Monday, 10 September 2012

Surprise, Surprise

Hello everyone, welcome and thank you for your visit.

Todays post is to name the winner of the Word Search and to disclose, at last, the SURPRISE that I promised for this week.  After my very silly mistake, I have decided that everyone that made an attempt at the word search sentence will be entered into the draw.    I have thought long and hard about this surprise and I didn't want it to be the same as for last weeks winner (Sue will be receiving the same item as was entered into the Candy Pot) so I decided that the winner can choose their surprise!  So really it's two surprises: you win and you chose what you win.  Can't be bad can it.

Here is the list for our winner to choose from:-

1. Set of my Decorative Pins
2. Mini starter kit for my Decorative Pins
3. A bag of mixed ribbons (including Vintage Seam Binding)
4. A bag of mixed lace (both cream and white)
5. Three Promarkers (colours to be discussed with winner)
6. Two Brilliance Ink pads (handy cats eye style) (colours to be discussed with winner)
7. A selection of fancy cardmaking fabrics (mesh, hessian etc)
and finally 8. A Wooden House frame (as in the Challenge Candy)

We had 11 comments for the Word Search attempt but comments 1.3 & 9 were disregarded as they were either not guesses or double entries.  So I entered 1-8 in  Random Org Generator to find the entrant in position number FIVE.  It chose comment no 7.  That relates to the comment from


Congratulations Christine.  Please chose your prize and email me with your choice.  If it's an item that has options I will email you back with the colour selection.  

Thank you all for playing along, it has been fun, I just wish I hadn't messed it up at the end.  Ah well, I am but human.

I have a second post later with a card made by Ellie, my neighbours daughter.  Its a lovely sweet card and I would love you to see what she has been learning, so stop by if you can.  I will put it up on the blog for 12noon. 
I hope you have a lovely day today.  Hugs Linda x


  1. Hi Linda,
    congratulations to Christine.
    Have a wonderful crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Good morning Linda and many congratulations to Christine. Disappointed my attempt was disregarded boo hoo!! Love Christine H xx

    1. Sorry Christine, I made another mistake. The last number should have been 9 not 6. My apologies, I seem to be making alot of silly mistakes don't I. I have amended it but as I'm using my phone to do it in HTML code I notice It's added a few extra letters that aren't supposed to be there. Blogger can be a pain sometimes, cos they definetely aren't in my post.
      Anyway, again I'm truly sorry for my error.
      Hugs Linda xx

  3. Oh wow! That's brilliant! Thanks Linda, I'll drop you a line. love from Christine x PS Looking forward to seeing Ellie's card.

  4. Morning Linda and well dome Christine! Carole Z X

  5. Oh Linda - thank you for being you!!! I scratched my head for ages with the words, and then I read and re-read the blocks of information. Now I am giggling at myself - so I honestly do thank you for making me giggle. I am so pleased for Christine - I have a feeling I know what she will pick as her prize - wonder if I am right.

    Looking forward to seeing Ellie's card.

    Lots of hugs to you

    Sue Pxxxx

  6. Congratulations Christine. Linda, I know how you feel about the silly mistakes, I find I do it when I'm tireder or my health poorer....makes you wonder what's happened to your head doesn't it. I'm sorry I wasn't up to joining in your word search looked like fun....but not been able to keep up with all the posts. Hugs lin


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