Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Christmas Pin, a lace flower and some Passementerie

Hi all,
Sorry I wasn't able to post this morning but I am on new meds and they made me very tired last night so I was in bed before I had time to even think about the blog.

I mentioned to you in a previous post that I was having a bit of time away from cardmaking to create some flowers and Christmas decorative pins.  Today I am going to give you a glimpse of what I made but instead of showcasing just them I have made a card using one of each to show you them in situ.  I think they turned out rather pretty, I hope you like them too.  I will show another of each in a different colourway tomorrow;  red and green for a very traditional feel.  But for now, lets see todays card shall we:-

As you can see I kept the flourishes and embellishments to a minimum as I thought the flower and button were quite bold.   Those of you who have been with me from the beginning will know that button wrapping (Passementarie) is another of my crafting hobbies.   Passementarie is the art of making elaborate trimmings such as wrapped buttons, braid, cording, tassels, rosettes etc.  This form of decoration was used hundreds of years ago but is still used today in many different ways on Military dress uniforms, wedding gowns, couture clothing and plush furnishings.  Infact if you have ever covered a button with fabric, you have practiced one part of passementarie.  I use threads to cover mine so I can create different patterns in the weaving.  Todays pattern is a star.
I like to make as much as I can for the cards I create and so on todays card I made the braid,  crocheted lace for the flower, wrapped a button and of course, made a Christmas Decorative pin.

In these side views you can see I decorated the inside again and even added a mini banner to carry the greeting and edged it with a small piece of the sky blue braid.  The side angle shot also shows the dimension of the lace flower with all its frills.  You may not believe it but that piece of lace is actually less than 2inch long.

I crochet my lace approx 12inches at a time, then I can cut it to any size required.  From the second row I increased in every stitch and then 3times in every stitch in following rows to get this fabulous frilled effect, which means I use very little of the lace each time to make quite a full and pretty flower.  It can also be made into a rolled flower but that is so 'big' (high and full too) that it is mainly used for headbands, clothing, cushions or bags.
Here is what it can look like:-

This particular flower was made in a circle as I only wanted to make the flower and not a piece of
lace. You can see in the picture below how small the circle is in the center. 

This is the pattern for the above flower.

Chain 6 and ss to make a ring
1st row:- Ch 2, *sc, ch1* 13times to end, join
2nd row:- Ch2, *sc, ch1, sc, ch1 into every (sc, ch1) space on previous row. Join. (inc row)
3rd row:-  ss into first ch1 space then Ch3, 2tr into gap then *3tr into every ch1 space* repeat  from *to* until the end. Join. (inc row)
4th row:- 3tr into every tr below (inc row). Join.
5th row:- 4Ch picot.  (Basic picot not traditional). Ch4, ss into next tr in previous row, repeat to end.

For the lace for todays flower

Make a chain max of 2inch for a single flower or as long as you desire for more uses.
1st row:-  Sc to end.
2nd row:- Ch2, then Dc into every sc below.
3rd row:-  Ch3, then 3Trebles into every dc below. (inc row)
NOTE.. If you would like your lace a little less frilly, only do 2trebles into every dc.
4th row:-   Into every tr below:  *Tr, ch1* repeat to end (inc row)
5th row:-  4Chain picot edge:- Ch4, sc into every ch1 gap on previous row.
This final row can be Ch3 also for a smaller picot.  There are various edges you can use to finish it off so play around a little and see what you come up with.

As this flower was cut from a long piece of lace I had a raw edge to contend with.  What do we do about that?  Well personally, I always use a strong, quick drying tacky glue  (I use Crafters Pick Incredibly Tacky Glue from Wild Orchid Crafts.  It is by far the best and quickest).
I dab a little of the glue across the cut end and then press a tiny bit of the opposite end ontop and leave to dry completely.  When it is fully dry, bend the lace back into shape to form the frills and the join should become almost invisible.   This pattern is very simple but very effective and looks fabulous as frills on a little girls headband, across a crocheted bag and as a guest towel edging it is beautiful.  One last thing, which you will see on tomorrows card, these lace pieces with regular gaps are fabulous for threading ribbon through also.

