!

Well I had a wonderful day yesterday with my grandson Jake, he spent ages in the garden showing off his football prowess.  He is only 3 but has been going to weekly football classes for a few months now and he loves it.  He's now showing that he has been paying attention to his coach and also his dad (my son) who also plays football.  He was bouncing the ball and doing high kicks (I apologise for not knowing football terminology..Lol!) and also tackled me when I tried to stop the ball (I can't do much else unfortunately.).  Even though I am unable to join in with the football it doesn't stop him and he giggles and plays must happily as I watch and praise him, giving him lots of encouragement.  As a matter of fact when I praise him for playing well he gives me the biggest, proudest smile and says 'Thank you Nannie' or 'Thanks! in that slow really proud tone'.   
I know I am biased because he is my grandson, but I swear to you he is adorably sweet and almost edible.  He is finding his feet now and can be a little rambunctious at times, as all children, but when he is corrected he looks so sad and says 'I'm sorry Nannie, I won't do it again'.  How could anyone stay cross with a child as gorgeous and as sweet as he ..... I sure can't.  Two seconds of  'Jake you musn't do that' is all I can manage and then I have to turn away because he makes me laugh with the words that come out of his mouth or I fill up as I see his bottom lip quiver.  I then have to  breath deeply and compose myself so he doesn't think Nannie is a push over.  
Grandchildren can make the best times of our lives.  
As a mother I was always busy and didn't prioritise properly (wish to goodness I had!) but now as a nannie (grandmother) I have learned my lessons and will to drop almost everything for my grandchildren.  Oh dear I have just realised I have done nothing but ramble on about my grandson.  I hope you will forgive me but I do so love being a Nannie! 
Ok that's it for today.  I am going to be crafting this evening so hopefully there is a card for tomorrows post.  Don't worry I haven't forgotten the crochet patterns, just had trouble reading my own writing (now don't laugh, I was trying to write the pattern as I was crocheting it!)
Have a great evening.  Hugs Linda 


  1. Oh Christine, this is absolutely gorgeous.The lemon and white is just beautiful! A stunning pillow box - and nice to see something different too. Thank youLinda for showing this to us. Good luck in the challenge Christine! love from Christine x

  2. Christine this is fabulous. Love the lemon and the white and the pretty design. Hope you are feeling OK today! Thank you for your amazing comment on my blog.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Sarah x

  3. Hi Linda,
    well what a beautiful box Christine has made. I love everything about it. The colours go together so well, and all that lovely embossing too. Fabulous, just fabulous.
    Will try and play along with challenge, but had some bad news about my brother in law so not sure how much time I can spend on it yet.
    Lots of crafty love .Jenny L.

  4. Hi Linda,
    It's me again. Sorry forgot to wish Christine good luck in the challenge.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Linda, thank you hun for entering my box in the challenge and for showing it on your blog, you are a sweetie and thank you so much ladies for your time sending your wonderful comments, I can see why comments on your blogs mean so much to you.
    Lovely to see you had so much fun with Jake yesterday Linda, I know just what you mean when you say he is almost edible and pleased you slept late and got that much needed rest. Have a lovely evening, love Christine H xx

  6. Christine's box is stunning. I love the design and the delicate colours. It's so great that you are able to such us such wonderful creations from non-bloggers that we probably would see otherwise.
    It's so nice to hear you talk with so much love for your grandchildren, I bet they think the world of you too.

    Take care
    Hugs Sue

  7. What a stunning pillow bx and good luck with the challenge Christine ,I`m glad you had a lovely time with Jake Linda XXX

  8. Back from the dentist and blogging again Linda! I love Christine's box - absolutely gorgeous. I would be sitting for ages whilst I looked at it - without looking inside! A very clever lady.

    You sound as if you had so much fun with Jake Linda - he is a lucky boy to have you as his Nannie. Just popping on to your next post 'cos I have seen that gorgeous card!

    Hugs to you Linda

    Sue P xx


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