Sunday, 23 September 2012

Almost White Papercraft Challenge


Good morning all,
Well I am doing it again, apologising..... Sorry about that (apology!).
Unfortunately when I was supposed to be putting up the Challenge post, as promised, I was nodding of on the sofa as I was shattered after having a poor nights sleep previously.  
So to the rules;  well there aren't rules as such because as you know I've never really liked rules (except where my children were concerned), so lets call them characteristics.


1.  The theme is  'Almost White' with your base card in white or ivory.
2.  No more than two other colours, one of which should only be a very small amount.
3.   You can make any papercraft item(s)
4.  You may enter up to twice only but they must be different and one item must be a card or tag.
5.  All entries must be linked to my blog by the closing date of Sunday 23rd September.
6. Non bloggers 
 EMAIL the picture of your entry(s), with a little description and I will showcase it on my blog so it can be entered.

Here is my example from yesterdays post.
My Characteristics are:-   Base card of White, two colours of pink with hint of green

Now to the prize.  
The prize will be made up as the Challenge goes along.  Each and every week I will add something new to the prize until the closing date, the final piece being added on the completion day
To start the ball rolling, here is the first piece of the Prize Parcel:-


Update:-  The next prize to be added to the Candy pot is:-
 a £4.50 rubber stamp from LOTV (surprise winner chose Fur Cone stamps!)

Update 11th Sept:- The third prize to be added to the Candy pot is :-
a Wooden House Frame (surprise winner chose a Decorative Pins starter kit)

I do hope you will all try to take part and make this an exciting and varied Challenge.  I am so looking forward to seeing your fabulous creations, all the best.

Have a great day one and all.   Hugs Linda

Please see this POST for the original Challenge post and rules


  1. Thanks Linda. Thinking cap going on as we speak. Havea good day. love from Christine x

  2. thank you Linda, sounds good to me!!
    I hope you feel better today
    hugs Sue

  3. Thanks flower - I went to bed last night and tried to think about a design - I was still thinking when I woke up this morning! Anyway I'll keep on thinking. Hope you are having a better day today. Take care.

    Hugs to you as usual

    Sue P xx

  4. This is just beautiful, Linda! So sweetly feminine with such clean lines and elegant details! The focal panel is layered marvelously! Hope you are doing well!

  5. Hi Linda this is such a beautiful card..but not sure why the date is saying 23rd

    1. By publishing your post and then going back in and changing the date you can keep your post at the top of your blog until a specific date. Called a Sticky Post. It keeps an ongoing subject, like Challenges or Candy, in a position where everyone can see it when they visit your blog.
      Thanks for the lovely comment.
      Hugs Linda x

  6. Hi Linda,
    fab idea. Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries. Thanks for the info on the post, and thank you for the info on my blog yesterday. Not had chance to try it yet, but printed out the email for future reference. Sorry to hear your not sleeping well lately. You take care and get your rest when you can. Have a great crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Hi Linda, I'm having a blog friend catch up after a few days away working on a 'grand design' in the garden rather than the craft room!! Beautiful card, I love the way you have arranged the flowers in the corner. Great idea with the challenge, with craft commitments and some other DT work, as well as holidays soon, I may not get the chance to enter, but will look forward to seeing everyone else's! Take care and hope you get some better sleep soon, Carole Z X


  8. Good Morning Linda and thank you for becoming my 20th follower.
    I just love your card and of course, it is in just my style.
    Your card is so clean and fresh looking.
    I am hopeless at this Blog lark, do not know yet how I ever got mine up and running.
    You never know I might just have a go at your Challenge.
    I will contact you regarding the "Buttons" thank you for that kind offer
    Have a Great Day


  9. Hi Linda - me again - I am so proud to be the first one to enter your Challenge, mind you it is such a lovely one to do. Hope I have linked everything correctly, please let me know if not. Also if it is tooo lilac-y please feel free to delete. I do get carried away you know! LOL

    Hugs Sue P xx

  10. Wow, this is such a pretty card, very inspiring. I love lattice, and I love pink, they make a great combo. I've not been around blogland much recently days and completely missed this. I must get working. Hugs lin

  11. Linda I put a card on your challenge but I think I have got it all wrong. I clicked on the post and sent it but I am sure the whole Blog has gone on rather than just the card.
    Sorry about that, as I said before I am useless at this challenge and Blog lark.
    Will refrain from this sort of thing in future.


  12. Linda, thank you for that little nudge, just what I needed.
    It was the card before the "box and card" that is on my Blog for today that I was trying to enter. I have printed off the instructions you gave me, hopefully I will manage next time.
    Thanks again

    Patricia xx

  13. Really gorgeous card Linda! Love the embossed lattice background.

    Sarah x

  14. What a beautiful example you've made. I won't be playing along because I wouldn't want you to have to send it overseas. I also don't think I've ever made something white or cream as the primaries. But I'm sure everyone will have lots of fun with it. Your wedding card is beautiful!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week, and thanks so much for being such a blessing and encouragement to me!
    Blessings to you,

  15. Hi Linda,
    It's me trouble. I am trying to add my second entry into the challenge, but the link won't take a second entry. Any ideas?
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

    1. Hi Jenny,
      I will look into that as soon as I can get to the pc. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm a novice with Linky so will have to read up. Love Linda x

    2. Hi Jenny,
      Can't get to my pc yet but just had a thought. When you entered the cards are you using your blog only address in the URL box or the address for your card.
      You need to find your post on your blog then click on its title/heading (name you gave it) then it opens only that oist on your blog page. Now highlight and copy the URL in your address bar and paste this into Linky. You will see the address is much longer now than just your blog name. Hopefully that solves the prob. If your first entry is wrong when I get to pc, ill delete it for you so you can re enter it. Any probs let me know.
      Thank you so much for entering and esp twice! I'm loving all the entries, everyone has worked so hard. have a great day. Love Linda

  16. Hi Linda wow what a super challenge and fab prizes .Your card is gorgeous well done , thank you so much for your super comments on my blog . I am off to craft in white and two colours !! Have a super weekend
    Big Hugs Elaine

  17. Here is my entry .Hugs Melanie

  18. Great card, I love the "simple" effect - I know it's not simple to do!!! Great idea running a challenge, good luck everyone

    hugs Vicky xxx

  19. Finally made it here with my entry. Hoping to enter again before the end. Will try and pop and see the other entries before the 23rd too. Hugs lin

  20. A super challenge Linda. Lovely prizes too. I have managed to enter a card. Hope it fits the criteria. Your card is gorgeous.

  21. Hi Linda

    This is a great challenge. I hope to enter so I'll have to try and find something white/ivory with a couple of colours on it.

    Sarah x

  22. Popped back with a second entry. Hugs lin


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