This last picture shows clearly my decorative pin, lace flower and even the star in the wrapped button.
I am feeling  a chair groove coming on.....  (it's just my version of the happy dance!) as  I managed a card, some braid, a decorative pin, a bit of passementerie, 2 lace flowers and two little crochet patterns (sorry they are not done professionally, I am good at the crochet, not good at writing patterns!
I am sorry it was such a long post, but I had so much I really wanted to share with you today.  I do hope you are all having a good day, weather aside that is.  I don't know about where you live, but here in South Wales we have been having horrid drizzle all day.  YUK!
So keep dry and keep crafting.  Biggest hugs to you all.   Linda x


  1. Hi Linda
    Finally managed to get round to catching up. My internet has been out of action of over a week but order is now restored.
    You have uploaded some gorgeous projects. The cards for your son were super, just perfect.
    I love the card you have shown us today. The colours, pin, lace and passementarie button. Such a talented lady.
    Will certainly be giving the lace a go as I do a bit of crotchet. Thanks for the inspiration to have a go.

  2. Absolutely fabulous Linda!!!!! Thanks for the crochet patterns - I can manage that but not the button I'm afraid. It is beautiful. Well your time away has certainly not been wasted. Looking forward to seeing the rest as and when you managed to post them. Love and hugs from Christine xx

  3. Hi Linda

    This is such a gorgeous card. I love the blue and the white and your flower and pin are amazing. Great tutorial and pattern too. Sorry I haven't visited your blog for a while.

    Sarah x

  4. Hello Linda
    Your card is gorgeous. I love the colour scheme and your beautiful crochet flower and pin look wonderful.
    I hope your body get used to your new medication soon
    Take care
    Hugs Sue

  5. Fantastic flower dear Linda^_^Absolutely adorable card^_^
    Big hug,
    (My last mail was only a cuddle,don't worry^_^)

  6. Hi Linda, Sounds like the exact same grey wetness over here all day - horrible. Anyway, thank-you for bringing some lovely brightness. I'm very impressed with all your crafting - the button in particular is truly gorgeous. Hugs, Nicola

  7. What a lovely card and your flower is amazing, many thanks for the pattern too, I must have a go I have not done any crochet in years, not since my children were babies, eldest is 27 now.
    Suzie xx

  8. Beautiful card and I love your button and pretty.
    Thankyou for sharing your pattern too. Have to hunt out a crochet hook!!

  9. Good evening Linda, Oh! Wow! I love this card, the colours are beautiful
    That flower is amazing, thank you for the pattern I really must have a go at that.
    Now where did I put that Crochet Hook and threads...........???? I feel another rummage coming on.
    Happy Crafting talented lady

    Patricia x

  10. Good evening Linda, well what can I say that hasn't already been said. Your post is just full of sensational hints, tips and techniques. A beautiful card and your pin, flower and button are just exquisite. Thank you for sharing the patterns I also will be having a go! Will your talents never end, I don't think so, so please keep crafting your are truly inspirational. Love Christine H xx

  11. Hi Linda,
    well dear lady you have done it again. A fabulously amazing card with such a fantastic tutorial. Love the the colours, flower, and button. Can't wait to see more.
    It's funny because I too have been crocheting flowers with some lovely metallic thread, that my Dad used to use when he did machine knitting. So it's great minds and all that....
    Have a wonderful crafty day, hope the new meds are working out ok.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. Hi Linda

    Lovely colours for your card today and the pin is lovely. Great idea for the crocheted flower too.
    Another dismal day of rain here today.

    Take Care
    Eileen x

  13. Hi Linda, beautiful card; I love these colours for Christmas and also it's a very different style of seasonal card, which I like. Super flower and love the pin! Hugs, Carole Z X


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